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This is part three of our miniseries, recognizing some of the sites we love. Check them out at the bottom of this post.

The first post we dipped back into time bringing you a piece of nostalgia from our childhood. “The Uniform”

The second post was all about expectations of that “coming of age” event called, “The Prom.”

Now from, “One of The Guys”

Well, this is going to be more of a stream of consciousness post. I’m just going to see where it goes. I like to do that sometimes. I might have a nugget of an idea, and then see how far I can develop it, similar to improvising on a theme when I play music. That’s what improvising is all about. Not knowing where the story is going, but still having some parameters to work with; basically the other musicians, the chord changes (if there are any) and the audience, because surely their enthusiasm or lack thereof dictates how the story is told.

And isn’t that the truth? Isn’t that what life is like? What being a person on this planet is like? One Big Blessed Improv Routine!! I mean seriously. We don’t know what the hell we’re really doing, where we’re going, what’s right, what’s wrong, who we really are. In fact by the time we THINK we’ve kind of figured it all out, we know the story is just about to conclude, and there’s no way to alter the ending.

I think about this a lot when I’m at home dealing with my kids. I try to give them parameters to work with, but I can’t control their own story as much as I’d like to sometimes. Why do I want to control it? Because this world is a scary place. And the older I get the scarier I think it is. Now don’t get me wrong. I work hard to see the beauty in all of it too, and I try not to let my fears paralyze me, or my kids. But now that I do have a family, life somehow seems more precarious, more fragile.

I remember being a bold teen, walking down the city streets alone, and not being scared of anything. Ignorance is bliss.


Now, the freaking squirrels scare the crap out of me. I think to myself, if one of those little ferocious beasts actually attacked me or the kids, I don’t think I could fight it off. Seriously! Could you? What if all the squirrels in the world decided to attack at once? We’d all be TOAST!

What does this mean besides that I’m nuts?

It means that we all have to trust in “the order of the universe.” Trust that the sun will come up… least occasionally where I live. Trust that darkness will come so we can rest. Trust that our kids will learn their own lessons and grow from them. And trust that the damn squirrels will stick to the trees.

So as I navigate through this world, it’s clear to me that I’m not alone. That no matter how nutty my thoughts are, I know I can just search, “Nutty Thoughts” on the web and find about a million people who think exactly as I do. (I’m not sure if that’s comforting or not, but it’s still amazing)

So what’s the lesson.?

We need to stick together, that’s what. We need to try to understand one another and realize that we all have so much more in common than we don’t.Β  We need to realize we all care about our families and we all want our kids to grow up and be happy and have opportunities. We all want to sit back and watch a game and root for our team without being castigated or threatened. We want the simple things too. A nice meal with a friend OR by ourselves. A quiet time to think. A good run, or walk. A night out to watch a concert. Some alone time with our honey. Or maybe time to read a cool blog, or find some cool new app on our iphone. (I don’t have one yet) We all just want to live and enjoy the time while we are here. Have fun. And maybe try to figure out where we’re headed after our time is up on this planet earth. Or maybe not.

Sure we’re all unique and that’s what makes this place so damn cool! But until we start acknowledging our similarities, we can’t celebrate our differences, to use a common PC expression. (Don’t get me started about being PC)

And let’s be honest, who the hell isn’t scared shitless of squirrels?

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35 Comments on Stream of Consciousness

  1. I think as we grow older we lose our hair, our waist line and our fearlessness. Thanks for the props guys! :o)

  2. Thanks, for including my blog πŸ™‚ . You are doing a great job GUYS ….. i always look forward to your posts.

  3. The thing is, if the squirrels ever attack, there’s no where to get away from them. They’re faster and can get into anything. We’d be stuck living our lives on top of greased metal poles.


  4. Thanks so much for the mention! And I confess to being a bit scared of squirrels too!

  5. Thanks so much for the props, Guys. We just think your blog is one of the most refreshing finds of the year!

    In all you mention above, I came away with the feeling that all you really want is to savor the moments in life. I think you have captured the essence of what it is all about. For me, it’s never the grand things like buying a car or taking a vacation, etc., though I do enjoy those. It is truly about the special moments with our kids, loved ones, solitude and just appreciating those things that make life wondrous. You have the answers. You just didn’t know it. The Guys know lots of things!

  6. Thanks for mentioning me! I appreciate the support.

    I am no longer petrified of being onstage. But I am deathly afraid of squirrels. Go figure.

