The Boyfriend: Defined (Guest Writer)

Dear Friends,

Last week we defined "Girlfriend" for you. And we asked you to submit your own definition of girlfriend and boyfriend.

Scroll down to last week's post to read our definitions.

Well today we are posting the most complete definition of boyfriend yet. Our guest today is Ethel Mae Potter, one of our friends in the blogging community. Her definition of boyfriend is so emasculating we had to post it for you. Ladies enjoy it. Men, brace yourselves. 


Check out her BLOG:

The Boyfriend

From this woman's perspective, The Boyfriend is, quite simply, the
husband in training. Having The Boyfriend allows The Girlfriend to show
the world that she is desirable as future wife material. Dates are
merely the testing and training grounds for eventual marriage. One date
only with a Boy means that he has none of the qualities one desires in
a husband. Two to four dates means that he has potential, but
apparently can not, or will not be taught, and, regrettably must be
dumped. More than four dates strikes gold. The Boyfriend must be
strong, must love children and animals, be willing to sit through chick
flicks, and be supportive, but never clingy. He should dress well, but
never, ever outshine The Girlfriend. He must have a good sense of
humor, but refrain from lewd comments and off-color jokes. He is
someone The Girlfriend is proud to introduce to her friends and must
never, never, NEVER embarrass her in their presence. He needn't be the
most handsome guy on the planet, nor the best built, but he should
present himself in his best possible light. Every once in a great
while, he may look a slob, but this is only so that The Girlfriend may
scold him, wherein he must be properly apologetic and allow her to "fix
him up."
The Boyfriend should have a good job, or at least, the potential for a
good job, and ambition is a definite plus. If that ambition involves
guitars and strobe lights and fog machines on a stage, The Girlfriend
should realize that The Boyfriend may never grow up, and The
Relationship must be properly scrutinized. If he has met every other
criteria, he may still be acceptable, but The Girlfriend will find ways
to push him into a more lucrative ambition.
The Boyfriend is a credit to The Girlfriend and will be properly
rewarded when she sees fit. And the rewards will be great, and well
worth the time and effort The Boyfriend puts into their relationship.

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