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  1. I was on here yesterday asking advice and I cant find the conversation to reply. But I can remember you saying something about him being in control of our relationship and I needed to be stop giving into him. Well basically i seen him tonight and he is so angry I believed his ex girlfriend to even mention it and ruin our plans as we were suppose to be going away for valentines. but I did notice things after you said about control like he is trying to use reverse psychology on me. Telling me he doesnt think were going to work etc which obviously I cried and then I just agreed and went to walk out and he then completely changed his attitude. Was telling me he loved me and he wanted to work things out so why cant he just be upfront? is it part of the control to play mind games? because sometimes i feel like he is trying to make me jealous talking to girls and deliberately ignoring me whereas all my friends boyfriends would introduce there girlfriend to all girl mates as well as guys and i can never understand why he doesnt like me to know any of his girl mates. I know he hasnt slept with anyone else during the year we been together but i just dont understand why he has this control over me and why he wants me to feel jealous instead of included in his life

  2. @Jess…..It was under, “I just had a baby and my husband joined a dating site; should I stay or go? ……Well, here’s what we said yesterday: .Relationships are scary because there is always something to lose. But the fastest way to lose a relationship is to capitulate to every whim or demand of your partner. Being strong and assertive is attracted. We’re not saying be bossy, or change who you are, just make it clear that you’re not going to accept any sort of shenanigans. You’re worth more than that. Trust us: You don’t want to be in a relationship where you feel paranoid or unsure. Trust is everything. Here’s what we’ll say today: We don’t know your guy so we can’t tell you if he’s playing mind games or not. Trust your gut. Anytime a guy hides something like friends, etc. it says something. What that is depends? That’s for you to figure out. Is he worried of your reaction? Is he secretly into one of these people? What is it? Whatever it is you’re not comfortable with it, and that should be enough to have it be part of a discussion. Both of you need to feel comfortable in this relationship. If you don’t, then you need to work it out so you do, or move on.

  3. So you guys have helped me massively look at things in a different way. Basically I now think our major problem is he is scared to tell me silly things that he thinks will upset me and then I find out anyway and I am even more hurt and confused to why he never said!
    Like when his ex tells me he called her up crying wanting to talk and even though she said nothing happened, all I kept thinking is why didn’t he tell me, why did he call her not me? he now hates her for telling me as its caused a rift between us but really he should of told me.
    Also if I see him on a night out speaking to girls, I now think he avoids me because he is worried what my reaction would be, I always use to think its because hes not that into me but if thats true he would just finish with me! Maybe he feels I might react like a bitch and embarrass him infront of girls he knew in school. He has told me before he feels nervous if any girl he know approaches him what my reaction would be? and that he has to apologise sometimes because I just stare at them until he notice me but I dont mean to look like a jealous girlfriend thats why i never interupt or react, but then he tells me to f*** off and stop getting funny its just a friend, I then get in a strop and stop talking to him because he told me to fuck off instead of introducing me. I suppose he doesn’t because i look angry when he does notice me!

  4. @Jess…..We said it could be that—that he’s worried about your reaction— but we also said a lot of other things. (You should reread) Some of his behavior is sketchy and no person should tell you to F….. off. So we’re not on board with that at all. This is your call of course.

  5. My husband left me for another woman 5 months ago. However, he contacts me frequently during the week, but not on weekends. He was trying to see me at least once on the weekends, but he stopped. I suspect his girlfriend put an end to that, but I’m not sure. However, we accidently saw each other one day at the house. I was still home and hadn’t left for work yet. He came by the house to pick something up. Anyway, the whole time he was talking to me he wouldn’t look me in the face or eyes. What could this mean? I am trying to figure out if he still cares about me or not. Keep in my mind he does things around the house for me when I’m not there. I’m so confused since he is seeing someone. Could he still love me? If so what are the signs that a man still cares for his wife even after he leaves her for someone else? Your help is much appreciated.

  6. @marie….It’s very likely he still has feelings for you. Of course he could also be driven by guilt. Can you give us any more details as to why he left? How long were you married? Do you have kids? How old are the two of you?

  7. Hi One of the guys,
    We have been married for 20 years. He is 42 and I will be 50 soon. We do not have any kids.

    I blame myself for driving him away. We have a business together and had a lot of financial stress on us. The business made us more like business partners than husband and wife. Also, he said I stopped being intimate with him and he felt rejected. He said he lost his connection with me.

