The Boyfriend: Defined (More Guest Writers)

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Here are four more definitions of "Boyfriend" that you may not have seen. Click on the individual links to read more great posts by each guest. 



The term
boyfriend can have many different meanings – the common denominator
involves dating a male who you are romantically involved with to
varying degrees. Sometimes the accent may be on the word 'boy' -as in
the fact that he's not mature enough to consider for anything more
serious than fun dating. In other cases the relationship may be
monogamous and a step towards a different role (fiance, life partner,
husband. etc). Some people have lived with a guy for 25 years, have
children with them, share property ownership – and still refer to them
as their 'boyfriend'.

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THE GUYS RESPOND: We shall always be boys at heart. But hopefully we'll grow up at some point. Or maybe not!!

every gal takes a chance with a bad guy until we realize they really
are BAD, as in not good for us, as in yes they will hurt your soul and
break your heart. But then, don't many guys like those trashy girls and
then get surprised when they cheat?

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THE GUYS RESPOND: Ouch! That hurts!! But so true!

boyfriend – someone I'm testing driving, but haven't decided if i want to put a down payment on for purchase.

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THE GUYS RESPOND: We'll ride anywhere with you!

A Guy who is a friend first, and then is all about understanding, the need for space, privacy and equal respect.

Without these qualities there is no boyfriend, at least in the romantic sense. 

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THE GUYS RESPOND: To actually be friends with your partner is so key. And this often stems from respect. And of course having lots of fun together!!

4 Comments on The Boyfriend: Defined (More Guest Writers)

  1. I think a boyfriend is someone your serious about. Nice blog

  2. oh but i don’t get down like that. i’ve only had one car. lol

  3. I always waited for the guy to say something. I never had to wait long. Guys would always get attached to me very quickly. I think your Boyfriend/Girlfriend when your hanging out everyday, not having sex or fooling around. Then you know you really like each other. The other stuff is fun but should wait. It just messes things up, I think if you do things to soon. I never did… I’m a good girl… (with a bad attitude) 😉

  4. A good girl with a “bad” attitude. Wow! It doesn’t get any better than that.

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