THE GUYS have worked hard to be fair, honest and thoughtful when writing all of our posts. That’s been our trademark since we launched this site. And that’s what has attracted our readers to us.

But we also don’t believe difficult topics should be ignored, as you read in our three posts about “Cheating.” We offered three different perspectives coming from three different sets of experiences. A tough topic indeed, but one that invited positive dialogue and resulted in many questions submitted to us.

This is what we’re about. Creating a forum for discussion that lends itself to growth and understanding. But it doesn’t always work out that way based on the comments section in our most recent post. (We pulled it. A business decision, not an editorial one.)

Differing opinions, even when direct, harsh, strong or unadulterated are part of all of us. We don’t have to look further than Washington to witness this in  its full blown glory. If you turn on the TV or radio, or pick up a paper or magazine, you’ll see it. It’s everywhere. It’s part of us. We have opinions, strong opinions and we all want to voice them.

We stand behind our guest writers. They brought a topic to our attention that we thought might be interesting to explore, so we gave our opinion and offered space for our two guests to give their opinions. Their opinions were different than ours, but we felt it was a good thing for our readers to get a taste of varying perspectives. Isn’t it better to be in the know, than not?

The last thing we’ll say is, guys in general have been called every name in the book. Meathead, bozo, dickhead, asshole, etc. We’ve been stereotyped in every sitcom as lazy, not very good at listening and not in touch with our feelings. We laugh right along with these jokes because even though we’re guys, that’s NOT US! Somehow we always have the sense it’s the other guy they’re making fun of.


17 Comments on Whoa!

  1. Here! Here! GUYS! and that is why we love you!
    Keep on posting!

  2. We Love You “Guys” and Yes pls keep posting…life will be boring without different opinions….. 🙂

  3. I think its a shame you pulled the post, certainly delete the comment, but the post itself is valid and is entitled to stand. I can understand wanting to contain the damage before it got out of hand but because one person chose to be offended is not the responsiblity of the writer/s (in this case at least).

    I read the comment left but did not see any others and basically, if each of us disagrees with any post we read, then it is our own responsibility to present our views in a fair and respectful way if we feel moved to do so.

    What is enjoyable about The Guys are the practical and realistic views on some very important issues and your posts always inspire discussion. There will always be some readers who take exception to whats written but I think it shouldnt put you off posting what you believe in.

    I’d rather read a range of opinions even if I dont agree with them, at least it wouldnt be boring. I love the humor, keep up the wonderful work.

  4. I have enjoyed every single post here. I agree with your views. Those who don’t might be thinking differently. I don’t suppose you guys are responsible if they felt offended. Its just your views and yours only!

    Have a great day!:)

  5. @Mr. Stupid, Lola, Fatima, GoGo…….the post was pulled because all the comments coming in were no longer constructive. In fact quite a few went well beyond that. Personal attacks, etc. We wouldn’t have pulled the post if it was just a matter of people railing on us, or disagreeing with us. That’s happened before and we haven’t deleted comments or taken the posts down.
    And yes, we’re here to stay. We weren’t implying that we were going to stop posting, just that it was time to take a break for the night and go have some fun. Now we’re back.

  6. UGH! I have decided that everyone loves me because I’m fucking awesome, so I refuse to let that ‘mishap’ make me think anything else.

    Who kicked who’s ass in cards GUYS?

  7. Oh no! That’s simply stupid -_-. I’m not sure about which post it was or what comment, but it doesn’t matter. If people don’t agree, just say it in a civilized manner….it’s proven every time that there are lots of people out there who can’t do this. Oh the comfort of your home and PC and you feel like you can say whatever you like…

    I do understand why you pulled the post though. Isn’t it all about hearing & learning from another, exchanging views on certain subjects…interaction? Well, you Guys are doing an superb/awesome/excellent/brilliant job on this ^_^!!

  8. @Ashley…..no mishap and no worries. It was unusual situation. So no, we don’t think you should think anything else. 🙂
    “One of The Guys” lost big in cards.

    @TJ………….It was a post on “Cougar vs. MILF” A topic that many people were interested in and enjoyed. We posted three views on it. Ours, and two guest writers. There were some strong opinions stated and some harsher language than we normally post, but in our minds it was filled with obvious humor. And they were both well written!(We stand by our guests!!) We’ll reiterate, we’ve posted topics where there were strong reactions/comments on the pro and on the con side, but this got a bit too ramped up. Some people say, any publicity is good publicity, but for us, it’s not always worth it.

  9. Sometimes a blogger has to make an editorial decision. You have one of the best blogs around and enjoyed by many. Your advice, your wisdom and your witty comments are what make this blog so compelling. You are also extremely intelligent and perceptive. If YOU felt it was the right thing to do, then kudos to you. Isn’t it great when you are the boss of you own blog? That includes sometimes thinking like an editor. No matter what, you will always have a strong following, so no apologies for doing your job, okay?

  10. @Askcherlock……thanks for the support. I feel the same about you and your blog. Have a great weekend!

  11. Now I’m wondering what the comment was. But, I agree, if it was a verbal attack or outrageously offensive, it’s totally your call to pull it. Take care.

  12. @Kelly……actually it wasn’t one comment and it wasn’t really directed at us. The whole thing just started to get out of hand. We didn’t want to be in the middle of it.

  13. I like this blog, A LOT. Especailly the interaction between commentors.

    Although, I did NOT see the inflammatory comment made on the post that was pulled, I fully respect and understand your decision to do so.

  14. What the dillio did I miss? I thought the posts on MILF/Cougar were a hoot (even if I didn’t agree with everything). We’re supposed to be grown folks, and that means expressing yourself in a respectful (and yes passionate – if called for) manner.

    I truly do love and respect my GUYS, and know that your decision to pull the post was done with all the best intentions. I just really hate that pulling any post from your WONDERFUL BLOG became necessary.

    While I’m not sure which post it was (been underground a few days – and the ones I read before seemed kewl), if it was something I wrote, each and everyone of you have my sincerest appology. If it wasn’t (you can never be sure about the Naughtie one), I hope the pulling of posts doesn’t become regular. I’ve become a big fan of your site because it’s just DAMN good.

  15. @Meleah……thanks! We love having you as a regular contributor. And we love that you’re doing things differently!! 🙂

    @Naughtie……You didn’t miss much, just the beginning of an all out battle. Thanks so much for your support from the beginning! We love you Naughtie!

  16. I missed it as well, but think you were right to do what you had to do to protect the blog.

    Someone took me to task once because I said that I would not publish a racist, hate-filled comment, and the person felt that I was trampling on free speech.

    The hate-filled racists are free to exercise their right to free speech by having their own blogs, but I will not allow them to use mine as a vehicle.

    Cher is right – we own our blogs and can decide what and what not to publish.

  17. @Chris…..thanks. No it was more a passionate reaction that escalated. I couldn’t mediate that.

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