  7. @Sugar Snow……..glad to hear it. You’re welcome. Anytime.

    @askcherlock…….Not sure we have the answers, but we’ll take the compliment. Thanks for your continued support!

    @Mad Kane……..Seems like many people are.


    @Shabnam Sultan…………Thanks. We love all your pictures and great informative posts.

    @Tammy…………..You’re right. And the things that we gain are never good. Debt and Ear Hair come to mind.

  8. There are medications for this.

    I’m fucking on all the bastards! I used to have panic attacks about having like the next Holocaust happen, yeah I know. And you’re worried about the goddamn squirrels you retard!

  9. Oh, I forgot! I posted a comment on ‘The Prom’, better late than never!

  10. @Ashley……yeah, it’s called booze! Or coffee! The squirrels keep my mind of the next holocaust. And for that I’m grateful.

  11. Noo! STOP the squirrel attack! That is not good at all :|! That’s it. I shall dream about squirrels later tonight.

    I love your stream of consciousness! My mind starts with mechanisms in society and I end up what type of cookies I should crumble in my ice cream. It’s interesting to see how it develops though ^_^. I loved the series and to have a sneak peek in you Guys life! Lovely written and packed with wit! I love your blog and you guys know how to entertain your loyal readers! Grazie mille Guys!

    Also, many many thanks for including me in your list πŸ˜€

    Take care!

  12. Awww Nutz ! Ilove squirrels. and they do make alot of poop, but they’re cute, fuzzy and nosey. don’t you just love it.. I like being a squirrel, and fuzzy and nosey. it’s cool. thanks for the love

  13. @RE……’re welcome. Squirrels are amazing climbers and fun to watch, but they do scare the crap out of us!

    @TJ………cookies and ice cream. That’s a great place to end up! Love having you as part of our family.

  14. Great post, life is like a stream of consciousness! great analogy!

  15. Thanks so much for the prop. I really enjoy your rambles too.

  16. Ive recently discovered ‘The Universe’ responds to whatever YOU are putting out there.

    But, I laughed out loud when I read this:

    “Now, the freaking squirrels scare the crap out of me. ”

    Those critters are so militant!

  17. Hilarious post and as I came this way to comment, I just read the comment before mine (by meleah rebeccah) & “‘The Universe’ responds to whatever YOU are putting out there…” and I can’t help but notice you keep calling yourself NUTS!! – no wonder the squirrels are after you πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though (love stream of consciousness), I relate to this post – great notion how it’s “One Big Blessed Improv Routine” (it IS, isn’t it!) but I too, enjoy the idea of “control” & I try to keep some notion that I’m in the driver seat and the squirrels are off in their trees and not running in front of my car! (It’s bad karma to hit a squirrel. Beware of this as much as the mad-squirrel-attack.)

    PS – iPhone!

  18. LOL about the squirrells. I have to think your right that if they did attack we would be toast as they are quick little buggers. I can see one grasping on a leg and not letting go. Thanks for putting my link up πŸ™‚ Off to read the second part I am behind on reading.

  19. Yeah, I agree. We need to appreciate our differences and open our minds.

  20. @Gogo……thanks.

    @jakill…….you’re welcome. Thanks for being connected to THE GUYS.

    @Meleah Rebecca………That is so TRUE! Very wise of you. Hmmm……I might have to rethink my stance on squirrels and other furry woodland creatures.

    @Bonnie…………..thanks for your kind words and comment. And for the great tip. The squirrels have their own crazy game called, “Let’s not be Roadkill” I try hard to miss them even though they are in fact more nuts than me!

    @Stacie……..You’re welcome……..yes, it would be scary and freaky. I was serious.

    @Kelly…………..we both know it’s easier said than done.

  21. Squirrels! That reminds me of the movie ‘UP.’ πŸ˜€

    I do believe too that there is a time for everything and order in the Universe.

    And I totally agree with you that we have more common than differences; I can totally relate to your paragraph about the lesson.

  22. @BK……………….now we all have to start acting like it. I have to see “Up.” I’ve heard great things about it.

  23. That’s’s funny-i love squirrels. Dressed my dog up as a squirrel for Halloween!
    I love the message of your post. Its true that we all have a lot in common. We just want to have a good life without getting hassled. Its good to keep that in mind next time a perfect stranger bumps you in the grocery store or something.

