Post Hook-Up; Now What?

Hey Guys,

So, I know this guy at work. We’d been getting friendly, chatting, walking to our cars together, a little bit of flirtiness going on. I think I was beginning to really like him as a person. Then we were at this party together and I ended up going back to his place, chatting and then we slept together. I messaged him twice afterwards to hang out on separate occasions—my friends pressured me into doing it—but he didn’t see the message til it was too late and then the second time he had something else going on. After this, he became less chatty, not as flirty and seemed like he was avoiding eye contact. Was I too desperate sounding? I also learned that he was being quite flirty with another girl at work and that he’s been known to be this way with others, so maybe I wasn’t anything special.

Now after a month, he’s back to his normal flirty self and we’re back to having our solid conversations. But he hasn’t made any effort with me outside of work. I’m waiting for him to show initiative. But maybe no sign is also a sign. What do you guys think? Is it a case of him not being attracted to me or not just not wanting a relationship?



Dear K,

Thanks for your question.

We see this as pretty straightforward so we’re going to cut to the chase. He is not on the same page as you. It’s hard to say why since we don’t know him, but the most likely reason is because he’s not interested in a relationship with anyone at the moment. We won’t go so far as labeling him a player, or rather a “playah” but if he’s not, he sure is exhibiting the symptoms of one, at least at this stage in his life. To be fair, he’s entitled to do what he wants to do, but with one simple qualifier. He needs to be HONEST with the women he’s hitting on. Seems to us that he’s been a bit gray in this regard.

So where does this leave you?

First of all, his recent interest is all part of a four part cycle. 1. Flirting. (Foreplay) 2. Sex 3. Temporary loss of interest. 4. Renewed interest after a few weeks to a month…..cycle then repeats.

Our advice: Keep your relationship purely a work relationship. Otherwise you’re just going to get hurt, or become angry and resentful.

A Word On Communication: We are NOT proponents of the hooking up trend that seems to be more and more pervasive in the dating culture. Why? For one, the obvious reasons. (Health Risks.) But that aside, there are emotional risks involved too. What we’re saying is, we’d recommend much more communication before you sleep with any guy. We’re not saying that you should have a heart-to-heart on the first date. But if you don’t have a pretty good sense of how serious he is BEFORE you sleep with him, you’re setting yourself up for this very scenario.

Thoughts? Follow-up Questions?



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  1. decided to look online for help due to the fact that i ran into a guy i use to hook up with 3 years ago he basicly chased me down to be back in my life .. I allowed him we even got sexual he asked me for a house key which i didn’t give him regardless of that he all of a suddenly started treating me different not responding to text phone call etc. Then i told him i had a key for him & he started to act a little normal then ge pulled back even more i dont understand what happened i text him call him constantly to say what’s the problem etc but he just act like im not important im 27 hes 33 im sad im hurt in im at the age where i want something real last night i cried all i WANT IS LOVE & I NEVER REALIZED THAT TILL NOW

  2. @Aline…..We’re really sorry. This sounds hard. Our Thoughts? Well, we don’t think this guy is the guy. You deserve a guy who is going to treat you with respect and who wants what you want. We don’t think you’re going to get that from him. Sorry.
    What do you think? If you have any other questions feel free to ask away. ps. You might be interested in checking out our ebook, “Inside your guy’s Mind” on Amazon. (Click the Pic on our site to find it.) It has a lot of information about guys that you might find useful and interesting. We’ve been told it’s an enjoyable read.

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