What’s happened to creativity?

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From: “One of The Guys”

Creativity seems to be a lost art, and it’s only getting worse. Couples rely on movies and take out to fill the weekend nights. Kids power up their video games to be entertained and the rest of the world surfs the web to get a glimpse into the lives of others.

Am I different? Not completely! And it’s scaring me.

For a long time I stopped reading books. I didn’t have time with my babies being, um babies, so I resorted to magazines to keep up on my reading. Quick, fast, entertaining and easy! This past year I started reading books again and it took me a long time to actually figure out how to read a book. I’m totally serious. I actually forgot how to “see” it in my mind, keep the characters straight, and follow the plot. This was due to my learned, short attention span, and my lengthy hiatus from the world of creativity.

But I managed to get it back slowly, and now I’ve realized that creativity can be lost too. Great, another thing to worry about! And I especially worry about it with my kids. They are creative, but only when it’s easy to be creative. They haven’t learned how to cope with “boredom” because they lack the vision to create something from what’s perceived as nothing.

So what’s happened to creativity?

Are relationships failing because creativity has become a dying art?

What do you think?

The truth is, we don’t NEED to be creative anymore. We can get many of our needs met without doing much mental work at all. So what happens is we fall into a routine that slowly wears away our mental sharpness.

But where does this all start?

I’ll tell you where. It starts at a very young age. In fact, right at my house.

Here’s how:

Let me start out by saying, I hate the Wii. We bought this video game system for our kids because they’d been begging for it for over a year. Not that their begging necessarily determines our actions. They’ve also begged for Pellet Guns, Guinea Pigs, Motorized Scooters and another sibling, for which they’ve gotten none.

Video Games have become part of “water cooler” talk in schools around the country, just like Pet Rocks, Smiley T shirts, Happy Days and Saturday Morning Cartoons were for me. We felt that it was important for our kids to be able to participate in those conversations, so we went ahead and told Santa to bring the Wii. We figured we could just limit it to weekends and that would be OK.

But here’s what’s happened.

It’s become the default game for them. And it seems to have drained them of all of their creativity.

Them: Dad, can we play the Wii?

Me: No, not right now. Think of something else to do.

Them: We’re bored. There’s nothing to do.

Me: Well, what did you do BEFORE you got the Wii?

Them: We can’t remember.

Me: What about Bionicles or dolls or sports? You used to like that.

Them: We just want to play Wii.

Me: Didn’t I just say no?

Them: C’mon.

So annoying. So I make them write a list of ten OTHER things they like to do. My oldest, who’s Mr. Make Believe has no problem with this. My daughter does it to please me. But my middle child. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Him: Dad, I can’t think of anything.

Me: Really? Nothing? Really?

Him: No, I can’t think of anything.

Me: Do you want some help?

(Silence. I interpret this as a yes…..mistake…….so I start trying to help…..big mistake!)

Me: Well, what sports do you like?

Him: I don’t know.

Me: You like baseball. And basketball. Soccer. What about tennis?

Him: Dad!!!!!!!!!! Now I can’t use any of those things!

Me: What!!? Why?

Him: Because you said them already. Now I can’t use them.

Me: What are talking about!!?? Of course you can use them. You like them.

Him: No, I can’t use them and I’m not putting them down on the list.

(Silence. So I keep pushing it)

Me: What about music? You like to play the piano right?

Him: Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Fine, do it yourself. But you need to have five things written down before you do anything else. You hear me Mister?! (I’ve already caved from the ten things I originally said)

Him: Harumph…..

After twenty minutes he hands me the list. There are only two things on it.

Things I like to Do (His List)

1. Lie in Bed

2. Kind of read

I stare at this list. I think, “Oh my god, this took him twenty minutes to do?” I start panicking. “Now what kind of extra services is he going to need at school? He won’t be able to get past third grade.” I start sweating. “What’s happened to his creativity? Is it completely gone?”