    At first when he left, I didn’t know about the other woman. I finally kept asking him until he confessed. He had been seeing her for over a year before he left this past October. They are still seeing each other. I’m worried he is in love with her and I will not be able to get him back. I did write him a letter a few months ago apologizing for my part that may have lead him to stray.

    Keep in mind that he will do anything I ask him to do around the house. He even brought me dinner one day and left it in the fridge for him (I didn’t ask, he just did it). We saw each other by accident the other day, but wouldn’t look me in the eyes for some reason. I thought that was strange. However, he text me that evening and sent me an e-mail about business things (as if he was thinking about me all day). He never sends me an e-mail late in the evening, but he did that day after seeing me.

    Anyway,keep in mind we still have to run our business so we have to keep in touch through e-mail almost every day during the week. For awhile he was calling me frequently during the week. However, he never contacts me on the weekends since I guess he is with her.

    Any advice you can give me on how to handle all of this? How should I act when I see him or interact with him? I don’t want to fight when we talk or interact because fighting is all we have been doing the last 3 years before he left.


  8. @marie…How should you act? Be yourself. Try to be friendly and keep it light. But at the same time it’s okay to tell him how you feel and that you want to try again. (If you actually do.) Have you thought of writing him a letter? (An actual handwritten letter, not typed, not email, but written.) And then give it to him when he comes over some day. In the letter tell him everything you want to tell him. (That you’re sorry for your part, that you’d like to try again, that you know you made mistakes, that you still love him.) But also give him the option of not responding. Marie, the reconciliation needs to come from him, seeing that he’s the one involved with someone else. He has to wake up and realize what he’s lost and try to get it back. If he doesn’t see that for himself, there’s not much you can do.

  9. Hey @THEGUYS! Im kind of stuck in a jam and would love your advice! So iv been dating this guy for about a year now and we recently broke up 3 and a half a weeks ago .. Heres some back ground first. We had an amazing relationship! He is the sweetest man i have ever met.. I felt like we were so in love he did everything for me never broke plans with me always wanted to see me talked to me everyday more then enough affections .. Just so perfect ..so funny and just we had a really loving relationship. And he hasn’t changed threw the year at all.. The problem is he doesn’t have any family here they live in Winnipeg and his mom lives in church hill and are divorced. He lives in the same city as me.. He has always mentioned its always been an opportunity to move back home and go to school and get a career but never did because of me and just 3 weeks ago he decided hes going 🙁 .. And wants to do it on his own to prove he can do it on his own. I offered to move but he doesnt want me to.. He said he will always be my best friend and hopes in the future we will be together again.. The thing is now he will barley tall to me and is acting cold and wont stay in touch unless i talk to him first? He always answers but i don’t get how someone ” so in love ” can just walk away let alone stop talking to me? I know hes at a cross roads with his life but.. I don’t know why he doesn’t want me along for the journey and is treating me this way?

  10. so i have this guy friend who is in the same group of friends as me. we have been in the same classes and we’re good friends. not exactly close, but good. he isn’t the type of guy that knows how to be a boyfriend, its pretty obvious he isn’t boyfriend material. but he disturbs me frequently even though he is nice and takes care of me well too. i noticed he disturbs me more than others. and i have unknowingly fell for him. should i confess? will this break our friendship?

  11. @Miranda……We’re not sure what you mean by disturbs you. Please clarify. How old are you? Why isn’t he boyfriend material?

  12. disturbs i mean by poking fun and all. who does that at 19? well by non- boyfriend material i mean he isn’t deep and when we talk we normally talk about superficial stuff.

  13. @miranda…..Yes, it’s likely he’s into you. But don’t confess. Let him take the lead here. Hopefully he’s mature enough to do that instead of just keep “disturbing” you.

  14. @Guys: I recently reconnected with an old best friend/ex boyfriend. He told me that he ‘still had feelings for me.’ This may sound really silly, but what exactly does that mean?

  15. @Nina…….It means one of two things. He still wishes the two of you were together in a relationship. Or, he still wants to have sex for you. This could be all muddled in his head. Are you interested in him?

  16. @Guys; yes, I am quite interested in him. However, I really don’t know what I should do about it. He has always had trouble being in a relationship…he’s a self-proclaimed jackass in that regard. He has a fleeting tendency to be very sweet and caring, but is often withdrawn and moody. We’ve not seen each other for about 10 years prior to this go-’round, and it seems he may have changed, but I’m not sure.

