In vs. Out

"In" and "out" need each other to exist. That is a truism that will never be OUT!

In jazz music, when a player takes it "out" that player does away with the chord structure and plays free from constraint. If done right it's considered very hip. But "out" is only hip if "in" has been stated clearly. 

Hmmm….let's sum this up and even take it one step further. So without a contrasting "in" there would be no "out." In essence "out" would actually become "in."

OK, are you confused? We are!

Opposites need one another. Light is characterized as light because heavy exists. Down by Up. Large by Small. The same theory could also apply to politics. Without Democrats would the Republican party exist and vice versa?

The thing that's the most confusing is that the "In Crowd" changes more rapidly these days than our kids' birthday lists. Just a year ago, the "In Crowd" in Washington changed hands. This reversal set off a huge restructuring and repositioning within that community, but it also forced ordinary folks like us…. AND YOU…. to choose sides. And boy have we! The country is more polarized than we've ever seen it. Tolerance is clearly OUT, replaced by the new IN: smugness, arrogance and entitlement. It's scary!

But the problem with this paradigm, is that nothing ever gets done. WHY?  Because "in and out" are constantly vying for power and constantly changing. As soon as one becomes "in" the "out" does  everything it can to undermine the "in." Then things reverse and it happens again. An endless cycle that will be reborn again and again like the Hindu world of reincarnation. Enlightenment is only attained by breaking the cycle. Change is only made if we come together on SOMETHING!!!

So what can we agree on? 

Hmm….Not health care. Hmmm……Not global warming.  Hmm….not the death penalty. Hmm…not the war, or illegal immigrants, or food sources, or green living….or……anything????

And sure, disagreement and constructive discussions are all good. This country was formed on sweat and debate. Blah, blah… use our teenage neighbor's lingo…….Yeah, whatever dude!

So things kind of suck right now. Yeah, we said it. We're not sure what to make of it all. We don't even know where we stand because for ANY topic that comes to mind we can find enough information supporting both sides to fill our entire computer's hard drive! As we said earlier this week, our brains are frying with overload.

So we guess what it comes down to is, we all need to make decisions for ourselves. How do we do that?

Here are a few first steps we're taking:

Don't believe everything you hear on TV or read in the newspapers or magazines? Figure out what agenda is going on? Is there a hidden message? Who's actually delivering the message?

Same with information on the internet. Is someone making money off you thinking a certain way? What do they have to gain off you agreeing with them? Or disagreeing with them?

In some ways actually having an opinion solely your own is close to impossible. We are all influenced by the world around us. Our family, friends and co-workers. The ads on TV, billboards, radio, internet. The bumper stickers on cars. The paper. Magazines. You name it, it's in our face all of the time.

So while you're out and about, be careful what you take in. Corruption is on every street corner, ball field, bus stop and shopping mall.

If your brain hasn't completely short circuited yet, repeat this mantra: Our minds are our own.

Let's start acting like it!!!


Is it better being "in" on the way "out?" Or being "out" on the way "in?"

Hope you leave a comment OR answer!! We would love a huge outpouring of input.



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  1. Wow, lot of great food for thought here. My mother raised me to act and to think as an individual. She stressed that I not “follow the crowd” and think for my self. Learning that at a young age is good preparation for adulthood. So, no matter what goes on in society or in politics, I read as much as possible from divergent views and develop my own opinions. Politically, I lean more to the left, sometimes to the right, and often in the center. The nature of the issue is the driving force, not the need to fit into some mold or to be either out or in. I do worry about children today, though, and how their opinions are being shaped.

  2. “If done right it’s considered very hip. But “out” is only hip if “in” has been stated clearly.” – I love this sentence!!
    haha you know, if you choose to be “in” on the way “out”? Is that better than being “out” on the way “in?
    I think in the end, you have to be comfortable with who you are and that you can express yourself.
    Of course this doesn’t mean that I didn’t try to fit in groups when I was a bit younger. But nowadays I am who I am. I don’t follow the crowd, but do my own thing ^_^.
    Great post again Guys! It really makes you think! Thanks for sharing! Ciao

  3. Same with askcherlock, I was raised to act and think as an individual although there were times (because I was young) I can’t help it but try to be “in.” But things are a lot different now, I try to look things on the outside and I do my own thing if I think I shouldn’t be following the crowd.
    I was here earlier and was looking for your EC widget. I was wondering whether you guys have left or not. Now I know. πŸ˜‰ But don’t worry, I’ll still visit you. πŸ™‚
    Happy Thursday!

