The Prom

Today is part two of our miniseries, where we not only stroll down memory lane, but also give props to many of the sites we’ve grown to love over this past  year. These Blogs in particular, focus on dating, relationships and other related topics such as self-esteem self-actualization and self-motivation. Hope you’ll explore and enjoy them.

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From: “One of The Guys”

Where I went to school, there were only two proms; a junior high prom (7th-9th grade) and a senior prom. Expectations were huge for both proms, but I can only speak for the guys. It was the night where we hoped inhibitions might be cast aside, at least for one special night, and maybe we’d somehow convince our date, usually our girlfriend, to go where she had never gone before.

But it wasn’t like that for me. Far from it.

In 9th grade I started dating a very nice girl probably around May. So it was a “no brainer” that I would be going with her to the Prom……Well, ah.., NO!! She had already committed to a friend of hers, not a boyfriend, and she felt that she should keep that commitment. She was a lot more mature that most of the people at the school and she probably did the right thing, but not necessarily something that most 9th graders would have done. And to me, it was a drag.

So I ended up going with a close friend of mine who also didn’t have a date and we had a good time. But it was awkward seeing my girlfriend dancing to “Stairway to Heaven” and “Freebird” with another guy. And the night, while fun, never turned into that magical night that I had dreamed about.

My junior year in high school I started dating a senior in the spring. I have no idea why she liked me because her previous boyfriend had been the captain of the football team, but she did. So we started dating.

At this point, I was still pretty green, but she wasn’t, which made the whole thing even more baffling to me. I was like a human playing with a vampire, which honestly scared the crap out of me, even though I liked it too.  We were still together in June, so she asked me to go to the senior prom. Wow! All THE GUYS thought I was THE MAN! (If they only knew.)

Once again the anticipation grew and grew. However, I wasn’t steering this ship. It was clear she was in charge, picking the color of my tux,  the restaurant we ate at and the after hour party we attended. I was like a stick adrift on a river, just merrily floating to and fro. But this is where it gets blurry for me. Somehow the night just went from bad to worse and we ended up breaking up. Seriously!! We broke up on Prom night! And looking back on it, I’m sure she was still in love with this former captain of the football team who had arrived home from college the week before. I found out later, he had been wooing her since he arrived. Who could resist, right? (Sarcasm)

But I rebounded fast  from that traumatic evening. And of course, I still had my senior prom to go to. That was going to be great!

Well the spring came around and I was single, having broken up with a girl in February. But as luck would have it, I started dating a great girl in May and now I had a date. Phew, close one!!

Ahhh….NO!!!…………Deja vu……my girlfriend had already committed to going with someone else and once again she felt she should honor that commitment. What is up with these girls!!!???

So now I had no date………Well…….. (And you’re gonna love this)

My 9th grade prom date, as I mentioned before had moved away to Texas in 10th grade. However, she kept in touch with a lot of people from our high school still, and her girlfriends told me she would be back in town during our prom. They said I should ask her because she would love to go. And since I didn’t have a date, I thought it sounded like a good idea.

I don’t need to go into details. We had fun. And I was glad I went. But really, let’s be honest. I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy on the planet that this happened to…….. TWICE!

We’d love to hear about your prom expectations and experiences!
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  1. Thanks for the shout out! As I’m going through these old journal entries of mine, I’m cringing for the entry when I get to the PROM. Ughhh! So many expectations at prom. Isn’t it silly how we build it up? You poor guy. I have never heard of a girl “honoring a commitment” when they start dating someone new. Most girls would jump at the chance to go to prom with their new boyfriend!
    And a sophomore dating a senior? WOW. Props to you!!

  2. Thanks for the props!! And also for the prom post—prom was a depressing and embarrassing time for me, which should have been a hint of what my dating life would turn out to be. I was going out with my BF of 2 years and found out he was cheating on me right before prom. He wanted to break up and take the other girl but I FORCED him to go with me since I had just spent $250 on a prom dress and didn’t want to go alone. Ugh, it was the worst time ever. If I had to do it again I’d round up some of my junior and sophomore girlfriends and go in a group. WAY more fun. Ugh. 🙂

  3. My junior prom was so terrible I didn’t even GO to my senior prom.

  4. Hey Guys, thanks for the props. I had to catch up on part one first, so now I’m caught up and letting forward to part 3.