Then I realize it. It hits me like a brick. The Wii has emptied the creativity out of my kids. No, I mean literally. These machines are evil. The truth is, the controllers the kids use are really electronic vacuums that suck all the creative juices out of whoever’s using them. These juices flow into the machine and back to the main headquarters. The gaming companies then use this creative energy to churn out more games and make more money. It’s pure genius!!  But now I’m onto them.

So after pondering  this epiphany I realize I still have my son to deal with.
So I tell him to go to his room, lie in bed and read.

He seemed to like that idea.

Finally I did something right. One of the firsts as his parent.

Now I need to devise my scheme to take down the video game companies. And that’s for another day.

So I ask you.

What’s happened to creativity?

Do you still get creative in your relationships? What kinds of things do you do to get creative? Bring it on!


34 Comments on What’s happened to creativity?

  1. Helloo!! Hahaha I loved the conversation, although it probably wasn’t as funny for you when it happened hehe ^_^.

    What happened to creativity?

    I guess it really depends on the kid and the time he/she grows up in. If I compare myself with my little bro, then I see a huge difference. I passed my time with reading, a lot of reading and drawing. My little bro passed his time with a lot of gaming and he barely touched a book. And he is a whizz kid, he can open up a PC add hardware etc. without being able to tell what he’s exactly doing. Even my dad asked him for help. It’s funny to see. So, I don’t think creativity is necessarily gone, I think the definition changed over time. We’re living in a time where technology is a dominant factor in our lives…but here comes another question how far do we let technology dominate our lives…

    Yes. I will stop now, I got all these questions popping up in my mind and it’s kinda late…so I can write down weird things. Oh and I don’t like the Wii, I feel kinda silly moving around hehe.

    I shall roll to my bed now! Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. My kids’ playstation broke about six months ago and they are just now realizing that they can be creative and survive without video games.

    I’ve been totally sapped of creativity lately, but I keep reading, hoping it will stir some within me. Other than reading I’m kind of lost when it comes to finding creativity.

  3. The goddamn TV happened to creativity!!!!

    I HATE the fucking TV! The SECOND my kids go to school/nap… Hubby goes to sleep… whatever… THE TV IS OFF!

    I could live a happy and content life with no TV. I watch ONE show, Sons of Anarchy, because I would do terrible, awful, probably illegal in some states things to Jax… anyway and that’s it. I watch 1 hour of TV a week for 13 weeks out of the year.

    I’d throw the mother fucking thing out the window if the rest of my family wouldn’t have crack like withdraw symptoms.

  4. @TJ…….Actually you make some really good points. Different generations define creativity differently. You are right, being a whiz on the computer can be creative for sure. But let’s think more generally about it. How are we all approaching life? Do we have a creative, open outlook, or are we set in our ways and not able to think outside the box? Great to hear your opinions!

    @Raven……How did you get away with breaking it? 🙂 But seriously, I’d like to break the Wii too but at this point I’d have to replace it. As far as your other comment, yes it is hard to tap into your creativity. People try all sorts of things; listening to music, meditating, reading, talking with other creative people. Some writers just write and trust that the creative muse will hit them once they’re into it. I hope you find it soon. Your stuff is always so fun to read!

    @Ashley……By George I think you’ve got it! The damn TV. I know they pretty much banned the regular old TVs, but they didn’t go far enough. Let’s get rid of all of them, and all the contraptions that go with them. Pun intended: Yes, you crack me up!

  5. @Everyone……I’m still interested in how you ARE or ARE NOT creative in your relationships, either with your partner, friends, family or kids.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

  6. You’re right about both the TVs and video games.

    As for me, I was raised on books and art supplies and that’s what I buy for my friends’ kids and now my nephew. He’s 3 months old, and this past week when my husband and I were in New Orleans, we got him a children’s book about streetcars and the French Quarter, and a stuffed animal stingray at the aquarium.

    The only video he owns is one I bought him – The Magic Garden. Remember that show? It encouraged telling jokes, play acting, dress up, and making stories? THAT is what I want my nephew watching, when he’s old enough to watch anything.

