Do guys get sensitive after they finish?

Dear Guys,

What does it mean when you have a lot to drink and have sex for awhile and then when you get off to finish him off, he tells you to stop because he’s sensitive? Does that mean he finished too or is that just normal when you’re drunk? I never had this happen before.


Dear SQ,

Thanks for your question.

Guys get very sensitive after they finish. Don’t go by any adult films you’ve seen—not that we’re assuming you have. But if you have, those men must numb themselves to such a degree that they don’t squirm or scream out when their partner continues to caress them long after they’ve finished with the money shot.

Regular guys just want to go to sleep and/or eat, and they certainly don’t want to be touched in any way, shape, or form.

Which in your case means, he must have finished, and was either embarrassed about it, since it was a bit premature, or he was so drunk that he wasn’t aware of it until you tried to help him finish.

Hope that helps.


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