He flirts when he’s drunk


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Dear Guys,

A guy joined my circle of friends in college a couple weeks before the semester ended and we all got drunk together one night. Throughout the night, he took any chance he got to touch me but he never made me feel uncomfortable, which says a lot because I’ve never had a boyfriend and am not used to guys touching me in any way. We sat close to each other whole night, he placed a hand on my shoulder a lot when talking to me, and he kept pulling only me in for hugs and even cuddled with me at one point. Also when he told stories to our friend group he just kept his eyes locked on me and only faced me instead of everyone else. As a girl who has pretty much no experience with guys (especially drunk guys), I wanted to know a guy’s perspective on this situation. My friends (all girls) have told me that he just gets horny when he’s drunk and it doesn’t mean anything, but he never did or suggested anything sexual with me. Also I don’t know if I should trust me friends’ perspectives because they have all tried to get with this guy and it was never reciprocated, so they might just be jealous he didn’t flirt with them.

Anyway I want know what you guys think about this situation.


Dear Courtney,

The question is what’s happened since you wrote to us. That might give you a better indication of what the evening you’re referencing meant to this guy. Has he reached out to you at all since then? Has he asked you out? Has he tried to talk to you in any sort of meaningful way? Has he tried to get to know you? If not, you can be pretty certain that your friends are telling you the truth.

What does alcohol do to a guy?

Pretty much what it does to everyone. It can lower inhibitions. It can make a person a bit bolder. And it could make a guy try to get with a woman he might not normally be interested in.

So what we’re saying is that if he only shows interest when he’s drunk then he’s not interested in you, the person.

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