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  1. I was with my daughters dad for 7 1/2 years. I broke up with him at the beginning of the year, and within 2 months he was with his best friends younger sister. Then a few months later he has got a place with her. I don’t understand how he can move on so quickly when I am the one who ended the relationship. We were even engaged to be married! Sometimes he is nice to me, sometimes he is awful to me. I just want to understand if his feelings for his new gf are genuine and understand how after 7 1/2 years he can just move on. He claims to love this person. I just don’t understand ? Will he still have feelings for me ? Does he still love me ? Is his new relationship to overshadow the pain of me breaking up with him?

  2. @Confused…..We’re sorry. We know this is really hard. And confusing. Question: Are you confident that you made the right decision to end the relationship? (We’re just wondering why his new relationship bothers you.) Is it because of the close connection? (Sister of your best friend.) Is it her age? Or simply because you don’t understand how he can move on so quickly? The fact is, he likely had his eyes on her for quite some time, or they were already talking, or flirting or something, before the break up. We’re not saying he was cheating, we’re just saying this is not some sudden connection. (It just feels that way to you.) Our best guess is that he’s conflicted. Sure, a part of him still cares for you, but another part of him is relieved, and happy to move on. Could this new relationship be a distraction from the pain? Possibly. We don’t know him or you personally so it’s hard to say. But what it seems to us is that now that you’re broken up, he’s in a better place and moving on with his life. (Remember, the break up probably wasn’t sudden either. Meaning, the two of you probably knew it was coming for some time. So he had time to grieve, and put a plan in place for when the time came that you split.) Hang in there. Let us know if you have other thoughts/questions.

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