    I also plan to buy him fingerpaints, paper, crayons, chalk, and any other craft and art supplies I can think of. As a kid, my sister and I had drawers full of tongue depressors, pipe cleaners, glitter, glue, construction paper, cardboard, doily scraps, pompoms, and anything else that could be turned into an art project. We’ll see to it that my nephew has that too. His room is already set up for creativity – my sis & her husband painted one wall in magnetic & chalkboard paint, with the magnetic alphabet stuck to it and all ready for him to draw on when he’s old enough. On another wall is a corkboard palm tree, waiting for his art projects to be pinned to it.

    With me & my husband… well, he cooks, mostly making up his own recipes. He also brews beer that he designs himself. I bake and I still read (real books!). I’m also a face & body artist – I do face painting and henna and temp tattoos, and I’ve stopped bringing design books to parties. Instead, I tell the kids, “challenge me!” That’s how I ended up painting one girl as a hamster, another as a fishbowl, and a boy as a penguin. I love it when they give me something I’ve never tried!

    Together, though, we also have our business making bath products – soaps, shampoos, scrubs, bombs, and balms – and we make up our own recipes. So we do get to be creative together too. We also do all of our own product photography, so that’s another opportunity.

    And the relationship itself – we try to go different places and see different things. He attends events and gets involved in things that are more me, and I do the same with his hobbies and the like.

    Everything helps.

  7. We did a car dancing video. Fiancé filmed, my daughter and future stepdaughters, and I got jiggy with it. It took some good quality time plus we burned energy. I have decided it will be a great thing to do every year to see how we’ve grown in our skills. 🙂

    So glad I wasn’t a middle child. They always seem traumatized. Besides Wii and PS3 Rock Band are fun!! Teaches sportsmanship. After I beat the 5 yr old in Wii bowling she kicked me. Ah, an opportunity to teach before it was grandma or a teacher. Yikes!

  8. Good morning!

    “Do we have a creative, open outlook, or are we set in our ways and not able to think outside the box? ”

    Oh that is interesting! I do think in a way being led by technology limits a lot. Sure technology widens ones creative outlook on life and possibilities, but on the other hand it’s limiting.So in a way we are sitting in this creative technology box, where you can get your e-books, e-cards, role playing games etc. You are not motivated to go outside to browse the stores, meet new people. Of course this depends on the individual, but there is a whole world outside instead of sitting behind the PC. But it isn’t helping if all standard are slowly changing. For example, I could still write my essay with a pen…I wonder how often this still happens. You are forced to use technology to keep up with all the changes. I know a few people who never wanted to have a mobile phone, but slowly they realized they had to get one, otherwise they would feel disconnected. Okay, getting a phone doesn’t mean that you would be less creative haha (yes. I’m rambling just a bit here). I guess it’s all about finding a balance in this all. For me personally exploring the outside world, buying an actual book, experimenting with paint is what I love to do.

    Ooh totally overlooked your other question! For me being creative in relationships, whether it is for my boyfriend or relatives, well I like to do things unexpected hehe. besides creating my own cards/painting or maybe poems. I’ll love to make my own pies/cake/cookies/diners instead of buying. Hidden notes here and there. Instead of going to the movies/diner, explore the city (sometimes I’m amazed at how much I can feel like a tourist in my own city! I kid you not). With kids, I love to just talk with them and create stories. Sometimes I combine it with drawing haha. The little things count for me ^_^.

    Well, now I need some tea/coffee. I wrote this all without that hehe.


  9. @Larissa…….The tough thing about this video game craze is that every kid is doing it. So my wife and I felt to NOT do it would be unfair too. But like I said, I can’t stand it. And I’m trying to figure out if it’s worse to let them feel left out socially or to have them lose some creativity. Hopefully it won’t be that black and white and we can figure out the balance.
    It sounds like you and your husband are very involved with each other’s lives. Many couples do their own thing a lot of the time. Sometimes that helps keep the relationship fresh and other times it leads to disconnection. But if you can keep it fresh, be together a lot, and do interesting things, that would be ideal. Love your approach to life!
    ps. Body artist? How cool is that!! That in itself could keep things interesting.

