Is my fiance cheating online? What should I do?

My fiance and I have been engaged for almost a year now. I've been noticing that he's been watching porn more these days, and now he's joined sites like cheaters dot com, x rated chatrooms and even dating sites. He denies it when confronted and says his brothers were on his computer or his friends probably signed him up. I don't believe him. Why has he joined these sites? Should I be worried? He's with me every second when we're not at work. And he bends over backwards to help me out. What should I do? "Savanah"

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  1. We’ve heard all the excuses before. My friend signed me up. My computer has a virus. Deny, deny, deny. He might treat you well, but yes, you should be concerned. What happened after he denied everything? Did you drop it? Or did you try to continue the conversation? Fill us in.

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