Rugged Stereotype

Written by Sai, aka “One of the Guys”

Mr. Joe Fireman. Mr. John Handyman. Mr. Paul Plumber.

These names conjure up images of strong, and ruggedly handsome guys, working in cargo pants and a tight tees, while tearing off shingles, fixing pipes, or climbing tall ladders. These guys are comfortable in their own skin, and confident in their abilities. And they put the people around them at ease, with their inner strength, and charm.

You would think guys like these would be comfortable discussing any topic from the latest electronic gadget to the hottest new Hollywood starlet; and of course everything in between. But in fact, this might not be so.

Take a glimpse into a recent conversation I had with one of these strapping young men.

A guy comes over to fix something at my house. I also know him outside of his work.

Me: Thanks for coming over.

Guy: My pleasure. Now what seems to be the problem.

Me: I’m having an issue in the basement.

Guy: Let me check it out.

After a while, the problem gets fixed and we’re chatting.

Me: So how’s your back been. (He’s had back problems.)

Guy: Feeling better.

Me: That’s cool. Yeah, I’ve been having shoulder issues. Been in PT.

Guy: Me too. I’ve been having forearm, and elbow issues.

Me: Oh really. You’d better stop….you know……(I make a motion with my hand that I think is obvious. Hint: Guys pretend they don’t do this “thing” when their girlfriend asks them.)

Guy: (Looks confused) What do you mean?

Me: You know. (I make motion again.)

Of course I’m really just kidding around. But here’s what happens.

The Guy realizes what I’m referring to finally. Turns beat red. Then turns redder. Starts to stutter. Tries to recover. Tries to say something. Can’t. I smile and say I was just joking around. Uncomfortable silence.

Me: Okay. So. Um. Well then, thanks for coming over.

He leaves and then I realize something.

You can’t judge a guy by the length of his ladder.

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  1. Hahaha! I’ll be eager to hear the ladie’s contribution to this conversation. Wondering if any of their partners have been complaining of sore wrists and elbows lately.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Love it! Rod’s wrist and elbow are just fine! My favorite handiman is a guy we call Joey The Plumber (no, he’s not related to us) You could have had that discussion with him, and he would laugh along with you. You may have to find a new handiman, Sai.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thats priceless!

  4. Oh dear God! Fucker probably thought you were hitting on him!!!! Now he thinks you want to jerk him off. Nice going!!!!

  5. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa You really can’t judge a guy by his clothing!!!! LOL!!!! I think CB is right!!!! He might have thought you were hitting on him.:) It might have happened to him before and that’s why he left and was so tongue-tied.:)

  6. OMG, that’s hilarious. I thought you guys talked about those things comfortably – in fact I thought it was a “boys’ thing.” Like the comments above, I have to agree, he probably thought you were being suggestive. lol

  7. *snort!*
    *spits on monitor*

  8. OMG!! Wish I was a fly on the wall! Super- funny!

  9. I don’t know what’s sadder…that he got so super embarrassed or that he didn’t realized right off the bat what you were referring to.

  10. Oh gee, poor, tough guy. Maybe, that threatened his manhood as if he couldn’t get a lady and had to do that? LOL. It’s this kind of post that makes me glad not to be in a guy’s head.

    My ex#2 (a very rugged guy) came home, one time, very upset because a customer at his work referred to his BIG HANDS as being nice to (motioning with my hand thing). He did not like that at all.

  11. Sounds pretty much like a typical conversation my guy would have with a buddy. Clearly that guy needs to lighten up (or something.)

  12. There’s always that chance he was dull-witted and thought you were making sexual advances toward him. Who knows? I’ve made comments like that before (and I’m a dude, too) and the guy will either laugh with me for my sarcastic, humorous remark or gesture or not get it at all and be offended. Some fuckers are like that.

  13. Ladies! Please! Show a litle respect for Sai! He is such a nice guy, intelligent, and all that! He was just trying to bond with a fellow whose main claim to fame is that he is reasonably fit, and doesn’t have jeans that show off the body parts that make us gals gag. Am I right, Sai? Was he decent?

  14. @Everyone…..Yes, like I said, I know socially as well. So I’m sure he didn’t
    think I was hitting on him. I was just trying to bond with him and be funny. I didn’t realize
    he might not be comfortable with that sort of thing. That’s what struck me as so interesting
    about the whole situation. Who would have known?!

  15. Hahahehehe! Interesting and hilarious.. 🙂

  16. oh yes we girls can judge based on the length of his ladder! we love having things fixed for us and being saved and all that. let us dream, ok?

  17. I just choked on my coffee! Thanks for the laugh, that was hilarious!

  18. Oh how embarrassing!

  19. Sai–I agree with everyone else! Absolutely hilarious and a study in awkwardness!

    Take care,


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