    @Angelia……Funny video. I checked it out on your site and left you a comment a few days ago. Keep us posted if you make some more! That is so funny about your 5 year old. Well, kind of. I mean, no one likes to get kicked. I’m involved with my kids in so many ways, but I don’t play video games with them. It’s too vicious in their. I’m afraid for my life!

    @TJ…….Well those are some heavy thoughts BEFORE you’ve even had your coffee! Besides creativity, Face to Face contact is also starting to diminish. That’s a huge problem. Think about it from just an opportunities angle. People help other people they like. That’s human nature and that won’t ever change. You can’t meet people sitting behind your computer. Sure you can contact anyone in the world, but the connection doesn’t mean a whole lot w/out a face/personality behind it.
    As far as your creativity in a relationship……You’re a creative spirti TJ, so I’m not surprised you know how to “mix” things up a bit. Wink, wink…

  10. I was laughing all the way in the conversation. Looks like these controllers are dangerous… LOL
    When I broke my Playstation, I didn’t have anything else to do. But, since I wasn’t getting a new one, I decided to take up some Art.

    Have a good day!:)

  11. It really does seem that every other kid is into video game; Nintendo, PSP, Wii etc. They seem to be in living in their own world oblivious to their surrounding. That is what is happening to my niece when she is using my brother’s iPod and playing the games inside. Her two brothers are catching up fast. And this is kind of worrying.

    I remember the old days before video game, I was running around the neighborhood with friends around my age. Playing hopscotch, a game of police and thief, card games, board games, cycling, going to the library, discussing girls, going hiking. I was a little surprise that without the video game, they are suddenly so lost and don’t know what else they can do.

  12. @Mr. Stupid……art’s a good thing. And to be fair, I guess being really good at a certain video game is an art too. But it’s all about balance, right!? Thanks.

    @BK………..Yes, the old days. Of course these days we don’t let our kids out of sight. It’s because we’re more aware now than before, but probably not because more bad stuff happens. It’s a tough balance as I said to the last commenter.
    I just worry that my kids AND me can’t think of what else to do if the computer and video games are taken away. Thanks.

  13. The lost generation is all i can say about the subject, The world that has been created for our children is nothing more than a shallow pool, whilst kids play games on computers in the west kids not a million miles away are learning how to use the processor power in even a small computer to great effect. Reading was the corner stone of modern civilisation and it has all been blown up the chimney for corporate greed and just general stupidity. Better go hide all the sharp objects “AGAIN”

  14. Yes. Luckily I didn’t say something really strange hehe. I could go on though…I blame it on my thesis!

    And you’re right indeed! Face to face contact, an important element in life is fading away. Sure you can get to know someone better via many ways on the web, but it gets an extra dimension if you’ve seen this person in real life and talked to him/her.

    Hahaha @ your winks hehe.

  15. Creativity means solitude, being alone with yourself for hours at a time. How can you listen to yourself with all those distractions? All that noise?

  16. man, this post made me really sad. i do think creative IS actually NEEDED and this is a good example of why. absolutely. this is what separates us from the chimps. i mean, this is how we utilize our higher functioning brains; or should utilize them! creativity, emotion. when i was a kid i drew every day. i do think tv and video games are ‘babysitting’ kids of these generations. are parents getting lazier too? maybe. i think it takes creativity on the parent’s part to come up with interesting activities kids can enjoy (i am actually looking forward to band/dance/soccer games.. if i ever get there), and also do as a family. play board games together. color. paint sessions. whatever. i don’t know!!

  17. Creativity, I’m afraid, is going away… for a long time… until the electricity is turned off and the battery powered games are turned off or taken. I think the reason I’m creative (at least I think I am) was prompted mostly by playing with toys that didn’t do that much. I mostly had Hot Wheels and G.I. Joes. The G.I. Joe dolls would usually get up on the Barbie dolls and start humping away. They didn’t know what they were doing but they went at it, anyway.

