1 Comment on Dating a new man; is he a keeper or not?

  1. This guy sounds retarded…or very insecure…possibly bad history of being accused of being “the nice guy” with too much rejection from women or falling into the “friend zone” over and over.

    Bottom line … Not that “bright” and RUDE. Think about it…who does that?! Who says those things?
    Maybe deep down he IS a good guy…but do you want someone who is that outwardly mean…or so insecure that he would project every ounce of it onto YOU with complete disregard for YOUR feelings? Selfish of him.
    Even if he’s nice at times…don’t let that cancel out his horrible statements.
    If it were me I would 1. Run or 2. Call him out 3. Both

    Ps: I accidentally clicked the wrong box when voting. Stupid iPhone. I vote “he is a jerk”

    Pss: I’m truly sorry you are going through this. I know it’s hard to make a decision when there’s a huge battle in your head. Just from reading the little you wrote you sound like a lovely woman. Don’t forget..”.go with your gut.” Our female intuition is a gift. Don’t ignore it:) Keep us posted and listen to whatever advice “the guys” tell you. I have and they are brilliant! to you:)

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