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Physical beauty definitely matters to guys. We’d be lying to you if we said it didn’t. But it’s not necessarily as shallow as it sounds and not the only quality that guys care about.

Beauty is Subjective

It’s true that 99% of guys would agree on the beauty of about 15% of the women in the world. Meaning, almost every guy would agree that a small percentage of women are beautiful. This also means we disagree on a large percentage, which means beauty is quite subjective.

This subjectivity is an important factor as to how guys form packs. Guys like to bond with each other, and one of the best ways to do this is to go out to a bar and discuss women, look at women and talk to women. It’s all good as long as we aren’t trying to talk to the same woman.

Which is why we prefer hanging out with guys who have different tastes in beauty. Less competition. Less arguing. Less fighting. Guys understand, that there’s no bigger turn off for women than a bunch of guys rolling around on the ground trying to decide who’s the alpha.

It often depends on Age


Predictably, physical beauty matters a lot to a guy in his teens, and the way he defines beauty is often influenced by his peers. Once hormones kick in, a whole new world opens up to him and he can’t handle it. The biggest problem is that his body has developed faster than his brain; it’s as if he has super powers he can’t control. It takes almost nothing to set these powers off: a flash of skin, a friendly gesture, a walk down the hall, a touch. Although a young guy works hard to control himself, it’s not easy, and he often finds himself jumping from one attraction to the next.


Once we hit our twenties our brains begin to mature. We still resemble our younger selves, but as our brains catch up to our bodies, things settle down a bit. Yes, we mature, eventually. And with that maturity brings a bit more clarity and more subjectivity in terms of beauty. However, with this clarity and understanding also comes unbridled passion. The world becomes our playground as we prowl about pursuing our attractions.

A cautionary note to the younger women: We seem more confident and interesting as we get a bit older, but please stick to guys your own age. Why? Because we’re still guys and not always as responsible as we should be.

30s and Up

As we reach our 30s and up, we start to see the world and the women in it differently. We recognize all the other wonderful qualities that women have to offer. But even still, physical beauty is still a big part of that equation. You may hear guys say, “It’s all good.” This means that all women are attractive to them in some way. Yes, physical beauty remains a big part of it, but it’s bigger than that. It’s how a women carries herself, how confident she is, or what she says, or how she smiles, or what kind of scent she’s wearing, or if she’s intelligent, funny, enthusiastic, sensitive, and kind. The list goes on and on. Physical beauty is important but it’s only one aspect of the picture as a man ages, matures, and evolves.

How do I know he truly loves me for more than my looks? 

This is not an easy question to answer because the answer almost doesn’t matter. We don’t separate our feelings that way, they are jumbled up and disorganized, just as many of us are. Bottom line: We need to be sexually attracted to the woman we’re with in one way or another. This could be based on physical beauty, confidence, intelligence, or some other quality, but the attraction needs to be there. No other way to say it: We must want to have sex with our woman. Often. Most of us don’t have the right words for this feeling, this passion, so we describe it as love. How and why that feeling originates doesn’t matter, it’s more important that it’s there from the start.

Okay, we get it. But what happens when I get older and I’m not as beautiful? 

Where women become more attracted to the men they love, guys love the woman they are attracted to more and more each day. It’s the foundation from which we build upon.



9 Comments on Physical Beauty and Attraction

  1. He makes consistent eye contact but the conversation always seems cold and short, why? If you have experience in this situation?

    He’s a guy I’ve been seeing at the gym frequently for the last month or so and I always catch him eyeing me as much if not more so than I eye him. I finally got the nerve to talk to him and the way the conversation went he made it seem like he never even looks in my direction

    Just asked his name and said I had been curious about what it was… He returned sarcastically said is that all that you’re curious about

  2. Had a crush on this guy I use to see almost everyday, talk to him once and now he’s disappeared but I still see how friends who laugh at me?

    to see them ALL together.
    I asked him one time what his name was and now I still see them in the same place but he never comes with them anymore.

  3. @Ruby….Usually, when a guy stares he likes what he sees. And most guys would be thrilled to have the girl they’re staring at come up to them and talk to them. This guy sounds like a total Playah, or a total (fill in the blank.) Not the kind of guy we’d want our sister to date.

  4. @Mandy…..Is this the same guy at the gym?

  5. Yes sorry I was leaving the additional comment for Ruby lol

  6. @Mandy…..What do you mean they laugh? Please explain with more details.

  7. There’s 2 of them. One will stare at me and smirk and the other will walk by and laugh obnoxiously loud but he doesn’t stare he more so just sees me and is like whatever.

    Also to prevent future dealings with players what exactly did i say that tipped that off?

  8. @Mandy…..Just what he said. Kind of a douchey thing to say. We don’t know him but he seems like he’s pretty high on himself. You said to us: “He returned sarcastically and said is that all that you’re curious about.”

  9. @Mandy……Maybe it’s time to work out at a different time?

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