    This was a very true and honest post. Thank you. You’ve given me much to think about. Take care.,

  18. I love this post! It’s so true, I think, that modern “innovations” have sort of sapped us of our need to think. I admit that I am fascinated by TV and could probably watch it 20 hours a day if work weren’t a consideration.

    I think reading and talking about what you’ve read with someone else is a great way to keep your mind going. Mysteries, especially, because they demand that your brain try to work things through as you go. And if you’re not the book type, you can watch TV/movies and then talk about those things.

    Do your kids like treasure hunts? That’s something I remember doing a lot as a kid… coming up with clues and elaborate maps to find some sort of “treasure.” Endlessly fun.

    I’m going to ignore the relationship aspect of your post because my husband and I are unfailingly boring when it comes to doing creative things with our time.

    Sorry for the novel of a comment… guess I really enjoyed thinking about what you’ve written!

  19. Creativity is gone these days ……… very true . Most of the time we are spending infront of TV ……. i just don’t like this idiot box.
    I love reading books but not getting time these days. Recently, i read one book when one of my relative was undergoing a surgery in a hospital and i had to stay there with her . I simply enjoyed reading book after a long time.

  20. @Stugod…..You are so right. Good point!

    @nothingprofound….I’ve never thought of it quite this way. Noise!! Interesting. Sometimes my creativity is aroused by a noisy cafe or the kids playing, but often it’s from the quiet of the early morning.

    @Floreta……Creativity on the part of the parents. I’m guilty of this too. Sometimes I’m just so damn tired, I just want a break. I think a lot of parents feel that way, which is part of a much bigger problem. We are all working more and more with our focus outside of our family and home. This needs to change, but not sure how. Thanks for your thoughts.

    @Kelly…….You are a funny dude. Honest. All guys played that way, they’re just too afraid to admit it.

    @life of a doctor’s wife…….Treasure hunt is a great idea. Like I said to @Floreta, sometimes I’m just so tired to be creative. That’s why it’s so important for both parents to be involved. When one is busy or feeling exhausted the other one can step in. However, something kids aren’t getting is just unsupervised free time to figure it out for themselves. That’s how we used to play and it’s missing in today’s crazy busy world. Parents are so quick to solve things for the kids. And believe me, I’m so guilty of this too, but I’m trying to step back and let go of some of the control. Very hard to do.
    Love your “novel of a comment!”

  21. @Shabnam……Yes, an idiot box! I love to watch sports on TV. But the TV is just too easy. We have to make ourselves get up and get creative. Thanks.

  22. When my kids were younger they would make up plays and perform them with their friends. My older daughter is much more creative than my younger one. She still writes and loves to read. But my younger daughter loves music and she weaves it into her day. She loves to sing and that is her creativity.

    As far as the Wii we had one and we played the Wii Sports It’s a pretty good workout. But it was limited and not open-ended. It’s fun for awhile but you get bored with it eventually. Now it’s a moot point since it got ruined in the fire and we didn’t fix it.

    I’m a writer so I guess that’s creative:) I think creativity is relative and you can nurture creativity by letting kids follow their own interests. What about
    the kid who likes to make graphic designs? There are so many outlets for creativity. All parents need to do is show interest and encouragement for any creative situations.

  23. Hi Guys!

    From where I’m standing, I can’t see a shift or stall in creativity. I work with 25 kindergarten students and they never seem to run out of new ideas and new ways to do ordinary things. No one ever says to me, “I don’t know what to do.” In fact, I frequently have to keep several of them from bringing their thoughts to fruition because of the safety factor. But I encourage them to express their creativity (as long as it doesn’t involve bloodletting).

    My own children are equally creative. They love to draw, design, render, you name it. One winter I came home to discover they’d flooded the backyard and created an ice rink and built a ramp on the top edge of the back deck (1 and 1/2 stories high). The entire scene had emergency room written all over it. They enjoy electronics but are not enraptured by them. My youngest son’s favorite place to shop is the book store. My kids utilize their imaginative gifts to conjure many things of beauty and like my 5 and 6 year old students they conjure many things that are beautifully dangerous.

