Happy Holidays: Some fun reading and videos

We hope everyone is enjoying themselves this holiday season. We certainly are. If you’re looking for a short break from the festivities and need some quiet time, take in a few of these holiday pieces.

If you have a question, please leave us a note here on the “Ask the Guys” page. We’re doing our best to get to all of your questions.

Until then, enjoy!


1. Holiday Expectations: The goal of perfection  (From our very own “One of the Guys”)

2. Where did all the mistletoe go?

3. Unconventional Holiday Movies

4. Where to take your holiday hookups

5. Holiday dating Dos and Don’ts

6. How to survive holiday dating

7. Healthy relationships during the holidays: Dr. Logan Levkoff-sexologist

8. The four Christmas articles you’ll see on the internet

9. Magic of the holidays  (Another article from “One of the Guys”)

10. College Humor Holiday Video

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