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Do you wish you could get a guy’s opinion on your online dating presence? Are you unsure about the photos you’ve chosen? Do you need help writing your description?

We can help!! Get the Guy’s Perspective on your Online Dating Profile/Presence.

Guys know what guys like. If you’re not having the sort of online dating success you were hoping for, hire THE GUYS to take a look at your online profile. With a few tweaks to your photos and a rewrite of your written description your online profile will get the boost it needs to attract the kind of guys you were hoping to meet in the first place.

Why not just ask one of your guy friends?

Well, you certainly could. That would be a good place to start. Then again, sometimes it’s helpful to get an objective view point, or several objective viewpoints.

Why not ask one of your girlfriends? 

Do we even need to answer that? Your girlfriends might be amazing friends, but they don’t know guys the way we do.

What do I get when I hire THE GUYS?

1. First, we’ll start with your photos, since most of your online success starts with your photos. First impressions are everything! (Tips: Photos should be clear. Keep it natural and clean. And smile!!) We’ll help you choose the photos that represent you the best.

2. Next we’ll look at your written description. If needed, we’ll help you rewrite your description with positive, fun and flirty/humorous language. (Read below for an example of a BEFORE and AFTER written description.

3. Finally, we’ll take a look at your overall profile and tell you how we might react when seeing it for the first time.

How do I hire the guys? 

Use the Ask a Private Question option on our site. Fill out the form and just put: Dating Profile Critique in the subject and body of form. You’ll then be sent to PayPal to pay the $35 fee, the same amount we charge to answer a relationship/dating/sex question.

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Written Description Before and After: 

1st Profile Before: (What we were given.) I am an outgoing woman who enjoys being around people. I am fun, easy going, and upbeat! I can get silly but have a serious side as well. I am an excellent listener and my friends count on me for that. I am petite and stay in shape by walking my dog and going to exercise class frequently. People think I am younger than I am. Men like my smile and legs. I consider myself open minded and enjoy meeting all kinds of people. Some things I will not compromise include honesty and integrity. I admire a man who is confident and can laugh at himself. He must tolerate dogs well. No control freaks need apply. I like a man who has strong ideas and will share his interests and beliefs with me, who is a leader not a follower, but leaves himself open for learning and love.

After: (Our Rewrite) Take me out to hear some good Rock n’ Roll and I’m all smiles. Throw in some good conversation and laughs and I’ll be genuinely happy. Meeting an interesting, confident person that knows how to laugh and have fun is what I’m hoping for. But that’s my easygoing side talking. I do have a more serious side as well. I am very open and honest and expect the same of anyone I have a relationship with, friend or other. I am very giving, but I also have a life full of good friends and family. I am hoping the person I meet will have the same balance in his life. Oh yeah, I have a dog. Reggie is way cool. I hope you’re OK with that.

27 Comments on Dating Profile Critique

  1. So a few months ago I met this guy . We met on Instagram at first I would notice him on and off. Then one day I guess he was really trying to get my attention because he liked all my pictures . I dmed and told him thanks for liking all my pictures the conversation sparked from there . A month later we met in person did I mention that he is 11 years older than me and he’s a very high ranking officer in the army at first I was a little weary like asking myself do I really wanna meet this guy

    So we met and yes spontaneously we had sex on the first day.hes a very busy guy and very invested in his career as an officer . We talked about a lot of stuff and he told me how mature I was . So we met again maybe 3 months later and the mood was a little lighter we got a little more personal in conversation and he asked did I want to take things further with him….like relationship…. I didn’t say yes I said we should take baby steps and continue to see where things go and he agreed. The main reason I didn’t say yes is because I’ve noticed some things about him…he only text me maybe once a day we don’t really talk I chalk it up to maybe he’s busy throughout the day … And yes I did go on his ex Facebook page but he doesn’t know that I know he calls her and he sent her flowers for her birthday very recently maybe he wants her back ….most times if I ask him serious questions he doesn’t answer back … Then there’s another girl I noticed more and more on his page she more close to his age a lot older than me he’s 35 and I am 23. I’m starting to think maybe he wants her or his ex back . He really sweet and I really like him but I don’t think he really wants me I’m used to this sort i think maybe something is wrong with me .

  2. @Susan…..It doesn’t sound like anything’s wrong with you, but we’re curious to know what you mean. What do you think is wrong with you? Please answer and then we’ll respond to your other questions.

  3. Maybe I’m not relationship material or I shouldn’t have let things go that far that soon . Not insecure just a little weary

  4. @Susan……Well, the good news is, these are things you have control over. Our sense from your note, is that you get really excited when you meet someone new, and that excitement causes you to go a little faster than maybe you should. You also probably enjoy the attention, and that fuels your excitement. But really, it happens. A lot. To a lot of women AND men. So don’t beat yourself up over it. The key is to learn from it, and then make some adjustments for the next time around. As far as your current situation. We’re going to give you the same advice we’d give our sister. “This guy is too old for you.” Not his age necessarily, but the fact that he’s at a different stage in life. It’s about a balance of power, or rather an imbalance. He’s got all the power, in part because he’s firmly planted in his career and adult life, and he knows that’s a turn on to you. And from what you describe, he also sounds like a player perhaps. What do you think about all of this?

