Ode to Summer

Happy Friday from THE GUYS. We've already taken up residence in the woods. So we're sending this post from a cozy chair next to a crackling fire. Yes, we managed to get it started. Lighter fluid always seems to do the trick.

Over the next two days we'll be posting responses from Kate, Carmen and Monica. You might be surprised at what they said about our answers. And we'll give you our camping update as well.



Summer holds a sacred place in the hearts of men. Why? Because of the possibilities it brings. Somehow
all the things we wished we could be, seem attainable.The world seems more in tune with us and we embrace that with
everything we have. We play as if life were not as complicated as it is. It
brings us back to childhood, when summer was an endless adventure of whatever
we could think of to do. No matter how many years we wear on our bodies, summer
will always make us feel young again. And summer also makes us happier. Partly
because the women of the world leave the confines of their long coats, hats and
jeans and join the summer fun. Somehow we think they’re more open to dating us
just because they’re sitting on the beach or sipping a drink at a bar. It
doesn’t really matter that nothing has changed in reality. But we don’t care.
Our perception of what we can achieve has, and we love summer for that.

So if you’re single, don’t smirk at the annoying guy who
keeps pestering you at the beach. He’s just having a good time. Be patient. He’ll go away eventually. And if you’re in a relationship, sit back and enjoy
your man. His enthusiasm is likely to rub off on you.

A toast to the summer!



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