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I’m one of three girls; did I mean anything to him?

Book your one-on-one conversation with THE GUYS. Click the Ask a Private Question button on our site to get started. Read testimonials on our Get Relationship Advice page to find out what people say about us and our service. We provide thoughtful straightforward, honest and supportive relationship advice/coaching. To read more relationship advice and dating advice click HERE.  _______________________ Hi Guys! I’ve been struggling a bit to get closure. I was best friends with this guy for about seven months. We started as friends because neither of us had attraction to each other. We would talk about other girls/guys and our experiences. We were just each other’s best friends at this point. Around the six month mark we started flirting and then we hooked up since we somehow both got feelings for each other. Unfortunately I just recently found out I was one of three girls he was talking to and hooking up with. We had in depth convos about our beliefs in relationships and long term goals. (Like what we want out of a relationship.) He even wrote me a letter of recommendation for my new job and was there for me with something a major family situation. (I […]

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My girlfriend talks about her ex-boyfriends

Would you like a Private Conversation with THE GUYS? Choose the Ask a Private Question option and book your one-on-one conversation now. Read testimonials on our Get Relationship Advice page. ______________________ Dear Guys, My girlfriend talks to me about her exes on a regular basis. Almost daily. It’s mostly positive things she has to say about them. Minimal bad things. Some are even from years ago. One in particular from two years ago. She says she still needs closure with him even though he lied to her, cheated on her and got another the other woman pregnant. Shs still wanted to be with him, but he was arrested and won’t get out for three more years. She says she is friends with all her exes and a huge majority of them are on her Facebook. She says she doesn’t love him or any of the other ones, and that I’m the one she wants and loves. She says that she tells me these things because I’m her best friend and she just wants to be open and honest with me. It’s still highly annoying and frustrating to me though. I feel like she really isn’t over them and is trying […]

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He said he didn’t want children; now he wants kids

Want to ask a question but don’t want it up on our site? Well, choose the Ask a Private Question option on our site and book your one on one conversation via email with THE GUYS. Go to Get Relationship Advice page to read what clients say about us. ___________________ Dear Guys, I have a rather odd dilemma that I can’t seem to find any insight on. Everything I read is all about the guy changing his mind and not wanting children. My situation is the opposite. The entire time my husband and I dated we were on the same boat of not wanting children and our mutual dislike of children in general. We’ve been married now for almost four years and he’s now making strange comments about having a baby. For example when he sees me taking my birth control he’ll say, “You don’t need that.” I tried talking to him about it and can’t really seem to get a definite answer. My question is why would a man deadset on not having children, and not even liking children, now all of a sudden be contemplating having a child? I’m very confused and worry what will happen if I […]

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