    I don’t really remember either prom, so I guess I didn’t have a great time or a terrible time. I remember that I had great dresses, and it was the 80’s, so I know I had big hair. Maybe all that hairspray kept the memories from properly sinking into my brain.

  5. I only went to my senior prom. My date was on the prom committee so she spent most of the event flitting around doing committee things. I ended up spending most of my time with my buddy’s girlfriend (while he was out in the parking lot getting drunk) I had my first dance with her (Stairway to Heaven) and we ended up being pretty good friends.

    We went to an afterprom party and my date got completely “faced”. But I delivered her and her girlfriend home in time for their curfew, none the worse for wear.

  6. Woo thanks for the props!!

    Love this post, it reminds me how young we learn the dating game lol You handled it with dignity and Im glad you got to go and have fun!

    Its good how we can look back and say “Boy, Im glad I dont have to go through THAT again!”

  7. @Lola…’re welcome. Yes, thank god we don’t have to go through that again. Wouldn’t it be nice to do it again
    knowing what we know now. Glad to be connected with you.

    @bluzdude…….Well at least you got a nice friendship out of the night. That’s a lot longer lasting than a teen boy’s exploration into…….

    @tina…….love the big hair! At least I have fond memories of it, whatever that means.

    @jenny……well, that’s a bummer. Glad to be connected.

    @kelly……….that sounds brutal! The joys of high school. We’ve enjoyed your posts and your friendship.

    @dategirl…….actually I was a junior, but it still made me the man, like I said. But it didn’t last long. Hey, that seems to be a theme back then. Ouch!

  8. Thank you for the props! I didn’t remember much about the prom since I had only been through one during my junior college day. And for our proms here, at least for mine, we were not require to have a date to go with; we just went as a group. Wasn’t very impressive or memorable like yours. 🙂

  9. Wow!! Life always continues to amaze me and your story is no exception. Who would have thought that you would go with your 9th grade prom date to your Senior Prom:) I have no stories about Proms, because I never went to any of mine. I never had a date, because I wasn’t going out with anyone in high school. I guess I was a late bloomer.LOL But I always imagined what it would have been like. Once again guys you have me thinking back to an experience and it happened in 9th grade.

    It was a Sadie Hawkins dance and so I got up the courage to ask this guy that I had a crush on to the dance. We barely talked because I was so shy and quiet in high school. But this time I screwed up my courage and after class I walked up to him and asked him. But there is no happy ending here. He turned me down saying no he didn’t want to go with me. I was devastated and wound up going into therapy almost right after that.

  10. Proms bring back the best and the worst of memories. I had my first date in 10th grade. I was not allowed by my parents to date till I was 16 which BTW, I think is a good idea, if not antiquated. My Guy and I started going steady and by Junior year went to our first prom. It was a Cinderella timefor me. Still going steady into our senior year, he broke up with me right before Senior Prom because I “was Catholic.” That was his excuse but the truth of it was. I really was a “good” Catholic girl. He took a floozy to the Senior Prom, got her pregnant and I cried for a year. He married and divorced her; lost all his hair; became a Dentist, and I found Mr. McDreamy in Rich.
    I win!

  11. @askcherlock……I think I’m going to implement that with my daughter. I like it! Well your prom experience is just terrible, but isn’t sweet when it works out in the end. I was laughing at your description of your ex boyfriend! Glad you found Mr. McDreamy!

    @Barbara……..Better a late bloomer than an early bloomer like most people. Hope this post wasn’t too traumatic for you. Your Sadie Hawkins experience sounds like it was pretty devastating. Growing up is tough!!

    @BK………….it might not have been impressive, but it sounds equally as fun. You’re welcome for the props. Glad to be connected to you.

  12. Another good story! Thanks for sharing your Prom memories. I can’t say that I would do the same on the internet *lol*!
    Needless to say, yours was more exciting than mine.

  13. @GoGo……..well, mine are more interesting and entertaining rather than racy….unfortunately! 🙂 So no big deal to share them. Thanks for your support.

  14. Oh boy! That’s brutal! I went to a private high school that didn’t even allow boys and girls to date let alone have a prom. And, after reading this? Im pretty glad!

  15. Thanks a lot for the Props!!!

    Lovely story Guys when I was reading through I could hear meself go “O Dear.”…she is committed… but then the story became interesting and here’s the part I love… your “anticipation grew and grew” and you eventually had fun. Unfortunately I can’t remember much of my Proms days… all I can remember was that my parents were a little bit strict ..

