Clothes don't make the Man

From, "ONE of THE GUYS"

When my wife asked me the other day, "Why are you wearing that ratty shirt again?" my response was,
"We can't afford for ALL of us to look good."

That seemed sufficient enough to keep her quiet, at least for a bit. I wasn't threatening, just being honest. And I think she understood the implication. If you and the kids want to keep getting new clothes whenever you need them, get off my back! The only thing "on my back" should be this ratty shirt.

So why do guys wear old raggedy clothes? 

Sure, sometimes it's a matter of economics, but most of the time it's because we don't care. Dressing up for work is one thing, but putting a ton of effort into dressing for a weekend day is just beyond us. We would be happy wearing the same thing every day. And yes, that includes the WHOLE outfit. Outer wear and inner wear.


We're not slobs.
We shower.(Semi-regularly)
We shave.(Five times a week. OK, maybe four.)
We brush our hair. (What we have left.)

But clothes, well it's just not that important anymore. Back in the day, my clothes made a statement about ME. This is who I am. This is my style. I'm unique and different. That was all well and good, but frankly it never really worked. Why? Because I am truly "ONE of THE GUYS." I realized that my identity was more about who I was, how I treated others, AND my interests, rather than my style of clothes.

So basically I have no style when it comes to clothes. I seek anonymity because I WANT to BLEND.

First impressions happen the moment someone glances at you. I am no exception to this rule. I see a GUY dressed in pink and I think one thing.(Reference to a previous article on "Guys and Pink" we did.) If I see a GUY dressed in a suit, I think something else. If it's a pink suit, that's a whole other story.

My point is that, I want my gestures and intentions and opinions to tell my story. And I hope that people will be able really see ME, and not my outfit. If I blend, the rest of the world is forced to investigate more thoroughly. And then they can decide whether or not they want to have a conversation with me.

But there is one thing that any woman reading this may not realize. We actually dress this way for you. Now you're thinking, that doesn't make sense? That is contradictory!! Well actually it's not. Think about this the next time you want to tell your guy to change his clothes…..

Who wouldn't shine next to a guy in a ratty shirt?!!


PS. Where do you stand with clothes these days? How do you feel about a GUY in a ratty shirt? What sort of style do you prefer for yourself and/or your partner?

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  1. We guys bond with our clothing, so we feel nothing out of the ordinary by wearing it until it’s threadbare. And the older we get, the less we give a damn about “style.” We wear what’s comfortable. In fact, we don’t think of it at ratty… it’s just ‘broken in.’

  2. hahahahahahahahhaha!
    Not all guys are like you!
    In fact! All the guys that I know have to look like a male supermodel before stepping out of the door!
    In fact! I don’t even personally know a guy like you!
    Sounds like your wife would be happier in my world!!! hahahahahaha!
    I’d like to live in your world, for a change! And no, that’s not a wish upon a star, as I DON”T want to switch souls with anyone tonight!!!!

  3. How do I feel about a GUY in a ratty shirt? I am the guy in the ratty shirt (and jeans and trainers)!
    Definitely with you on this one, I can’t even do “smart casual” very well.

  4. @bluzdude….love it….broken in. Yes!!
    @charityjoybell… we said, in our “day” we tried a lot harder to show the world our style. Sounds like the guys you know are still in their “day.” Lucky them!!!
    @des….welcome to the club!

  5. hahah Like how you turned that around. Very clever!

  6. I love buying clothes for my husband. He’s like my very own “Ken” doll. I know what he likes and is comfortable in so I go with that. When it gets “ratty” I just sort of make it disappear. He still hasn’t caught on!

  7. @E….thanks.
    @cher….that is too funny!! We won’t give away your naughty little secret.

  8. Personally I cant stand fighting the mirror with a guy .. I mean make up takes a while and well I just dont understand these guys who need to be there for 3 hours styling 2 inches of hair, unless we are going dancing with him and his bf in which case its ok because theyve prolly just spent an hour swimming through my sea of “nothing to wear” teling me how gorgeous girlfriend I look ni everything thats tight and carries sequins, taffeta or polyester at an arm and leg price tag. Clothes for you guys .. well ratty goes well with my trackies on the weekend .. Im glad you guys do it so we can still shine wearing these to the shop beside you on sunday lol, keep that up and I will love you eternally. As long as ratty isnt feral then be as comfortable as you want. Why should both species suffer vanity!
    PS .. dont know if you go tmy invite to the blog group in an earlier comment reply .. didnt have an email addy to send it to you .. so if you havent and still wish to join just follow the link on my blog your more than welcome .. although I have been a bit scarce last few weeks there .. busy working on a huge surprise for my mates back home putting online fun in back seat for a bit, I will settle and be around more often just after xmas! Will be keeping an eye out here tho .. you guys have are one of my top favourites!

  9. When The Husband and I were on maybe our third date, he came over in THE MOST DISGUSTING ratty t-shirt in a shade of yellow not even represented by Crayola. And to make it worse, it had Garfield on it! I made him take it off and gave him my biggest t-shirt and said, “Even if we never go out on another date, I have done you a huge favor.” And so it has been ever since.

  10. yo. cool stuff.

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