Blogger Award

We want to thank Askcherlock for giving us a Best Blogger award. We are honored and thrilled to receive this. If you’re looking for intelligent, honest and biting commentary on politics definitely check them out! We read them everyday!


So the idea is, in accepting this award we also need to pass it on to some of our favorite bloggers. And of course they in turn will pass it on to some of their favorite bloggers. And so on!! Fifteen seems to be the number that everyone is agreeing on, so here are fifteen of our favorite blogs, in no particular order, that we’d like to bestow the Best Blogger award to.

Sugar Snow Music

Footsteps Travel


Stuperhero Extraordinaire

The Madness of Me

Obscure Labyrinth

Out of context: Pieces of a Life

TJ Lubrano

Adventures of Starting Over

Superficial Gallery

Luvem or Leavem

Naughtie Scribe

Self Esteem Blog for Women

I should be napping

Date Girl Diaries

If you’ve received this award from THE GUYS, we hope you’ll link to us and pass it along!


5 Comments on Blogger Award

  1. Love the new look of your blog! Cheers to The Guys. 🙂

  2. Thanks!! More changes soon!

  3. Hey! I also like the new look and I’m curious for everything else that you Guys will change here! I already bookmarked the right blog address!

    Guess what! I made a list with my fave blogs, you guys were in it of course! I linked two awards to my list, so instead of one everyone else has two awards haha. I follow my own rules here. But you guys already have the Best blog award. The other award is the One lovely blog award. If you guys haven’t receive that one yet…I happily pass that one on to you ^_^!

    Take care! Ciao

  4. Woot! Congrats on your award and congrats too for your new home. I’ll be adding this to my links. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the award! And Thank you so much for passing it on!!

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