The Malaprops: Tick Tock

Malaprops Final Comic 3 with Chuck Harrison

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This is our third installment of “The Malaprops.” See the categories section for the first two.

Today we have a very special guest artist, Chuck Harrison. For more on Chuck and his daily comic strip, check out his website, Decaffeinated Coffee. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Also: “ONE of THE GUYS” will be making an appearance in the near future as a guest writer for his strip.

Special Note: THE GUYS are making some big changes very soon. So just a heads up. We’re going to be using The Guy’s Perspective Dot Com very soon as our new URL. Our look may be changing as well, but we’ll still be bringing you the same content you’ve come to expect from THE GUYS!

We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting. And come again!!

2 Comments on The Malaprops: Tick Tock

  1. Oh dear! A walking time bomb!! hahah cool comic, as usual! And two thumbs up to Chuck! He is such a cool illustrator! All the luck with the changes and have a lovely week!! Take care! Ciao!

  2. We want to thank Isaac for the xtra traffic even though he needs to get out more. Way more!!

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