  17. @Nina…Well, keep us posted. Good luck.

  18. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a half , we met at a car show on October 10 , 2011 . He’s good to me except the fact that I found out recently (like a week ago ) that he went to go see her 20 days after we started dating and went to her Halloween party. He took 2 pictures with her and he just won’t delete them , and it pisses me off every time I think about it . He has a whole pin drive of nothing but pics of her and he wants to keep everyone of them . There are over 400 pics on that pin drive .but long story short .. He had a girl in 2010 she died and started dating her best friend which is the ex that I’m writing about , and he turned to alcohol and drugs and partying because he wanted to numb the pain from his loss . But he still clAims he loves his ex (the dead girls best friend) but the way they treated each other was horrible . She was a dirty slut who slept with all his friends when they would break up and they would get back together . He use to break up with her to go have sex with other girls so he didn’t cheat . And they were on and off like every week. How could you love someone like that ? And the whole year and a half we have been together he hasn’t told me one time that he loves me . We have our own house together but I’m stressing myself out about these pictures , what do I do? Do I keep trying to make him delete them or do I just have to try and forget ?

  19. @Hannah…..This isn’t about the pictures it’s the fact that he still has strong feelings for his ex. This is about the fact that he can’t let go, or rather, he’s unwilling to let go of her, even though he’s with you. You’ve got a much bigger problem on your hands than these pictures. We understand it’s hard to get over the loss of someone, but this is not about his ex who died, it’s about her friend. Although the memories could all be jumbled by now. Not that he’s confusing the two, just that the two woman are inextricably linked in his memory. Throw the fact that he hasn’t professed his love to you and we think you need to think long and hard about where this is going, and if it has a future. We think the two of you need to start having some heart-to-hearts about all of these issues. And possibly with a couple’s counselor to help facilitate the conversation.

  20. Hi, I have been “dating” a guy for almost 5 weeks. The 1st week we saw each other every day because he was off from work. I tried to pull back but he said it’s rare he has this much time and is usually busy and wanted to take advantage of it. I am recently divorced. He has been divorced 12 years. He told me a lot of personal things. His big thing is and continues to be is he wants to make sure I am sincere. He met a lot of crazy women in the past. He likes me a lot. Yes we have had sex, but when I spend time with him, sometimes we just watch movies or hang out so it’s not about sex. My issue is I will see him on Friday nights, sleep there, then I don’t hear from him. Friday is my free night without my kids & he knows that. He has kids too but it’s easier for him because they are a little older. He says a lot of nice things and I have said something to him about him being busy. He just says, just call me what is the big deal. He tries to call when he has time but he is busy starting a new business and takes care of his 14 yr old son at night who has sports every night. I also met his son. He doesn’t call when he says he will and I learned this is his nature and it’s something he just says. So, up until last week, I would call him just once during the week to see how he was and he always answers or responds even if it’s to say hi on text. He would call too, but maybe just once or he would send a text just to say hi and he is busy. So Friday we were together out and he said why do i feel like I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to take you away, I just want to know your sincere etc. I said that I am not going to be the only one making the effort and if that is the case he wasn’t for me. We talked a long time. So I left the next morning, he said call me later. So I did, when I called he said he was just going to the movies with his son and he’ll call me ltr and made sure I was OK etc. He didn’t call. I know I was wrong but I sent him a text Tuesday to ask if he had time for a quick lunch !
    I was working from home (we live close). He said he was sorry but he was stuck going to a meeting and for me to call him later. I responded and said “you call me later”. Still he hasn’t called and I haven’t reached out to him. Now I only see him on Friday night because that is when I don’t have my kids, it’s not because he hasn’t asked to see me on Saturday. He has even asked me to go to his son’s game and I said no on another Friday night. I am trying to explain everything because I know he isn’t using me for sex. He is used to women falling at his feet all the time and I don’t. Is he just confused in how to pursue? Is this ending? He is so hard to read because of all the things he has said and confided in me with. He even asked me to help do some things for his business (yes he would pay me). I really like him and feel like he likes me a lot but he’s holding back and maybe it’s because he has been hurt like I was, and he has a defense up. I met his friends already and even went out with them. He even mentioned that I haven’t even had him over my house yet, which I would only do if the kids aren’t home. I don’t think it’s other girls either because he doesn’t hide his phone or texts and when I call, he ALWAYS picks up even if it’s late. He asks about me so it’s just not about him. Now I am not reaching out to him at all and I know I deserve better, but I am just trying to figure this out. I guess hoping things will turn around. He has said from the beginning he is not big on text and will always tell me to call him instead.When we are together, it’s great but when we are not, I’m wondering. And we are over 40 so I know things change at that age and I won’t get a call everyday, especially because we haven’t talked about exclusivity or anything. But a call or text here and there, I would think is not a lot to ask. If it’s important enough, you make time. I am not naive, I have been around the block with men before I was married and I know he sounds like a player, but my gut is telling me it’s something else. Well let me know what you think, I tried to give as much info as I can so you can understand the whole picture because I tried to think of everything and other than him being alone for 12 years, having crazy girls, he is just used to doing his own thing. Is it over? Or will he call and why hasn’t he? did i do the right thing by not contacting him? I dont plan to either. Thanks for your help, I need it!!!!

