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This happened last year but I’m still upset about it. There was this guy I really liked and we had been talking a lot on Facebook and also texting nearly every day for an entire month. He kept asking me out but I couldn’t because his timing was always bad. But each time I apologized for not being able to go. Then I asked him out and he stood me up.

One day he just suddenly stopped talking to me. It lasted for two weeks and then suddenly he sent me a message on Facebook telling me that he recently got involved with somebody else and he was sorry. I said I was okay with it even though I wasn’t and asked him if we could still be friends and he said it was fine. A week after that I  posted a message on his wall basically just to say happy Easter. (Nothing creepy, weird or romantic at all.) And that night he blocked and deleted me off Facebook. I’m confused and am trying to figure out why he did that.

This is not the first time a guy has suddenly stopped talking to me. I feel like I’m cursed because it’s happend SO many times :(


Dear Jo,

Thanks for your question.

Here’s a likely scenario. He told his new girlfriend about you, and she felt threatened. So he appeased her worry by blocking and deleting you from Facebook. (This may have also been satisfying to him as well since you rejected him so many times.)

We’re not sure why his timing was bad, and why you couldn’t go out with him if you really liked him, but hopefully you’ll be more open next time something like this comes up. Is this a pattern with you? Were you playing hard to get? What’s the deal?

Women might hear that men like the chase, but only to a certain point. After a while we lose interest and focus our attention on something that seems more attainable. It sounds like he may have reached that point with you. It might be something to keep in mind as you go forward. If you really like a guy, try making yourself more available. It might surprise you how well that strategy works.

We’re sorry this didn’t work out for you. And no you’re not cursed.

Good luck,


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