He’s checking out sex/hookup sites; should I leave?

I found out a while ago that my boyfriend has been checking emails from "dating" sites (a.k.a. sites that are not geared toward relationships, but rather meeting people that just want sex). He said that he was going through the emails because he was bored and says now he has stopped looking at them, but I don't know what to make of the situation. Is this something that men normally do? Should I leave him? "Jen"

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2 Comments on He’s checking out sex/hookup sites; should I leave?

  1. I am almost always on the side of men on things like this. Because so often women have unrealistic expectations of what most men do.

    Why I think breaking up with him is a bit strong, I would flag this as unhealthy behavior. If he had just been perving explicit pictures on a site I would be more apt to chalk it up to typical male behavior, but having emails and interactions shows a little more deceitful intent.

    My 2 cents.
    ~Mr. G

  2. @Mr. G……Thanks for your input. It’s helpful to have many perspectives.

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