Friends with Benefits: 10 Things Women Should Know

Ten Points about FWB (Friends with Benefits) Women Should Know

-FWB arrangements rarely evolve into something more serious.

-If you go from a committed relationship to a FWB, that is not a break, that’s a demotion.

-A death in the family, losing a job, or some other difficult event in your guy’s life are not the only reasons he wants a FWB.

-FWB means a guy wants the sexual perks of a relationship without the relationship.

-If you agree to a FWB, then don’t blame your guy for not wanting to get more serious. He’s already told you what he wants, or doesn’t want, by asking you to be in a FWB.

-There are no rules in a FWB even if you discuss them. Why? Because the nature of a FWB means neither party owes the other anything. Otherwise it would be called a relationship.

-FWB arrangements typically don’t end well, unless you’re okay being confused, resentful and angry.

-If you think the amazing sex is going to wow your FWB into something more serious, think again.

-If he’s having a FWB with you, do you think you’re the only friend he has? If you want something more serious then don’t accept the invitation for a FWB.

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