    I’ve been a mom for a long time and if I’ve learned anything it’s when there is complete silence and no one is to be seen, something is about to erupt. Boy oh boy, it’s their creativity that keeps me on my toes.


  24. With the growth of technology, I believe we’ve lost the capability to even have genuine relationships. My BFF and I talk about this all the time. Movies have officially screwed up our chances to find a REAL relationship. Here’s why. We watch a cute romantic comedy and we want our guys to treat us like the lead guy treats the lead girl in the movie. We’re conscious that that isn’t what a real relationship is like, but we still want it! I don’t even know if this is something that we can fix about ourselves. I don’t like to think of myself as someone that is susceptible to being molded by the media, but that’s exactly what has happened. I’ve been programmed! So when you’re taking down the video game industry, if you’ll kindly take down the mainstream movie industry too, I’d be most gracious.

  25. Very interesting post, but I can honestly say that I really don’t see that with our Grandkids of course I’m not around them all the time. Nate does play the Wii, but is only allowed a couple of games and he doesn’t get to watch that much TV and he loves books as do the other kids. Both families have a huge easel which we bought for Christmas with lots of craft products and are always busy creating masterpieces :). As far as my relationship he’s teaching me to shift gears on my little Suzuki so I can get a motorcycle license. We ride a lot and cook together and the bedroom is sometimes creative even if we are old farts. Enjoyed your post and thought the conversation was hilarious.

  26. @Barbara…….Good point. Encouraging them to pursue their interests. Art, music, whatever. Of course, parents are responsible for exposing their kids to all these endeavors. First step: Destroy Wii!!

    @Diane…….Yes, I also worry about the complete silence. Danger is looming! My kids used to be more creative. Reading, drawing, making up games, etc. I’ve just found the Wii to be another thing that takes up valuable time that they could be doing something more creative. We’re going to just have to keep limiting it as much as possible.

    @Lovy……What an interesting point. You are so right. Movies and TV program us to think fantasy is reality. And that’s dangerous because it creates unrealistic expectations. Guys think they want the girl who looks like Barbie, but also is a perfect mom and wife. And like you said, women expect men to behave how they do in romantic comedies. People have to first become aware this is even going on. Most people have no clue they’re being programmed. So that’s our job. We have to take them all down!!

    @Jude………Well it’s good to hear that creativity doesn’t stop when you become an “old fart.” 🙂 Your grand kids sound very creative. It’s up to parents to facilitate this creative process.

  27. Interesting but you have just scared the life out of me, I remember me hubby saying thank God for whoever created computers and the lot. I have learnt to take up reading , mediation in quite times …… with the children I suppose it’s now time to help them be a bit more creative in the absence of all these computers games. I will love to point to the society but yet I am thinking how and when do we take responsibility . Awesome post Guys loved the dialogue … 🙂

  28. I started writing WAY too much here! (You guys really get me thinking! But let’s just do the heart of what you want to know):

    My husband and I were just playing “Rummy” the other night & I suggested we incorporate a “go fish” factor. (This could be a long story, let’s just say: I was aiming to mix it up a little.) You should have seen his face!! (I guess the “Rummy Purist” doesn’t take to creative input!) Creativity often means “change” and/or looking at the world differently & that can be met with resistance and raised eyebrows especially in the adult world (I had the issue at work as well. Usually, my husband is very accommodating though) We do other creative things together: photography, for example. And he’s great at backyard projects.

    I get creative with gifts – my niece graduated high school & since she was going into Marine Biology, well, an underwater theme made sense. Instead of just plain “fish” I went Sponge Bob, got a giant gift bag of him. One of my favorite ideas was to buy individual sea sponges (useful too! for bathing afterward) but perfect to stick individual checks into (instead of writing just one big check) I wrote little notes: “You’ll soak up new knowledge like a sponge” “Don’t sponge off your parents” etc.

