What Constitutes Cheating?

Dear Guys,

Is it cheating if my boyfriend likes to watch a lot of porn and goes on hookup sites and post his dick pic on them ?


Dear Crystal,

We’ll stick to your actual question and not debate whether or not looking at porn or going on hook up sites is wrong on a societal level, or a moral level, or any level for that matter. We’ll focus on what it means if you’re in a relationship with a man who engages in these sorts of activities.

We’ll start with porn. Most guys who look at porn do so to get a rush, to get an escape, to fantasize for a moment in time and then get a release. It might feel threatening but for the most part it’s not. Most guys see porn for what it is, entertainment of a specific variety, that has its place.

Sounds like your man has leapt from porn into the real world. Going to hook up sites means there’s the possibility of actually hooking up with another human being, a real person. This is very different than porn. And if he’s posting his “dick pic” as you say, well, that should tell you where his head’s at. (Figuratively and literally)

You ask: Is it actually cheating? Well, that’s for you to say, not us. What do you think? If you’re not sure, then trust your gut. What’s it telling you? You can’t feel good about this otherwise you wouldn’t be writing to us. And we wouldn’t blame you. We can’t think of many partners—women or men—who would think this sort of behavior was okay within the parameters of a respectful relationship.

We hope this gives you some things to think about.



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