  5. I totally agree! He does have all the power I just graduated from university and I’m just starting out in life . We did talk about us being at different stages in our lives and he said he was ok with it. The only things that really bother me is the other woman more close to his age and his ex. He doesn’t even know I know about these things . He travels a lot for his job I think . Like I said we don’t really talk until I see him in person ….. I really like him it’s just …. I sometimes don’t think he’s for me

  6. @Susan….One request before we respond. We hope you’ll share our site with your friends. And please share our site on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Instagram, etc. Thanks!! Okay. If you move forward with this, just keep your eyes open. We’re not sure you really want to get into a situation where you’re having sex with a guy who’s seeing other women, although it might be difficult to know if that’s happening. So what’s your plan? Are you going to talk to him about these other women, or just see how things go?

  7. Rebecca // July 28, 2016 at 5:50 pm //

    I recently saw my childhood friend on Facebook and he looked super hot and I want to find a away to reconnect with him again. The last time I say him was about 2 years ago he contacted me because he was in town and was going on a tour in the same university I go to. When we were texting he was flirty and was excited to see me. I went and met him after the tour, it was very weird with him it was extremely awkward he barely talked to me, then again he did come with his family (that love me btw) and it was extremely awkward, I felt a lot of tension and attraction. After that I didn’t text him and neither did he. When I last saw him he was ok looking but now he looks very attractive. I hope I wouldn’t have cut contact with him, he’s extremely shy too, I feel like we would’ve really hit it off. Now I want to reach out to him but I don’t know how!

  8. @Rebecca…..You’re Facebook friends correct? (Where does he live? Where do you live?) If you’re long distance then you’re going to have to do this in steps. First you need to reach out and say hi through whatever avenue that might be. A private message on Facebook might be a good place to start. Then move to exchanging numbers. Start texting. And go from there. However, if he lives close enough to where he could visit, you could always throw a party, or have some mellow get together with friends and invite him to come. Of course, we tend to like the direct approach and we often advise guys to do just that. State their intentions. We can’t tell you what the best approach is, but for a shy guy, sometimes just going for it works well. Does this make sense? Other follow-up questions?

  9. Rebecca // July 29, 2016 at 9:07 am //

    Yes we are Facebook friends. By what I told you do you think he was into me out not before? And what should I text him

  10. @Rebecca……It’s hard to say. If we had been at the get together ourselves we could give you a more accurate assessment. You say there was tension and attraction so that’s all we have to go on. You know, this is a bit tricky because you’ve been friends since you were kids. In some ways that makes it easier to reach out to him, but it makes it harder to move it beyond friendship. Do you live close to each other? That factors in to what you might say via text.

  11. Rebecca // July 29, 2016 at 9:25 am //

    We live like an hour away from each other. He was my friend just when I was a kid, because we were neighbors, when I grew older we grew apart. I could really sense that he liked me. So what should I do to reach out to him, to reconnect?

  12. Rebecca // July 29, 2016 at 9:28 am //

    He was my friend when we were kids because we were neighbors. We were really good friends. Then when I moved out we grew apart.

  13. @Rebecca……Well, if you got a good sense that he liked you, start with a friendly hello text. Maybe with something specific about him in it. For example: “Hey. How are you? I was listening to (so and so….some band he likes) and thought of you. What’s up?” Try to use something you have in common to start a connection. Hopefully that will be the beginning of somewhat regular texting, where he starts to initiate. What do you think? (Also, since he’s only an hour away, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to invite him and his friends to a party that’s happening around, or some event that you could see each other face to face.) Thoughts/questions?

  14. Yes thats a really good one. I have a even bigger problem, there’s this other guy that I recently met a couple of months ago, we had lunch for a business his family and my family were going to make, because he and my brother are close friends (which didn’t end up happening in the end). Anyway, the first time he saw me I instantly knew I was atracted to me and likewise, we started talking and we hit it off he seemed extremely interested, we had a lot of things in Comon, he would be very flirty, I felt a deep connection that doesn’t happen to me often. After that my dream date ended, recall I wasn’t alone I was with my mom as well. I never heard from him again and never got a chance to get to know him better. I don’t know if it is because of my brother or come thing? I like both of these guys but I don’t know for wichone to go for? HELP

  15. Thank you !! Btwn! I’m sorry I’m writing so much!!

  16. And it was to me*

  17. And *something
    To add, he didn’t ask me for my number, he didn’t get a chance to actually ask me or I did to give him mine, but I got his number because of my brother.

  18. @Rebecca…..No worries on writing a lot. That’s what we’re here for. We just hope you’ll share our site with friends and maybe share on social media with positive things to say! As per your guys…….Seems to us that you don’t need to choose right now. Why not reach out to both? It’s not like you have a boyfriend. Your single, available, and you’re exploring. Nothing wrong with that. And if it got to the point where both situations are progressing, then sure, at that point you’ll have to make a decision.
    One thing to note: It’s not that we’re old fashioned, but if a guy really is interested in a woman he’ll go to great lengths to pursue her. In your case, it would be nice if one of these two guys pursued you instead of you having to make the reconnections. That said, sometimes younger guys aren’t that confident, and if they’re a bit intimidated by you they might just assume you’re out of their league. Would that be possible?
    But either way, it sounds as if you should try reaching out to both of them. What do you have to lose? And if you don’t, you’ll just regret it. That said, once the connection is made, let them start to initiate contact/get togethers. That way you’ll know whether they’re truly interested or just being nice.

