Relationship Humor

Private Talk

February 17, 2012 // 13 Comments

Note from THE GUYS: This truly is private talk, which means this essay goes beyond our usual PG/PG-13 rating on this site. [...]

Dog Therapy

May 12, 2010 // 34 Comments

Dear Readers, Before we begin our post, we want to thank you for your patience as we transition to our new site. We’ve [...]

The Prom

March 1, 2010 // 34 Comments

Today is part two of our miniseries, where we not only stroll down memory lane, but also give props to many of the sites [...]

Being Needy

January 4, 2010 // 12 Comments

Neediness is not the most attractive quality. Women especially, seem to run as far and as fast as they can when the smell it [...]