Who wears The Guys?

Here are two good blogging friends who wear The Guys.

Who are these mystery people?

Please check out their sites to discover their identities and read their work. But…..before you do, leave us your guess on who they might be. They are both regular “commenters” on our site.

cher in guys t shirt

Guest Number One

ashley in guys tshirt standing 2

Guest Number Two

Check out the Guy’s store for more cool merchandise. Anyone that sends us a picture wearing THE GUYS will be featured on our site. Thanks.

13 Comments on Who wears The Guys?

  1. OMG! That’s so cool! I might have to get myself one of these shirts!

  2. Ask Cherlock & Lola. Is it?

  3. Crazy Brunette Chick is number two. I’d recognize that perty lady anywhere. She’s awesomely hot.

  4. @Meleah……Yes, we’ve been happy with how they look with our logo. Thanks!

    @Naughtie and Kelly……well of course you have the answer by now. Thanks for playing along. šŸ™‚

  5. Yeah! That’s what I’m sayin! You should treat these pretty ladies to dinner or something. Heck, that’s what I would ask for if someone made me wear a t-shirt saying “The Gal’s Perspective.” LOL.

    Nice work guys!

  6. Heyyyy Guys.. That’s CHER !!! The Ever Fabulous Cher.
    and she’s lookin good in that Guys Shirt. Yeahhhhhh nothing like a high profile chica to make your brand pop.

    heyy when did those shirts hit the market ?
    the bad gal needs one.. ;(
    do you have extra pam anderson hooter size ?

  7. Now I’m going to have to buy one of those!!! I was trying to save money so haven’t checked out all your stuff. Darn you GUYS:) I want to have my picture here too.

  8. Hey Guys,
    I’ve already told RE that I have “endowment envy” of her! I saw Dolly Parton in an interview once and the host asked if her’s were real. Well, heck yeah, she said, and If they weren’t, I woulda had me some made! Sooo, I asked my husband about this possibility and he said a resounding NO! That is probably the only time he has ever said no to me.

    Yep, our gal RE is REALITY! Damn.

  9. You picked my FAV! God-damn! I’m sooo gorgeous! Did you notice that Kelly loves me????? Awwww!

  10. I did see their regular comments over here at The Guy’s Perspective. They certainly look great in The Guys. šŸ™‚

  11. @RE……We’re pretty sure we’ve got every size. Love your description! šŸ™‚

    @Barbara…..no pressure. But sure we’d love to have you up here.

    @Cher……You look great just how you are!

    @Ashley…..Yes, you’re getting more fans every day!


  12. You guys are good! Marketing tee-shirts = VERY smart. Perhaps Melindaville should take a cue and then the proceeds can go to my Melindaville Foundation! Hmnnnnnn . . . .


  13. @Melinda……well, we’ll take any compliment we can get! Thanks.

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