  16. Oh, my. First of all, thanks for the props – and the link to my blog! That was such a nice surprise.

    Second, about this “honoring a commitment” – that’s how I was raised, too. You don’t back out of a date just because someone you like better asks you out later. It’s rude. Sorry, but your girlfriend did have a lot of maturity to do that, and it’s a shame today’s teens can’t seem to understand just how rude it is to keep one friend hanging while they clearly leave an option open for a “better offer.”

    Third, had I NOT been brought up that way, I’d have broken a “date” (not really a date – just an invitation to go to a wedding) with a friend I later did end up dating – who just happened to introduce me to his roommate. That roommate became my husband several years later. And the first guy? We stayed friends. He came to the wedding. I like to think it’s because I never treated anyone like dirt – never made them feel like I’d ditch ’em at the first sight of something “better.”

    Fourth, PROM. I never went to prom. For that, my Karmic punishment was to live through my daughter’s going to Prom. Seriously, I skipped 8th, 11th, and 12th grades. My high school principal’s main concern, before signing off on the okay for me to do that? “Don’t you feel you will have missed out on a huge part of your life, never having a Senior Prom?” I kid you not. She said that. I just looked at her and said, “No. There will be other dances.” And there have been. I didn’t miss out on a thing, as far as I can tell.

  17. @Holly…….yes, I agree, it’s important to keep your commitments. And I will say, I never tried to get either girlfriend to break their commitment, but I was bummed about it both times. Glad we’re connected.

    @Fatima……you’re welcome. Thanks for your support too. I think I’m going to be a strict parent too, based on all my childhood experiences. If my parents only knew!

    @Meleah Rebeccah…….no dating? Wow! Yes, as far as my experiences go, you didn’t miss much on the Prom end.

  18. My prom experience didn’t end with a happy ending. What I mean by that is I didn’t get to push the old stink log into the tuna hatch. Wasn’t sure if you had the picture. 🙂

    Anyway, I finally had gotten the nerve up (Yeah, I was shy in high school) to ask out this girl in my class. Her and I got along well and talked time to time. Moving on…. She says yes and I’m elated because I think I’m going to finally going to be able to spread a lil’ Kelly Seed before the prom night is through. And not by hand, either.

    And yes, I was a virgin when I was 17.

    Moving on, we’re dancing and stuff, having a pretty good time, listening to some “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne and all seems to be going well. And then we slow dance. And then I get the biggest boner in the world. I’m pitchin’ a real bonerfide tent here, folks. And “Michelle” is feeling it through her prom dress. I’m not sure, but I think I “almost” popped her cherry through sheer penis determination.


    After a few minutes of feeling my wang rubbing up against her prom dress, “Michelle” backs away from me during the second slow song and seems sincerely frightened of me and my magic wand. Damn, I think to myself. All throughout the rest of the night, she more or less avoids me. I hung out the rest of the night with my friends and found relief when I finally got home, semi-drunk and full of seed.

    The End

  19. I was really stressing out because it was just a couple weeks toward prom and I still didn’t have a date. After searching all over the internet I found a website called Prom Date Depot that is like a for prom dates. Luckily enough, there was a guy on there that lived about an hour away from me and he agreed to go. It worked out pretty well and we kept in touch for a year or so after that.

  20. @Kelly……..I almost spit out my tea this morning reading this. You captured it perfectly!

    @Ethelmae………thanks. You’re too sweet!

    @Jasmine…….we’ve never heard of that. We’ll check it out. The web is just amazing. Thanks for your comment.

  21. Sorry this is late GUYS! I’m a sucky follower this week! BUT, I got my new layout up AND ITS FUCKING BADASS!

    I didn’t get to go to prom! Asshole I was dating ‘Didn’t want to go.’ Dumbfuck.

    It blows that you didn’t get laid at either prom GUY. The ‘friend’ totally should have given it up, I mean you took her TWICE!

    I almost bought a prom dress like a week ago, at my last mall trip (where I last killed the battery in the car) YES, as a matter of fact I did try on prom dresses, because I’m fucking amazing and I can, okay? I looked AWESOME, but I decided it wasn’t worth $200.00, just to wear while sitting in front of the computer reading ‘The GUYS Perspective’!

  22. @Ashley…….glad to have you back girl!! In my defense, I honestly didn’t try. I’m serious! Remember, both times I had a girlfriend, which is why it made it so strange. So you can still fit into a prom dress? That’s pretty impressive!!! But of course you knew that.

