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My boyfriend loves me but takes care of his ex-wife

Readers, Book your Private Coaching Session with THE GUYS. Click the Ask a Private Question option to get started. Read Testimonials on our Relationship Coaching/Advice page to see what clients say about us. To read more Relationship Advice check out our Ask the Guys page. THE GUYS ____________________________ Dear Guys, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost  four months. We love another as deeply as two people can in that amount of time. He’s met my daughters and family. I’ve met his daughters and family and even went to Mother’s Day dinner with his family. He’s been married two times and his daughters are with his first ex- wife. He has no kids with his second ex-wife and they’ve been divorced for over four years. The apartment he lives in is her name; out of convenience he never moved and she has not lived there during that time. About a month ago she found out he was seriously dating someone and wanted to talk to him. Over a weeks time he met up with her two times, even paying hundreds of dollars to help her out. He kept this from me, got distant and would ignore my texts and calls. I […]

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How to stay together in a long distance relationship?

READERS: To book your private coaching session with THE GUYS, choose the Ask a Private Question option on our site and follow the steps. Read testimonials. ____________________________ Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with some confusion. I have a boyfriend but we’re currently in a long-distance relationship. I’m not sure how to help us stay together, and I was wondering if you could help me with some tips or something. Please, will you help me?? Rian Dear Rian, Relationships are difficult enough, but when you introduce physical distance into the equation it only amplifies the difficulty. (Below if from our e-report on Long Distance Relationships. We hope it helps.) For more e-reports on the seven most frequently asked questions, visit our e-report page. Relationships are all about trust, which comes from experiencing life with someone day in and day out. Trust matures from the mundane—you know he’ll remember to pick up dinner and drop off your dry cleaning if you ask him to—to more extraordinary events—he remembers your birthday, he’s good at listening when you discuss a family issue, he’s willing to go with you to that uncomfortable work party because he loves you. But […]

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My husband changed his mind about having kids

Read more relationship and dating advice on our Ask the Guys page. If you’d like to book a private conversation with The Guys select the Ask a Private Question option and follow the steps.  (Read testimonials on our Relationship Coaching/Advice page to see what clients say about us.) _____________________ Dear Guys, My husband and I have been married for five years. We discussed having kids before we were married and were both in agreement that a family would be in our future. Shortly after we got engaged, I was diagnosed with severe thyroid problems (both Graves’ and Hashimoto’s) and I had to have my thyroid surgically removed. This brought about a roller coaster ride of unwanted ups and downs for several years, as we worked with a variety of physicians to get me back to normal. During those years, my husband’s relationship with his parents collapsed, along with his dreams of taking over the family business. Long story short, the three most important people in his life broke him down. He wasn’t able to give me the support that I needed with my diagnosis and recovery; and I wasn’t able to give him the support the needed to cope with […]

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