  21. Hey Guys, I am 18 and the mother of a wonderful little boy. My sons father and I were together my entire pregnancy and a month after our son was born I discovered he was cheating on me so I left him. Well it has been 3 months now and I have started talking to an old guy friend. I really like him a lot and he says he feels the same but he is leaving me hanging and I don’t know what to do. He will graduate from high school in May. He says he really likes me but he is unsure about the responsibility of a child. I understand his reason for us not being together but I don’t understand why he continues to act like we are together and kisses me ect. but he wont actually be with me. Is he really interested or just leading me on??

  22. @Jennie….We responded on: Am I getting played or not?

  23. I had (what I assumed to be) a one night stand with a friend after a casual night out with him, 3 days later he gets in touch and we agree that it was fun and I tell him if he wants to go for round two sometime to give me a shout. His reply was that he’ll check his work shifts and get back to me, which he does the next day and we make a ‘playdate’ for a weeks time. I don’t want to seem needy, clingy or anything else that puts guys off, so I don’t text daily or anything like that. Eventually we both seem to be hinting at it, so I bring up the topic of a more regular friends-with-benefits arrangement, and it’s accepted (duh).

    I’ve jokingly told him that his good traits will get him snapped up in no time and I’ll be screwed, and his reply was that he won’t be looking for anyone else serious any time in the foreseeable future.

    I’m getting mixed messages though – do guys who just want friends with benefits usually get in touch daily (before we hooked up, we were nothing more than passing acquaintances) and make 2 ‘dates’ in advance? I’m more used to the ‘I’m at a loose end, fancy some company this evening’ thing. Which happened last night, but he made a point of saying that it was only a day til our appointment on Monday when he was leaving.

    Is there any chance he’s interested in more? I’m perfectly happy with the arrangement, but certainly wouldn’t be averse to exploring something more…

  24. @Robbie…….We can understand why you might think he wants more, but it sounds like he’s perfectly content with how things are progressing. (FWB) We see no reason why he’d want to change it. He can flirt, talk to you, have sex with you, but then also do whatever he pleases. For many guys it’s the perfect situation. If you want something more, it might be worth bringing it up before this goes too far. No guarantees, but we think this may just get more and more confusing, and probably frustrating down the road.

  25. I have been seeing this guy for a little more than a month , we live about an hour and a half apart, I have a complicated schedule because I am divorced and my children only go to their Dad’s every other weekend. During the week we text and talk, I have met a handful of his friends at least twice but, the first time I met them was the night I met him. When we talk we do talk about family, our pasts (still in that getting to know you faze) we text all day long from silly inside jokes to complaints about our lunch, to sexual innuendoes. He has only had one serious relationship that ended 5 years ago: it was a failed engagement and has not had a “Girlfriend” since. There is a slight age difference however; it is only a few years (he is younger than me). He does sleep over BUUUT, he lives more than an hour away. We recently had a discussion about “just having fun with no CHANCE of it going anywhere” and if a guy is up front about that the girl should know to not get attached, I informed him if BOTH people agree with a “booty call” relationship then it’s fine I also informed him that if that is all it is than the guy shouldn’t “play the roll” the phone calls, texts, nick names etc. He has not changed his behavior since we had this discussion but, I am still scared to put my guard down. He has NOT and will NOT meet my children but, he knows I have two. I am not looking for a commitment or title, Yet. It’s too soon !! I would just like to know if it’s a dead end and if I am wasting my time…….Part of me feels like this is an awful lot of time to be putting in if it’s just for sex and another part of me knows some guys will do anything to have sex. Any ideas on how I can play this ????? I am really starting to develop feelings and the more we talk the more I feel like this is the guy I always wanted but, never got.