  23. Damn right it’s impressive! You GUYS must not talk to each other!!! Me and another GUY had this convo the other day! I lost a shit ton of weight and I’m gorgeous! Duh!

  24. Prom’s….wow…what a definite trip down memory lane….actually a good one for me.
    I think my date was more shy than I was…or should I say nervous. Growing up with 5 brothers and all of their friends made it very easy to hang out.
    He most definitely was not on equal grounds as he did not have sisters…he did have very red hair …I do remember that….I was a bit of the bad actor on that date as I became bored with him ever so quickly and ended up hanging out with a few guys friends…I did make sure my date was with us…I was not a complete creep.

    All in all it was a blast…a very good memory.
    So sorry to hear about your turnouts…then again everything does happen for a reason.

    WE are who we are today because of those past awkward near misses 🙂

  25. @dorothy……love your story. Thanks for sharing. And your last statement is so true. No regrets right?!

  26. We only had a Junior Prom at our school. I had went with the guy I was dating. I had a friend come over early and she helped me do my hair. I promised we would pick her up the minute we left. We went in prom dresses bowling and out to eat. How corny is that. I didn’t really like a lot of people I went to high school with. They were all stuck up and snotty. I just went to say I did that. I had a great time.

  27. @Stacie………it’s cool that you went even though you didn’t love a lot of the people at your school. Sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised with life and it sounds like you were. And now you have no regrets too!

  28. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for shout out, I feel like a blogging mini star!

    Oh my the infamouse prom. In my case I opted out of the junior prom because I just didn’t see the point and put all my beans on the senior prom. Like most guys I too was thinking hey this might be the night, although, during our pre prom assembly (all girls school) we were instructed that “sex is not a prom favor.” Side note, a lot of the girls I went to school with clearly weren’t listening during this assembly because a lot of them had babies that next year…prom gems!

    Anywho, low and behold I break up what felt like seconds before the prom but was probably a few weeks with my boyfriend. At the time it felt like death and how was I supposed to drum up a date so close to prom. I quickly took the stance that prom was going to be about my friends. Some of them had similar things happen with boys and well now there would be no pressure to lose the V card. My mom had another thought all together.

    My mom refused to allow me go alone and set me up with her friend’s son. As proms go it was ok. I stuck to the sex not being a prom favor thing and I ended up having pancakes at Ihop after hours with my friends.

    It’s funny how prom is the center of all things high school but as I go back over the major events that have happened in my life it never makes the list.

  29. Hello, It’s been a while since I posted a comment here. I didn’t go to the prom. I’ve always had a weight problem so I didn’t have many dates. My older brother offered to escort me, but you had to go with another student from the school. Instead, a bunch of girls and I went to a church -sponsored prom alternative. We went to Atlanta, spent the night, dressed up and ate out and then went to Six Flags the next day. I

  30. Hello, It’s been a while since I posted a comment here. I didn’t go to the prom. I’ve always had a weight problem so I didn’t have many dates. My older brother offered to escort me, but you had to go with another student from the school. Instead, a bunch of girls and I went to a church -sponsored prom alternative. We went to Atlanta, spent the night, dressed up and ate out and then went to Six Flags the next day. It was fun, but I still wonder what prom would have been like.

  31. @Cynthia………………….Good to see you again! Did you see that we gave you some props on our “Stream of Consciousness” post? Like I said, I went to three proms. You didn’t miss a whole lot. They were fun, but when I think about great moments in my life, the Prom doesn’t make the list. Your night and next day actually sound like a lot of fun!!

  32. Thank you for the blog mention!

    Proms for me were bad experiences. Junior prom was no fun – stilted, awkward, everyone uncomfortable. Many years after senior prom, my mother admitted that she had set up my date – at some level I think I knew because he certainly didn’t act as if he were having a good time.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  33. Thanks for the mention! Of course I’m a big fan of THE GUYS! And prom wow! Yeah I did a similar thing to my boyfriend in 10th grade. A senior guy friend had asked me to the prom before I begun dating my boyfriend. I felt I owed it to the friend to still go. It was with a big group of our friends anyway. My boyfriend couldn’t handle it and we broke up. Funny thing is now I’m still friends with the ex-boyfriend while I haven’t spoken to the guy friend in years lol. But everything happens for a reason!

  34. Hey!! Thank you so much for the props! I went to 4 proms! They were all lame 🙂

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