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  1. We think there’s some potential here but it’s too soon to know for sure. He might want more, but he’s not sure how you feel. At some point one of you is going to have to take a risk and let the other know how you feel. But for now, keep the communication consistent, see each other as much as possible and have fun. Maybe after the holidays are over you can start thinking about a conversation. THoughts? Ask as many follow-up questions as you’d like. Take care. And please share our site with all of your friends. Thanks.

  2. o I met this guy threw his sister and I gave him my number and we became good friends, I haven’t never flirted with him or shown interest in being more then friends, he fell for me very quickly and now likes me a lot, we have only hung out a few times and we always hang out with his other friends, I really like one of his best friends and I told this guy that I liked his best friend and he told me to go for him but I could tell he was upset. All of the sudden one weekend his friend that I’m interested in started texting me more frequently we talked everyday all week and he told me to come to the bar on the weekend and seemed very interested in me, I then got really excited! I went to the bar and his friends were pushing him to go for me, he said he liked me but wouldn’t go for me because his friend likes me. I then went and talked to him again and said are you sure your comfortable with me going for him? And he said yes I told him to go for you to! But then after the bar he hardly talked to me and now has given me short answers and hasn’t texted me first! I don’t know what to do! His friend that likes me a lot still texts me daily and I don’t wanna get his hopes up when I already made it clear at the begining I just wanted to be friends… I don’t know what happened with the guy I like if I did something wrong or if all his friends pushing him to go for me set him off or if its just that he doesn’t wanna hurt his best friend! The guy I like has also never been in a serious relationship before! But we get along sooo well! What do I do? Soccer starts in a couple weeks not sure if I should leave him alone until soccer starts then try talking again or if I should text him every few days to keep in contact!

  3. @Katie…..This is complicated. And we’ll be honest. It may never work out. Guy friends often have a code. Guys come first. If the guy you like is very loyal to his friend he’s not going to pursue you even if his friend gives him the okay. Why? Because he knows his friend is just saying it, because he likes you as well. So you’re in the unfortunate position of being the romantic interest of close friends. If you had met the friend first there would be no issue. But the fact that you met the one guy first makes this hard. At this point pull back. Be friendly. And patient. See how this plays out. A few months down the road this may not be an issue at all. The initial guy might meet someone else he likes. And at that point, his friend may no longer feel guilty about pursuing you. Good luck.

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