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My husband Called Me By His Ex’s Name; Should I be Worried?

Dear Guys, My husband and I have been together nine years and he works on the road a lot. The other day while we were talking over the phone he called me by his ex’s name. He apologized immediately and many times over but this affected me deeply. He said that her name was brought up by me the day before and that’s why he used it. (That’s true. I had called about obtaining health insurance and he had used this company in the past and his closest relative and emergency contact listed was her, so I asked him about it.) I’d be lying if I didn’t add that I was very irritated when she somehow impacted my right to obtain a policy with him. I went bat shit crazy when he called me by her name too. My question is do I need to worry about where his heart really is? Marla   Dear Marla, We can see why you might be upset, but it sounds like it was an innocent mistake on his part. It happens, especially nowadays, with a much broader definition of family. Think about it, some people have gatherings that include their ex-spouse, maybe their current spouse’s ex, children, step […]

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Have you dated this guy?

Picking a life partner is not easy. You have your list of criteria and most people don’t make the cut. On the flip side, what is easy, is getting blinded by a guy who wildly surpasses your criteria causing you to ignore his unflattering qualities. It’s difficult to categorize individuals, but for the purpose of fun, we’ve written out twelve descriptions of various guys. So let’s play a game called: Who’s this guy? Read each description and see if the guy we’re describing sounds familiar to you, as in, you’ve dated him before, or maybe you’re even dating him now. Guy Number One: The Self-Proclaimed Prophet…. This guy wows you with his intellect. (He knows a little about a lot of things.) He’s great in the sack. (Until you realize what that really means years later.) Turns out he’s wowing other woman too. The relationship ends and he convinces you it was your fault. Guy Number Two: The Artist…. You love how creative he is. But he’s broke. You pay for everything, but you don’t mind because you believe in his work. He’s also good in the sack, or rather, he’s good on the futon. Things are great until he […]

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Will a threesome save our relationship?

Dear Guys, My guy and I are taking a break after one-and-a-half years together due to me constantly having insecurity issues. My issues stem from past relationships. So my question is: Will surprising my ex with a threesome prove to him I’m not insecure and help us get back together? It’s both of our fantasies and I want to prove to him I have changed and I’m not insecure any longer. He was a good guy and really didn’t deserve the the headaches I caused him. E Dear E, It usually takes two to tango. So although, you blame your relationship troubles on yourself we suspect that he may also have contributed. Question to ask yourself: Did you feel secure in the relationship? If not, why? Was it because you have a difficult time trusting men due to your past relationships or was it also something about him specifically and how he behaved or didn’t behave? (Who broke up with who? Did he blame you for the relationship falling apart?  Does he even want to get back together? How old are you? Him?) The point is, while we doubt he’ll turn down a threesome, this won’t necessarily fix everything that’s broken […]

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