  4. do not try free thinking on blogcatalog they will have you castrated “really”

  5. I try not to think about in or out and just go with what I think is right for me and my family. When I try to make sense of which groups are telling the truth, I do try to look at the money trail. If whoever is stating “facts” has a big financial gain, then odds are their facts are skewed to pad their wallet.
    On most issues, I think that the majority of people have views that are somewhere near the middle, but politicians get financial backing by groups with firm positions one way or the other. As a result, most people have representatives that lean much further in one direction or the other than they themselves do.
    Very thought provoking post!

  6. I’m with stugod, I lean towards the middle ground. So not in, but not out either. I like to read the facts, and develop my opinion after hearing both sides. It’s hard not to be biased though, and you’re right, we’re so influenced by our world. All I can do is try to stay informed and educated, and go with my gut on what I feel is right.

  7. You hurt my brain there.

  8. A post like yours is a real public service. We need to be “consumers” of news and information. The critical thing to remember when evaluating an item is “who wrote it, and what do they have to gain? Do they have a dog in the fight?”
    And most importantly, just because you read it on the internet, or had it emailed to you, doesn’t make it correct.
    With the amount of argument out there and people pushing and pulling for our alliance, it is our duty to be critical thinkers and skeptics. Thank you for helping to point that out.

  9. Thanks for the post. IT really makes my mind work again hehehe

  10. Now I have a headache. πŸ˜‰
    Too many people want to be told what to think cuz it’s easier. They don’t want to do the research, read about the topic and form their own opinion. It’s always easier just to let someone tell you what to think and believe everything you read (at least what has been written by those with whom you agree) than it is to think for yourself.
    I hope that made sense, my head is still spinning from your post.
    Have a great day Guys!

  11. No matter what I did, I was never “in,” in the first place, whatever that might have been.
    Anyway, there are massive amounts of information available for the mass that it gets confusing. The choices are endless, more attractive, bigger, better, etc, thanks to modern technology. When it comes down to our own ideas and thoughts, a lot tend to be bandwagon jumpers – go with the mass because the media says so. Unfortunately it’s true.
    I like to believe that I am very individual and no amount of atrractive media coverage will change my ideas, thoughts and things I believe fiercely in.

  12. ~Always better to sift through the knowledge and ideas of many.

  13. ~Always better to sift through the knowledge and ideas of many.

  14. If you go out of your house you are going in to your yard. So take that!

  15. Sounds like your pendulum is swinging out of control there Guys πŸ™‚
    I have always lived by one word….BALANCE!
    I use that to structure my everything and thought.
    Another great rule to live by aside form your list is.. believe half of everything you hear and then even half of that.
    There are always 2 and even sometimes 3 sides to every story!
    :)Nice one..@ ‘Acadia’

  16. just re attaching my testicle,s and off we go again leaving england and going to scotland on monday to start a demolition job if anyone wants to see some pics i will post some to the blogs but have just about given up any idea of educating any one in blog land, many will spend the rest of there lives on benefits, but will not listen so hard xhit for them ok see you soon if i spot the loch ness monster i will rip it,s head off and have a barbie and post the pics of that

  17. Hi Guys!
    I am catching up on reading my favorite sites. Yes, that includes you. I hope you are having an “Individual Thought Process Going On” without any “in’s or out.”

  18. This is a fabulous post, and I am recommending it to a few friends who also are “deep thinkers.”
    In or out? In my younger days, I was always “out,” trying to fit “in.” Until I realized that being “out” is truly “in!” Individuality is a highly sought-after trait, and those who have the ability and courage for free thinking and doing are generally happier, self-satisfied, and regarded quite highly by their peers. But, you’re right, we are the world around us. Everything we do, everything we say, everything we act upon is influenced to some degree by the world around us. It becomes increasingly more difficult to have thoughts that are truly our own, but since we’re all in that same boat, I guess that makes us “in!”

  19. “My mind is my own.” I need to remember this!

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