  26. @CeeCee……Listen to his words. “Just having fun with no Chance of it going anywhere.” Don’t let his behavior confuse you. Yes, guys will do much for sex. This is a dead end. Sorry. Wish we could be more positive. Good luck.

  27. I few weeks ago I met this guy at work. We started talking and he was flirting a lot! I noticed the way he was always staring at me and trying to get my attention. One night I was at party with a couple friends and he showed up with a few of his that I also happen to know. We spent a lot of time together talking and getting to know each other. The party started to get out of control and I wanted to get out of there so we agreed to take the party to his apartment for a more calm environment. While at his apartment he totally kept ignoring his friends just to talk to me. I had been drinking that night and didn’t want to drive so decided to walk home (I only like 4 blocks from his apt) him and his friend offered to give me a ride, so I accepted. He was very sweet. He gave me his number and told me to text him if I ever wanted to hang out and gave me a huge hug goodnight.

    I never texted him in fear to seem to desperate. A week passed and I ran into him at work again. He asked why I hadn’t texted him so I did just so he could have my number. He kept flirting with me that night then invited me to his place to hangout after work. I accepted. I got to his apt and we agreed to see a movie. I was on a different couch across from him. I started getting cold so he told me to join him on his couch, but I refused. In she saw I was shaking he offered me his blanket but saw he was shirtless and in shorts so I gave it back to him and just sat on th couch with him and shared the cover. After a while we ended up laying down on the couch together and we were cuddling. He started rubbing my arm and stroking my hair. He finally leaned over and kissed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach! Things started getting a little hot so I backed off and told him I had to leave. He started texting me everyday and a couple days later we had another movie night. I really enjoy spending time with him. He is very sweet and funny and I love that he always makes me laugh. That night we cuddled And kissed again while watching the movie. I knew he wanted to have sex by the way he was kissing me but I told him I wasn’t ready. He said I had nothing to be scared of. That he liked me and I didn’t have to worry about him disappearing and avoiding me afterwards… After a while of refusing, I gave in and it was amazing!!! He wanted me to stay the night but I had to get up early to work so I had to leave so be asked me if I was seeing anyone else, which I’m not so I let him know that. I also told him that he is the first guy in town I’ve talked to and slept with and he was flattered by it.

    Amazingly he still kept texting after that. He actually texts me every single day. We have great conversations that are completely non sexual. He went on a 2 day camping trip with his friends and I didn’t hear from him the 2nd night. The day he got back in town he texted me asking me “no text today?” I was a little upset becUse I thought he was avoiding me.. And said he had t cared the night before. He said he had tried to text me the 2nd day but he had no battery life. He asked me if I was upset which I lied and said no, and that I was just having a bad day. He made a joke and totally made me laugh and put me in a better mood. I’m confused about what his real feelings are because I’m starting to really like this guy. He said he didn’t want to tell anyone just yet because he’s scared people are going to tell me he’s not good enough for me and start telling me stories that aren’t true. (I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I just moved here)

    I went out of town to a concert without mentioning anything to him. When I arrived at the concert he texted me asking what I was doing and he seemed interested in who I was with and what I was doing there. He let me enjoy the show and we texted all the way back home. He told me he liked me and really enjoyed my company, but that he needed to get his shit together before he was able to get in a relationship. He knows I have a daughter and he said he didn’t have anything to offer me right now. That he needed to get his financial situation settled. I was completely thrown off guard and felt like a fool! He said we could still hang out like we have been. We saw each other the next day and saw a couple of movies at his place and had sex again. i felt bad afterwards and I told him I didn’t want to just be his fkbuddy.. And he said he would never call me that.I don’t know what to think now!?? I’m so confused. If we are just friends I don’t want to just be another friend he is going to be sleeping with. I really like him but I want more out of this than just FWB :/ & I don’t know what to do.

