Vacation and Lebron

Written by: “One of the Guys”

I was away on vacation these last four days, enjoying the unique summer culture of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Had I stayed home, the heat would have been suffocating in my non-air conditioned house. I heard rumors it was in the mid 90s all week, so I felt myself doubly blessed to be enjoying the ocean AND the air-conditioning at the hotel we were staying at.

One thing I enjoy while on vacation, is getting up really early and exploring. This could mean either biking, walking, or driving around town, possibly sipping an early morning cup of Joe, and enjoying the quiet. Once I find someplace I fancy, I’ll often stop and park myself, pull out a book or the local paper and read.

These morning excursions are also a time where I think. One of the main things I think about is how can I make my “everyday” life more like a vacation. Don’ laugh. Sure, that’s probably impossible, with all the responsibilities and duties I have as an adult and a parent, but it still must be possible to create a situation where everything doesn’t feel so overwhelming and stagnant.

I don’t intentionally try to keep up with the Jones’s, it just kind of happens organically, if such a thing is possible. Most of the time, I feel like I’m rowing with part of  my rudder missing. I just keep spinning in a circle no matter how hard I paddle. And it’s annoying seeing everyone racing ahead while I create my own little whirlpool.

So I write this longing for more simplicity. Vacations create this illusion that life is a rudderless journey, enjoyed by those who take in the scenery. I’m trying hard to jump on board with that notion. It sure sounds good on paper, but that zen-like state is harder to achieve in real life.

Either way, we had a great time on vacation. Short, but sweet, and we all left longing for more, which is really how it should end.

Would you like to be a kid again, living a more carefree existence?

How do you keep up with the rat race? Do you even try?

Is it possible to make your life look more like a vacation?

If you plan on taking a vacation to cape cod, or anywhere in Massachusetts check out this article from our friends at Your RV Lifestyle. Best Things to do in Massachusetts. 


I have to chime in on Lebron James. All the media is berating him for being an egomaniac and creating a look-at-me circus around his free agent announcement. This all may be true, but they are overlooking some important aspects of who he is.

Maybe Lebron’s head has gotten a bit big. I actually don’t think so based on his standing in the NBA. He IS the most dominant player in the league. Kobe might have the best jump shot, but he’s not in the same league as Lebron. Put Lebron on the Lakers and they don’t almost choke away the championship to the Celtics. In fact they sweep them. But that aside, Lebron has become bigger than just basketball. He’s a world wide celebrity. Yes, Lebron really is that big.

And I say these things because I’ve only been impressed with how he’s conducted himself. He hasn’t gotten into trouble with the law. He’s respectful of other players in the league.  He treats his teammates well. He’s well spoken. He loves his family. And overall he’s been someone that I’m happy my kids love. I can’t say this for Kobe Bryant or some of the other top players in the league, who’ve all believed the hype at one point or another.

I am originally from Cleveland, so it’s sad to see Lebron leave. Just as Princess Leia says, “Obi Wan Kanobe, you’re my only hope,” Clevelanders felt that way about Lebron. And now he’s gone, and they’ve all turned on him. In fact the whole media has turned on him. But not me.

He played hard for Cleveland, only to be surrounded by a bunch of “has beens” and “not -so-goods.” He carried the team year after year, without really complaining that much. And frankly he wasn’t going to win there. They just weren’t good enough, even with a superstar.

So he doesn’t owe them anything more. What’s wrong with looking out for himself? He wants to win and he’s going some place he has a chance to do that. Miami certainly gives him that opportunity, although Chicago probably would have been a better choice. And aren’t those the kind of decisions we make everyday? What’s best for us, our career, our kids, our happiness? Sure we don’t do it as publicly, but most of us aren’t known by 99% of the planet.  Thank god!

So it’s time to for him to move on. And for this former Clevelander, I wish him all the best. Because I always root for the nice guy.

(Hopefully he’ll stay that way!)

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely vacation, and yes vacations give one a glimpse how simple life can be without all the push and worry. As for your daily workaday world, if you can’t make it as carefree as a week in Cape Cod, make it as as carefree as it can be.

