Your Internal GPS

Ever wondered what drives you? What helps you make those difficult decisions? Or takes you to places that are full of wonderment and beauty?  Or lands you at a party you shouldn’t be at or hanging with the wrong crowd?

It’s your internal GPS. That’s right, we all have one. But some people listen and others don’t.

Every GPS is different and decisions are unique to each individual. We know life is about exploring dead ends and learning from them, but it’s also, figuring out when to say no. Let’s go for a ride together through the stages of life.

This skit was written with two female characters, but it still comes from The Guy’s Perspective……..because we know GUYS!

Two teenage girls.

Friend: Hey, do you want to go to this party later?

You: Sure, who’s having it.

Friend: Oh, just a bunch of guys.

You: How do you know them?

Friend: Well, I just met them actually. Last night. They seem like a lot of fun.

You: Hmm, well, OK, that sounds fun.

GPS: Recalculating……recalculating…… not leave house.

Your friend comes to pick you up. You get in car.

You: Are they cute?

Friend: Oh god yes.

GPS: Recalculating…..recalculating…….drive 10.5 miles to the movie theater or to the video store and go home.

You: Let’s do it.

GPS: Recalculating……drive 5 miles back to friend’s house.

You ignore!

Friend: We’re here.

You: Looks kind of crazy.

Friend: Yeah, but it will be fun.

GPS: Recalculating……recalculating……….please drive away. NOW!!!

You and friend knock on the door. Four guys answer drinking beers with loud music blaring. You look at each other.

GPS: (quietly) I told you……

You both look at each other and realize this might have been a mistake. Close call! You leave.

Fast forward ten years. You’re about to get married.

Friend: You must be so excited. You’re getting married in two weeks!

You: I guess so.

Friend: What’s wrong? You sound so…..

You: I’m starting to wonder if this was a big mistake.

GPS: Recalculating…….drive……anywhere

Friend: Oh it’s too late for second guesses.

You: Yeah I know.

Day of wedding.

GPS: Arriving at wrong destination on right.

You: I just can’t do it.

Friend: But all the presents. What will people think?

You: I don’t care.

GPS: Why didn’t you listen to me two years ago?

You: Oh shut up GPS before I reprogram you.

Five years later. You married the ONE in a quiet ceremony with just family. You are happy.

Husband: I thought you said you wanted kids?

You: I do, but I’m just not ready. We don’t have any money.

Husband: We’ll figure it out.

You: I’m just not ready.

GPS: Just drive. Stop worrying. I’ll get you there.

You: I just don’t know.

GPS: Recalculating. Just go for it.

You: What if we can’t take care of it.

GPS: You’ll figure it out. Drive. Undetermined miles. That’s weird. I don’t see a destination. I’ll have to get back to you.

THE GUYS would love to hear examples of when you listened, or didn’t listen to your own GPS. Thanks for sharing.

13 Comments on Your Internal GPS

  1. I have a long history of ignoring my GPS, which got me into no end of trouble, though not nearly as much as it could have so somebody must have been looking out for me. It’s only as I’ve matured and learned to listen to it that life has calmed down (somewhat anyway-I mean I still have the craziness of two teen girls and all).

    But, having said that, even though ignoring my GPS got me into trouble I don’t think I would go back and change any of it, cuz it all made me who I am today and I happen to like me a lot! hehe

  2. never let it be said stugods gps is working
    chick to stugod husbands found out about us
    stugod to chick …well how
    chick to stugod… i told him
    stugod fxxxxxxx
    you guessed it 18 years she sends me an email from across the room tea or coffee

  3. Great post. If only we would all listen to that little voice inside that knows us better than anyone. I do tend to ignore my GPS at times but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better at listening.

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha!

    That was tolerable….until the part when they were supposed to be getting married… that is just too sad….!!!! Shame on you! Shame on you! pow! pow! pow! (that’s me hitting you -each of you- over the head with a rolled-up magazine!) hahahahha!

  5. I have a teenaged daughter so that scared me. :o(

  6. HUMMM!!!! Interesting…or is it de-javu story!!!!lololol..not really but close.
    There are many times that I should have followed the re-calculating of my gps…BUT, I also probably wouldn’t change a thing because everything that we (I) have encountered in our lives makes us who we are. It is how we act and react that makes the difference. It is how we handle or don’t handle the responsibility of our actions that gives a good or not so good outcome.
    Have a blessed Holiday Season….

  7. Yes, we all should listen more to our internal GPS. But human nature dictates us to be stubborn and have a mind of our own. As long as we escape “relatively” unharmed it’s a great way to learn and grow.
    It is what defines us.

    But sometimes fear causes us to freeze and not go for our dreams. That is something that is not OK!

    @Tammy…..sorry about scaring you!

    @C….is it better to move forward with something that isn’t right than to cause a bit of initial turmoil for everyone? Sometimes we have to cut our losses and move on, even if it’s an unfortunate situation.

  8. I think sometimes we begin ignoring our GPS in our teens, but experience can be a stern but great teacher sometimes.

  9. self: hey, you look so down.
    Guy: I just broke up with my girlfriend of 8 years last month.
    GPS: his intended meaning is that he is reliable, long term and just happens to be between 2 loves.
    GPS: overdivulgence. sympathy ploy or, if its not a pickup line, re-bound alert.

    time: he’s a player.

  10. I find that things generally work out okay whether I follow my GPS or not.

  11. Occasionally, ridiculous amounts of optimism will cause me to ignore my GPS and take a detour with varying degrees of success. GPS is usually best. Nothing worse than hearing yourself tell yourself “I told you so!”

  12. Hey Guys,

    Most times I listen 100% to my GPS when it comes to work stuff and career. These are areas that require very little emotional involvment. What I found out recently, as much as I talk big…I’ve been living small. I say that because I’ve made some pretty crappy decisions when it’s come to my love life and I think I need to get back in touch with my GPS.

    My 2009 relationship has taught me that just because I want to believe someone is a prince doesn’t make him that. I should listen to my gut or in this case my GPS and drive off in the opposite direction.

  13. Excellent post 🙂 . I will try to listen to my GPS ……… i hope i can follow it .

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