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Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting our site. We very much appreciate all your comments and questions.

That said, we’re having a difficult time keeping up with our General Question offering because we first have to answer all the questions we receive through our private service, Ask a Private Question. We do feel badly about this because we truly would like to help everyone who visits our site.

So we have a proposal for those of you who have a pressing question that you want answered in a timely fashion. We just finished a new e-book that we recently published on Amazon entitled, “Inside Your Guy’s Mind.”  In order to move up in Amazon’s rankings, we need reviews.

Here’s the Proposal: 

For anyone who buys the book and writes us a five star review we will give you a chance to email us your question. Normally our private service is $49 per conversation, which usually includes about 4 emails from us, THE GUYS. So for the price of the book which is, $7.99. You get to read a book filled with a ton of information about guys. (How we think. Why we behave the way they do in relationships. What drives us in our lives. Why we think about sex all of the time. Why respect is so important to us. Why we have trouble committing. Or do we? We also discuss topics such as long distance relationships, Friends with Benefits, breakups, cheating, online dating, pornography and much more.) Plus you’ll get your question answered privately. The only caveat is that instead of 4 emails from us, you’ll get 2. If you read the testimonials on our Relationship Advice page you’ll see what a deal that is.

To Sum Up: 

You: Buy our book, Inside Your Guy’s Mind and write us a five star review. Then leave us a comment below this post telling us who you are, and what name you used to write the review. Leave us your contact info in your comment. (A current email address.)

THE GUYS: Once we confirm everything, we’ll email you at the address you provided to get started. After we receive your question back, we’ll respond with an initial email, and then one follow up email. (Two in total) Let us know if you have any questions. (Please, please, leave an email address that you actually check and use!!)

And again, if you want to read what people say about us, go to our Relationship Advice and Coaching page to read testimonials.

We look forward to hearing from you!



3 Comments on Get Your Question Answered; Get Inside Your Guy’s Mind

  1. Krissy Bolda // November 25, 2018 at 10:19 pm //

    Hi! My name is Krissy Bolda and I recently purchased your book and wrote a review on Amazon. My full name is Kristan Bolda so that is what the review is under. I am really enjoying your book so far and would love to get in touch with you regarding a question I have. Please email me at
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. @Krissy…..Thank you! We’re just seeing this now. So let’s do this. Since you already paid for a private question and we’re currently having a conversation with you, why don’t you treat this as a “We Owe You.” The private questions are usually around 4 emails from us. So we can do this several ways. 1. If you’d like discuss further we can just tack on a few extra emails to the 4. OR….if you have a follow up question after we’re finished with the thread, you can just email us and we’ll answer you. Sound like a plan?

  3. Sounds like a plan thank you!!

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