    I think anytime you can take a theme and run with it & kids can brainstorm, make associations, that can be fun! Once I told the kids, “We can only eat things for lunch that are orange” ~ so of course, oranges, cheese, cheetos, etc.

    My mom was highly creative: I grew up with over-the-top (for the time, well, even now!) theme parties: Wizard of Oz had a yellow brick road in chalk up the driveway, Christmas had us kids using tongs to reach into a bowling ball bag (blindfolded of course) to pull out bills…& like my mom, when does “creative” become “really ‘out-there’?”! It’s interesting, that’s all I can say!

    PS – I grew up an Atari junkie! but I think what you pointed out is key ~ it’s EVERYWHERE now, plus the graphics are over the top. Our p’s did just what you are doing ~ regulated it, made sure we ran around the neighborhood screaming & playing games, we also played a lot of good ole board games! I should have just written you a whole blog post! (Loved reading this post 🙂

  29. Oh you are so right and it’s couples and kids, my husband is an ultra marathon cyclist..he’s been on five continents and bicycled over 100,000 miles he works out, I walk and now rejoined a health club. It’s so easy to forget there is more to do then watch tv and rest.

    Thus good for you we just bought a bike for our 7 year old grandson and our 23 year old xmarine is taking (my son who died 18 years ago in a car accident) bike to begin cycling with his fiance. We really have to work hard to keep moving and not have it be our fingers with all the technology. And many times, Joe and I just sit and talk and get caught up on each others lives and daily events, because I still work it takes work and yes creativity to stay in touch with our families and friends so these are words to consider wisdom and get thinking as to how we all can improve on being creative and staying in touch.

    Dorothy from grammology

  30. I always worry about the lack of creativity in people. This has never been my problem; I am always creative in my life as well as in my relationships. I like to surprise…leave little notes on the mirror…I like leaving little gifts around the house…I always have something up my sleeve. But I agree that it seems to be a dying art. Thanks for bringing up this valuable point!

  31. @Fatima…….Yes, it’s society, but we’re all responsible for it too. Technology can absolutely help us be more efficient, but it’s up to us to keep the creative channels open. Thanks.

    @Bonnie…….I love cards. My wife and I used to do this a lot. I know all about the raised eyebrows. When people ask me what I do and I tell them I’m a musician, teacher, writer/blogger and part time stay-at-home-dad, I get plenty of “looks.”
    I just do my thing and try not to worry about it.
    Part of being creative is surrounding yourself with other creative people. Creativity feeds creativity, and I’m always recharged when I talk with someone who feels the same way. Gives me a major buzz! And that’s what I want for my kids too. I want them to experience that natural high of creating something from nothing. Wow!! Love your mini post! 🙂

    @Cathy…….No, you are definitely creative! It’s fun to have something up your sleeve. Life is a lot more interesting that way.

  32. I don’t think the creative stuff leaves our brains. It’s just that laziness can take over. My granddaughter had a Wii for Christmas and I understand it’s a boon when her friend comes to play. It has been relegated to the bedroom and they’ll spend hours playing on it together up there while my daughter puts her feet up. She’s a childminder and is entertaining smalll kids all day, balancing physical and creative activities. Her daughter is still very good at making up games to play with the dressing up things etc, so I don’t think the Wii is killing her creative juices. Not yet, anyway.

    Hope you can sort out the right balance for your kids.

  33. OMG! FINALLY! Someone ELSE hates the WII too! YAY! I am not alone!

  34. Creativity? I’ve lacked it since I left the womb, but I sometimes try.
    I’ll try for you now since you asked & you seem like a “good GUY”
    My creative ideas:
    1 Different meals. I may try to “spice” it up or different from the last time.
    2. I’ve started gardening. See if I can grow a veggie or a flower. perhaps if I can accomplish that, I’ll add an asthetic piece next year.
    3. make up – this may seem trivial, but as the woman ages, you have to get creative with the make up!
    4. rearranging furniture…does that count???!
    5. Sex..yes, sometimes I try to spice that up too, but I think that I’ll leave those creative details out to keep this rated PG!

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