  24. Great post once again!! I think parents start to become afraid of squirrels when they realize they are sharing space with their children outside.:) The stories of squirrels carrying rabies also don’t help.

    i agree with your message. Most people are very similar and I’m finding this out as I meet more and more people. We’re all basically the same under our skins.:)

  25. @Date Girl…… I said, they are certainly amazing little buggers. Funny about your dog! Yes, the ole bump from a perfect stranger. I have to remember it on the road. People drive me nuts!

    @Barbara………so many people live in their own isolated worlds. Once you get out and about you start to realize that we are in fact connected to something bigger, and that includes all these other humans inhabiting this earth!

  26. Hmmm….sounds like you are enjoying some very good mushrooms and I don’t mean the type out of a can either :p

    LOL @ your deep and insightful thoughts about the squirrels…I sense a bit of paranoia there.

    Bottom line is that we must learn to seize the day and all of the goodness it has to offer.

    I have never been one for regrets and I like that about me. Too many people wonder around and regret this or that and the other thing.

    Well, as my parents so many times told me about whining…’Sh@t or get off the pot.’…Stop regretting and whining and change how you spend your very valuable time on this earth.

    It is after all…up to us~

  27. @Dorothy……….funny! Yes, if only it were so! πŸ™‚ I agree with your sentiments completely. Seize the day. No regrets. Stop whining. Be Present. And one that I learned from my wife, Have Fun! Sometimes people get so caught up in the learning, growing and evolving that they forget the most important part. We’re supposed to be enjoying our existence. Growth doesn’t have to be just about pain.

  28. May we include chipmunks with those renegade squirrels? A few of them tried to stage a coupe by digging down towards my basement last fall. I thwarted them but am thinking I’d better get out back to be sure they aren’t staging a furry rodent comeback. I think I’d rather have a snake than a fast furry creature. You?

    Thanks for the mention. Your blog is one of the very best and a favorite read for me.

  29. Guys-Thanks for including me in this stellar group. As for squirrels, what can I say-they’re my favorite animal! I love them, and always try to emulate their bouncy, cheerful ways. But you knew I’d be different, didn’t you?

  30. Love this post!!! So true and it reminds me of the time someone asked me if I wanted to watch Saw 3, my immediate reaction was “omg no, I am NOT 15 anymore!!”.

    I love how you describe the journey of life so aptly and Im glad theres someone else who understands the squirrel thing too!!

    Thanks for the perspective, definitely what I needed at this time.

    Blessings xox

  31. Thanks for all these site suggestions…I enjoy reading your posts, too. We actually feed the squirrels in my backyard, so our house has become kind of a squirrel haven, which may creep you out. Usually they back off though when we are sitting outside…one of the things I really enjoy is being outside in my backyard!

  32. @Heather…….yes, let’s include all the Furry Woodland Creatures. Glad we’re connected. Thanks!

    @nothingprofound……yes, we did. And in a good way of course!

    @Lola………Yes, the squirrel thing. We admire them and they’re creepy! We know some guys like this too. Well, maybe just the creepy part.

    @Kelly……….Like I said, they are amazing in the trees. I always wonder if they’ll fall while they are chasing each other and they never knew. But I’d prefer them to stay up there. And feeding them on our back porch??? NO WAY!!

  33. I really loved this post–but then, I really do believe in just trusting the order of the universe. I honestly believe that if I do the best I can at what’s in front of me, if I try to make a positive impact on the people I come across–both stranger and loved ones–that life will take care of itself. I will be given and learn (or not learn, perhaps) the lessons I am supposed to in this life.

    And I really loved what you said about focusing on our similarities, rather than our differences. I did my honor’s thesis on women in extremist groups in Montana–and these women were SO different from me but it amazed me that I always found more common ground that different ground when it came right down to it. We all loved our families, we all wanted to be successful, we all wanted to stand by our beliefs (even if they were very different). If we can focus on our similarties and view one another in a spirit of connected “humanness”–then surely, the world will be a better, more compassionate place.

    Wonderful post! πŸ™‚


  34. @Melinda……..we couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for your thoughts and friendship.

  35. I keep a Russian Squirrel Hound outside with me at all times to fight off the squirrels. She’s good.

    And it’s true that as I get older (especially with the kid), I have this heavy sense of how scary and dangerous the world is — but we have to live in it.

    Thanks for giving props to my site and sorry that it’s taken me so long to get here!

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