Gift ideas for your guy

Wondering what to get your man for the holidays? Don’t ask him. He won’t tell you the truth. He wants you to figure it out, just like you want him to listen to you and anticipate how you’re feeling before you actually feel it.

What he wants is not a cool gadget or a new toy like every TV commercial, internet ad, magazine article would make you think. Nope. That would be a negative for two reasons.

Even if we share all the monetary responsibilities with our partner, it’s hard to feel excited about a gift that shows up on our shared credit card bill. It’s kind of like paying for it ourselves, and this causes us much stress. Knowing our gift comes from the same kitty that pays the mortgage, the household bills and the kids’ college fund takes most of the fun out of it for us. Money is tight these days, so we can do without that expensive watch, new video game, engraved knife or slick pair of shoes.

If we’re in a new relationship, maybe we’re not stressed about paying for it ourselves. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel guilty about the money you spend, when frankly we have pretty much everything we need.

Even if we love the gift, often we don’t have time to use it or play with it. If we’re not working, or taking care of other responsibilities, we want to spend time with you, or be with the kids, or hang with our buddies, or just relax, or maybe even have time to take an afternoon nap. In theory a new toy or gadget is great, but reality dictates after a brief honeymoon period, maybe a week or so, it will likely sit idle for the rest of the year, and years.

So what do we want?

Isn’t it obvious? We want YOU or some iteration of you. Here’s our list:

1. A special night out with you. Or day. One we don’t have to BEG for. (No interruptions.)

2. To see you in a new dress or sexy lingerie or something that shows off your body that we love but don’t get to see enough because of the “comfy clothes” you like to wear all of the time.

3. Maybe something you don’t often have the energy to offer us, but you’re willing to make an exception during this festive time of year. A bit veiled? You figure it out. You know your man better than we do.

If you ask your man, he might humor you and tell you he doesn’t care. He might even provide you with a list and tell you this item or that, but the real list is playing out in his mind, and it’s the only time he wants you to be a mind reader.

Please share your own gift ideas in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!


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  1. Oh God, this rings so true. My husband’s birthday is two days before Christmas and he has requested…my undivided attention…for his gift. Both nights.
    Not only my undivided attention, but also my WILLING undivided attention. Both nights.
    Why can’t y’all just be satisfied with a new CD or a remote control helicopter or even tickets to some inane sporting event?

  2. @ethelmaepotter…….we knew you were a smart lady! Fun to see we’re on the same page. Enjoy!

  3. Hey! This is a great article! Bringing together family is really what the holidays are about! And couples are family too!

  4. The best gift I ever got my husband was hiring a lawn service. No more mowing and all that stuff for the whole year. It was the gift that kept on giving. My husband is usually the one that plans special time together just the two of us, which is my favorite gift.

  5. aaawwww….that is so sweet….. 🙂 really, really, really sweet….

    I’m touched when you said that you want some “real” time, time that “you don’t have to beg for” ….that is just too sweet….. wow….

  6. You are right! I know my husband wants Time. With three kids all spaced hugely apart they are on different schedules. I know the best gift my husband could ever receive and that is a brand new archery bow. I know he was been wanting a new one for a while.

  7. Awwww…that’s so sweet!

  8. Hey Guys, We Want TIME and Moola! lots of Moola.
    so far I’ve gotten myself a Flip Camera. great deal.
    got a brand new phone system; loves it !
    going to get a new flat panel monitor and getting a Wii +
    the Fitness Board and games. I want “You Can Dance”;
    and I’ll probably get the Flight Simulator for hubby.

    I’m also working on valentines day gifts early – ordered my car;
    which will be in for Valentines Day – Whoooo Hoooo !!!!

    all of that stuff is to Enjoy Time With Hubby.
    Have a Happy Holiday Season – Happy Chanukah !

  9. Interesting post 🙂 . Holidays are perfect time for family to come close.

  10. Yes, presents that help us have more time for ourselves or even better, YOU, are also very much appreciated!

    Practical toys. Lawn mowers that start by key. A lap top so we can work whenever. Or even clothes so we don’t have to shop ourselves.

    But I’ll reiterate. WE still prefer reliving the early years with you! And making lasting memories. And we don’t mean more kids! 🙂

  11. “We want YOU for the holidays!!!”

    What a great sentiment.

    But what your readers really need to stay out of trouble during the holidays is a husband/wife gift giving contract:

  12. The money thing really only applies to co-habbing or married couples. And for couples who aren’t in either of those categories, a night of “undivided attention” just sounds cheap and arrogant. You know?

  13. Unfortunately I’m related to all the guys I have to buy for, so this one just won’t work for me. lol

  14. I love this post. It’s so true-whenever I get Match a gift he feels guilty for me spending money on him. So I think time is the best gift! And maybe some cute lingerie 😉

  15. @madkane……we’re all about a giving “contract.”

    @vange……actually we don’t know….you know……not sure what’s wrong with a night of undivided attention, for either partner?

    @raven…….maybe in parts of this country that would fly. Yuck! 🙂

    @Date Girl……time is good. Lingerie is better!!

  16. Wow, Guys, what a great post! I’m getting my husband lots of stocking stuffers. That would be me poured into some new Victoria’s Secret stuff and him wearing a smile. Champagne and chocolate for New Year’s Eve will top off the week, since New Year’s Day is our anniversary. I did buy one of your shirts and want all to know that the quality is excellent! I might let him borrow that—-if he’s real good. 🙂

  17. I’m shocked when you said you want real time I’d a thought you wanted a night out with the guys or your wife cooking for them while you watch television drink beer and smoke cigars, therefore this was a wonderful change of how I usually think about what guys want..

    Great post…

    Dorothy fromg rammology

  18. Oh….ah….I have actually given just a bow for Christmas…only it was not for me to wear…(wink)
    Did he wear it for me….that is a topic for another show…so to speak 🙂

    I raised my kids on home-made gifts. They grew up understanding that a gift cannot just be bought at the local store.
    Of course as they grew older and wiser…they did now and then opt for the latest video game. But for most of their childhood it was all about good deeds and imagination.

    A gift from the heart is unique and cannot be bought…that is to me the most special of gifts 🙂

    Happy Holidays~

  19. Many years ago, when we had LOTS of people on our Christmas gift list, two jobs, not so much money, and not so much vacation, we agreed to shop for Christmas presents for each other AFTER Christmas – to go shopping together and just pick out something we really wanted, skip the gift wraps, the frenzied week-after-Christmas-returns and shopping – maybe even wait until February. The real gift was the gift of time and one less thing to stress out over. And the gift of each other – because a “shopping trip” together AFTER New Year’s Day is a day spent TOGETHER. Now, on both sides of the family, we only give gifts to the kids. The reduction in stress is helping to bring back the “magic” of Christmas.

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