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  1. Okay so here’s the deal…

    So basically My boyfriend and I of 2 years split up (he broke up with me) this time last year… We were living together, and were pretty serious. We had a really deep love and connection.The thing is that we bickered a lot. We had this vicious cycle when we fought- it would be just a stupid disagreement and then would blow up and he would go into ignoring me mode. The issues we would fight about were never anything serious. but Him ignoring me would make me emotional and confused. Every fight seemed to have this same pattern. And every time we were in this stage he would act so cold I would be wondering if he was going to break up with me. Then he would always come back around and be all in love with me again and he would tell me “give me my space and I’ll always come back” One day the same thing happened and he finally broke it off. He told me that our personalities were too different and that he “wanted” it to work but didn’t think it could. So a few months went by and he started contacting me again. We ended up getting back together for about 5 months. It was never the same, and that same cycle we had with the ignoring stuff continued only this time it was worse because I knew he really was capable to leave me. So basically he ended it the 2nd time (although he says it was mutual) and I’m left here broken again. I love him so much, it’s kinda crazy. He has always told me i was his dream girl, and part of me believes he was mostly with me because he was infatuated with me physically, and loved my looks. I don’t know, the last break up he seemed so serious that we would never work together so when he says it this time again I’m left wondering… will he come back? He told me that the love was there but we are too different. So I’m lost. He has completely shut down and is now completely avoiding me. I’m doing the best I can to leave him alone but it is soo hard. He was so controlling and protective when we were together it seems so crazy for him to just not care anymore. He even said when we broke up for me to never tell him if i get a new boyfriend. I don’t understand, is he playing games with me? it feels like he isn’t wanting to let go but is trying to move on.

  2. Honestly this sounds like a really unhealthy relationship. I don’t say this to discount your feelings at all, it’s really hard to get over someone, even (especially) when they treated you badly. My advice? Really start living your own life, focus on things that have nothing to do with him. Fake it ’til you make, I know it’s cliche but it’s true. Do you work? See if you can get more hours. If you’re in school, really throw yourself into your studies. Make plans with friends. Consider volunteer opportunities. You don’t need this guy, I know it feels like you will never get over him but you will, and one day you will wonder why it went on as long as it did. Good luck!

  3. @Britney…..We responded in the other post. “Breaking up”

  4. @Anonymous…..Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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