11 Comments on The Malaprops: The War

  1. Very cute. You GUYS just keep getting funnier and funnier!

  2. Oh GUYS, this is priceless! Don’t you wish that could really happen?

  3. hehehehee. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!


  5. this is really funny!!! hahhhaa

  6. Have you read Rabelais? There’s a scene in Pantagruel and Gargantuan where an invading army is stopped cold by a wall composed entirely of naked women. War and its grand imperatives suddenly became totally irrelevant.

  7. Hahahah I love this one 😀

  8. hahahahaha! Amazing the things men laugh at! hahahahahahahahha! :p

  9. It’s better than dropping bombs that’s for sure. Although we never asked “The Nudes” themselves. They might answer differently.

  10. nothingprofound, have you read Lysistrata by Aristophanes?

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