  2. To make your life seem like a vacation, it requires looking at events and opportunities from a different perspective. Let’s face it, the town you live in is not Cape Cod. When you’re on vacation, you’re appreciating the “here and now”. Apply that mindset to day-to-day life. If you can train yourself to stay conscious of all the good moments and not take anything for granted, then you’ll see what a truly charmed life you have. Concentrate on what you do have, and forget about what you don’t. Check in every once in a while on your dreams to make sure you’re on track.

  3. My carefree vacation existance is dependent upon things like having no idea what Lebron James is up to or what the media things of him. 🙂

  4. So happy you could get a vacation and on Cape Cod too! After a year of pure hell, literally, we are settled in a place that could very well be a vacation spot. So it isn’t hard to think of life as a vacation. Of course, at the moment I am not working in the business world, but still have a family, though grown, that needs me to work for them.:)

    I think the mindset is really important. When you can’t vacation you need to take a day to yourself or if that isn’t possible, at least a few hours where you do exactly what you want to do. It brings a sense of peace to your day and enables you to appreciate your real life.

    As for Lebron James, being a transplanted New Yorker, I am very disappointed that he decided to go to Miami. Yes, it’s fun and warm there, but it’s not New York. The Knicks may be down now, but the addition of Lebron James might have picked them up. Who knows what will happen to them unless they find another Lebron James. Look what Michael Jordan did for Chicago. Miami doesn’t deserve him.:)

  5. Glad to read that you all had a great time in the vacation. I sure need one good vacation too. I believe it is possible to make our life look more like a vacation if we are all able to find work we have deep passion on; then each day wouldn’t be seen like we are working but enjoying our ‘vacation.’ However, it is a challenge as most people are caught in the challenge of finding something one loves and answering to one’s responsibilities in life.

  6. It nice when you go on a vacation and return longing for more….I suppose that’s one of the beauty of taking a break .. it sounds like you had an amazing time … I guess I am due for one now… need an excuses to be like a kid and enjoy some moments of carefree existence..

  7. We’re heading to the Cape this summer after missing last year (it’s an incredibly long flight now that we’re on the West Coast) but we love it there.

    I don’t follow basketball, so I’ve been confused about the whole Lebron thing. I thought free agents usually went to the team that would do the most for their pocketbook and their career, so I don’t get the big deal about his choice.

  8. i try to drink more often so my life feels like vacation. kidding. sorta. ok, not.

    glad you had an inspirational and relaxing trip!

  9. Im happy you had a nice vacation. I try to stay more in the moment and find ways to appreciate the little things every day to make my regular life seem more like a vacation. And when that fails, I do what Patty Punker does. Just add alcohol!

  10. @Everyone…………..Love all the tips. Thanks! It’s good to be back in the swing of things.

  11. I haven’t been on a formal vacation in years. My last ‘vacation’ was more or less a visit, since it was a week long trip to see extended family in Minnesota. Our vacation only lasted two of the 7 days, when we were up at the lake, carefree and happy. The rest was an obligation. And there will be, again, no vacation this year. We just can’t come up with the idea of spending that much money for a week, where we could spend that much on something more permanent like paying off the cars or building on to the house…

    probably not the best way of looking at it and we’re probably digging ourselves early graves by living on stress and empty…but I guess it’s the life we chose.

    Regarding Lebron, they’re all overpaid. They play basketball. They don’t protect and serve, they don’t save lives, they don’t do anything except create a *hopefully* positive influence on my kids. That’s it. Overpaid. All of them.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I know what you mean by vacations making you feel as though ‘life is a rudderless journey’. My own vacation… the cruise to the Caribbeans, is coming up next month and I can’t wait to be on the ocean.

    Regarding your questions….

    Would you like to be a kid again, living a more carefree existence?

    There are times when I wish I could be a kid again, as long as I don’t know what lies ahead. I’ve had a somewhat difficult life. But when I was a kid, things did seem simpler and happier to a huge degree.

    How do you keep up with the rat race? Do you even try?

    No, neither my wife or I try that hard. I’m on disability now and my wife works and we make enough to live comfortably and enjoy each other’s company. For us, that’s really all that matters.

    Is it possible to make your life look more like a vacation?

    Haha… I wish.

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