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My husband changed his mind about having kids

Read more relationship and dating advice on our Ask the Guys page. If you’d like to book a private conversation with The Guys select the Ask a Private Question option and follow the steps.  (Read testimonials on our Relationship Coaching/Advice page to see what clients say about us.) _____________________ Dear Guys, My husband and I have been married for five years. We discussed having kids before we were married and were both in agreement that a family would be in our future. Shortly after we got engaged, I was diagnosed with severe thyroid problems (both Graves’ and Hashimoto’s) and I had to have my thyroid surgically removed. This brought about a roller coaster ride of unwanted ups and downs for several years, as we worked with a variety of physicians to get me back to normal. During those years, my husband’s relationship with his parents collapsed, along with his dreams of taking over the family business. Long story short, the three most important people in his life broke him down. He wasn’t able to give me the support that I needed with my diagnosis and recovery; and I wasn’t able to give him the support the needed to cope with […]

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What body type do guys like?

READERS: To book your private coaching session with THE GUYS, choose the Ask a Private Question option on our site and follow the steps. Read testimonials.  ____________________ Hi Guys, I have a question. I have a pretty flat butt, medium thighs, a chubby stomach, BUT I have large boobs. Is this attractive for guys? I know plenty of girls who have skinny thighs, flat stomach, flat ass, and flat chest but this one girl I know has what I think is the perfect body that I’m very envious of. I know a lot of this is personal preference but how many guys prefer a kind of chubby big-boobed girl over a flat stomach girl with medium boobs and butt? I just feel like a lot of guys wouldn’t like my body and would be interested to hear your opinion on it. Thanks! Name Withheld Dear NW, What we find most attractive is when a woman—and this is true for men too—rocks whatever body she has, and rocks it confidently. That’s the key. If your body is as you describe, then own it and try to feel good about it. That’s not to say that we all can’t work to be […]

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How do you know if he’s interested in more than sex?

Dear Ladies, This seems to be the universal question, especially with Friends with Benefits, Hooking Up, F-Buddies, becoming acceptable practice among couples today. So what are the signs that might tell you he’s interested in more than sex? How do you know if the relationship is building towards a commitment? How do you know when to jump ship and move on? How long should you wait before you ask him to define the relationship? Well, you’ve probably visited a 100 other websites written from a woman’s perspective. Here are a few for you to check out. (Elite Daily  Cosmo  LifeHack ) These are well written and informative articles but they don’t give The Guy’s Perspective. We want to share a few more basic “tells” that you should be aware of before you even get to whether or not he listens to you, or is nice to his inferiors, or respects your space, or asks you questions because he wants to know you, or makes you feel beautiful, or boosts your self-esteem and/or treats you as an equal. The “tells” we’re talking about are often ignored by woman universally, or if not ignored, go unnoticed, or deemed unimportant. 10 “Tells” to tell you if he’s […]

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