  19. I mean the thing is that I do have a boyfriend and I can’t get out of my head the “what ifs”? And your right if he was interested he wouldn’t be done something, but I always think that it’s because he’s best friends with my brother. And it was me who should break the ice :/ And I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend because of a posibility.

  20. @Rebecca……Now you gave us a chuckle. 🙂 Did you mention you had a boyfriend? Well, that changes things for us. Seems to us that maybe your boyfriend isn’t holding your attention the way you’d like, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about other possibilities? Or maybe you’re just not ready to be in a serious relationship? Nothing wrong with that, we just wouldn’t recommend exploring other options while you’re in a relationship. Just think if the roles were reversed. You might not be that psyched with your boyfriend. Feel free to keep sharing. We’re off to a few meetings but we’ll be back later today.

  21. Yeah :/ I mean we’re good together but I still love him, can I still like more than one guy? That’s why I didn’t want to reach out to anyone. I mean me and my boyfriend have a unique relationship but I’m confused

  22. @Rebecca…..What we always encourage, is to try and work out one relationship before you begin another. But of course, life is messy, and sometimes things happen, or feelings develop. If you’re finding yourself having feelings for other guys it might be in part because something is missing for you in your current relationship. Or it’s possible that you’re not sure, and you just want to experience something new in order for you to understand how you feel currently. Or it’s possible that you have a crush on these other young men and it’s as simple as that. So yes, you can like more than one guy. But keep in mind, the last thing you want to do is break the trust you have with your boyfriend. So before you start pursuing these other guys, think about that, and figure out how you want to proceed. ps. How old are you? Your boyfriend? These other guys? (We’re just curious) That info will help us understand your situation more clearly.

  23. I’ve been seeing a guys for a few weeks, we have this crazy connection, we’ve talked about what we both want: to take things slowly and in hopes to build something real (not to be in love with love). Until the past few days I had almost no doubt in my mind things were progressing nicely and we were becoming closer. Now, its hard for me to tell if hes just busy and distracted or if Ive become needy or said something that seemed too “intense”? I tend to speak my mind and I don’t hold much back, and he is the type to keep more cool, or not giving away too much. Which, I also respect as it keeps things from getting to heavy, too fast. This week, I’ve felt a “disturbance in the force”. I mean realistically, he still texts me everyday and sometimes calls me at night. But I just feel like his texts are being short with me or less energetic, and to seal it all off, I had a panic attack this morning at work, It’s not only his birthday, but I felt like I had no one else to call… He seemed okay about it, asking me if I was okay and to just breath. But he seemed weary that I wasn’t really triggered by anything. I didn’t want to out right say it wasn’t about him, because he can be a bit suspicious with people having ulterior motives. but after I calmed down, he said he had to head out and he’d call me later. I texted him later on “im embarrassed, I just got really overwhelmed. Thanks for being cool about it” and HOURS later and nothing. I know my best bet is just sit back and wait. But now I am totally over thinking it, and thinking I freaked him out. ugh… am I crazy? any insight is appreciated.

  24. @Erin……Not sure if we have any insight at this point. (It’s still very early.) And we don’t think you need it. (You seem pretty self-aware.) That said, you do need a reminder to CHILL. Let this unfold organically. Obviously you care about this guy and see potential and that’s made you very excited but also scared. This is natural. But resist the temptation to reach out to him all the time, especially if you have another panic attack. (Until the two of you know each other better.) He might think you’re very cool and hot, but he doesn’t want a “project.” (Not saying you are.) But you get our point. Just like you wouldn’t want a project if things were reversed. He wants an equal. So if you’re feeling nervous or worried, call a friend and go hang out with them. Let him do more of the initiating. Good luck and keep us posted. ps. We hope you’ll share our site with friends. THanks! Visit our Facebook page and like us!!

  25. haha… I was going to say, I am pretty self aware and probably already know my answer. Chilling is random with me, sometimes I’m great at it, other times, I need a reminder. I just needed somewhere to vent really as my friends were unavailable. I totally agree, I’m a very deep thinker, and have anxiety issues. But, that being said, I am also a super confident person when Im not having anxiety, I have a great job, I’m outgoing and funny, and he thinks I’m a looker. I’m just a bit overly worrisome. Regardless, thanks for the reality check.

    p.s. He did get back to me, but I can tell I’ve got him a bit shook up. Understandable. I’ll just have to play it more cool.

  26. @Erin….Sounds like a plan. Keep us posted.

  27. @All the Women out THere…….We’d love to hear your thoughts on The Perfect Guy? Leave a comment, a description or respond to someone else’s comment. Let’s have a conversation.

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