Friends with Benefits: 10 Things Women Should Know

Ten Points about FWB (Friends with Benefits) Women Should Know

-FWB arrangements rarely evolve into something more serious.

-If you go from a committed relationship to a FWB, that is not a break, that’s a demotion.

-A death in the family, losing a job, or some other difficult event in your guy’s life are not the only reasons he wants a FWB.

-FWB means a guy wants the sexual perks of a relationship without the relationship.

-If you agree to a FWB, then don’t blame your guy for not wanting to get more serious. He’s already told you what he wants, or doesn’t want, by asking you to be in a FWB.

-There are no rules in a FWB even if you discuss them. Why? Because the nature of a FWB means neither party owes the other anything. Otherwise it would be called a relationship.

-FWB arrangements typically don’t end well, unless you’re okay being confused, resentful and angry.

-If you think the amazing sex is going to wow your FWB into something more serious, think again.

-If he’s having a FWB with you, do you think you’re the only friend he has? If you want something more serious then don’t accept the invitation for a FWB.

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2 Comments on Friends with Benefits: 10 Things Women Should Know

  1. // June 4, 2017 at 11:05 am //

    I like the FWB I curious. She wants the sex, we are monogamous to each other simply because there’s so much disease these days. She got checked out, so did I. We both know we’re clean. She’s past her prime if you will, so no worries about having kids. No need for condoms. It’s awesome. We do it like bunny rabbits. The only things we both don’t want is marriage and living together. I got my place, she’s got hers. I go over for a weekend maybe, but I don’t live there. We go to a movie, we’ll have dinner. I do my laundry, she does hers. Sometimes I pay, sometimes she pays. I can’t think of a better arrangement! Really. With younger folks, you have to consider birth control and whatnot. Other than that, I suggest the same thing.
    Happy FWBing!

  2. @Wellendowed…..Thanks for sharing your story. We’re glad it’s working for you both. ps. We hope you’ll share our site with friends. Thanks.

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