  28. @Roxanne…..Well, if you’re really worried that it’s turning into a Booty Call then stop having sex with him. From what you say he sounds sincere about how he feels about you. Of course, we understand why you’re a bit thrown when he said he needed to get his shit together first. Why don’t you keep seeing him but back off on the physical part for a while and see how it goes. Question: Do the two of you ever go out, or is it just a movie at his place and then sex? You might want to get to know him beyond his apartment or hanging out with his friends.

  29. WaityKaity // March 22, 2013 at 10:12 am //

    Simple here. Did I walk away too soon, or should I have judged him by his actions and not his words?
    My ex and I broke up 1 1/12 yrs ago and we continued to speak off and on over that time. We met up for movie and coffee a couple times, I asked him why do you want to stay friends with me, he thinks I am really cool and enjoys talking to me.No FWB at all..not one bit. He calls me when he gets great news, if I am having a bad day I can text him and he calls me write away, because he can tell I really need to talk and vent. Its not uncommon for us to talk hours at a time on the phone He told me a few months ago that I wasn’t the one and he thinks she is out there. I accepted it and tried to continue the friendship but It feels odd, because if he does meet “the one” then she will be the one he confides in. So told him I can’t do this, we can’t rebuild an emotional connection, hang out as friends..it doesn’t work well for me. He said he understands..as he always does. We are both over 30, so of married age, he is a single parent raising his child mostly solo. Neither he or I were dating anyone and I did not want to be his filler.

  30. @WatlKalty…….This is going nowhere. He’s using you as an emotional support until he finds “the one.” What’s really going on is he’s keeping you in an emotional holding pattern. We think it’s time to move on but it’s up to you. We think it would be best if you cut ties. Your call of course. Hang in there.

  31. Hi, I was wondering am I wasting my time. Or too jealous over nothing . My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now . We were both presently married before . Am divorced now but he’s not .. our living situation is his ex is our neighbor. He owns the house she lives in and the one we live in .. everyday he goes up and put a fire on to keep the house warm for when she gets back from work , also when he knows she there he goes in and talks to her . He even bring in the mail and takes out the garbage for her … they were married for 28 years he had told me that they were not in any sort of sexual for over 15 years . There isn’t not one day he doesn’t go into that house … he says to me that am the best thing that happened to him and I have nothing to worry about .. however I find it not normal for someone to be always at their ex’s .. also he says to me that she not physically able to do things on her own ..ya right I think if she can get up and go work everyday she can surely start a fire or check her mail etc …. I believe he has a problem letting her go .. he has told me before he still loves her but not in a sexual way … what am I suppose to think ?? I had asked before why doesn’t he just divorce her and he says well am going to lose everything ..being materialistic… also he pays some of her bills . Then complains to me that he has to give me some money for food ? Like wtf I don’t think he is fully committed to me …help !

  32. waitykaity // March 23, 2013 at 5:04 pm //

    @one of the guys. Thank You for confirming I did the right thing. I have walked away. This is after 12mths of back and forth so a longtime ago

  33. @Suzy………This is unlikely going to change. So the question is: Are you okay with this arrangement? It doesn’t sound like he has any sort of sexual relationship with her, but he’s definitely emotionally connected to her. Yes, some married couples remain friends, but this seems to be over the top, especially since he knows it bothers you. And we have to agree with you. If she’s able to go to work, she’s able to get her mail. Why did they break up? Is it possible he feels really guilty and that’s why he’s behaving like this?

  34. He left her cause of me .. he said he was tired living like a monk.. anyhow .. how long does this guilty feeling last , but then again why feel guilty if the relationship wasn’t going anywhere . If he was so happy with her why leave ..or even cheat for that matter . I just don’t understand why .a person would feel this way if he has a better life ..

  35. @Suzy….Something is going on for him. Something is missing. Sometimes people don’t realize how good they have it until it’s all gone. Hang in there. We’re sorry. Keep us posted.

  36. Would giving him a choice be a good idea? …. I had said to him to choose to be with me and forget her , or be just with her , can’t have both …. I mean I understand that he wants to stay friends but there’s a limit where the umbilical cord draws the line …. do you think am being to harsh on him …however he never answered me about what I had said to him .. maybe he’s in the thinking process ….

  37. @Suzy…..You’re being reasonable. Good luck.

  38. Thanks guys ..your help was much appreciated…

  39. @Suzy…..You’re welcome.

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