Videos Please

Hi Everyone,

We recently put out a one minute podcast/audio promo. You can hear it on the podcast page of this site, or on itunes and zune. Promo

If you, or anyone that you know, wants to try and create a video using our promo audio, we’re currently accepting submissions through November.

We’ll be posting all “appropriate” submissions on our site and asking fans to vote for their favorite. There will be a modest cash prize, and some major props on our site and podcast.

So spread the word and get creative. Surprise us. It could be anything. And who knows, maybe we’ll find a video person to join THE GUYS?

Also: If you didn’t get a chance to share your favorite Halloween story please do now. On our next show we’ll be sharing all the stories. We’re also looking for things that you find creepy. So leave us a comment here or a note on our Contact page.



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