He’s famous; should I stay away?

Hey Guys,

A couple of days ago I went to this football game. After the game I stumbled across this football player, BD. We took a selfie together and parted ways. When I came home he had sent me a message on Instagram, asking if I was the girl that took a picture with him. We talked for a while, said goodnight and started talking the next day. I started the conversation. I asked him how he found my instagram and he said that he had seen me liking a couple of pictures of him and that I caught his attention. He’s been single for like over a month or so, so he’s not involved with somebody else. I asked this friend, LG, for advice as she knows a lot about the players and stuff. She said that every single one of them is a player and that I shouldn’t get involved. I’m not sure if I should trust her because I got involved with this guy she has a crush on and I think she has hard feelings towards me. This guy and I have been talking on instagram for like four days and I really like him.

What should I do?


Dear Eleanor,

Thanks for your question.

Think about it. This football player is a young, attractive, famous guy who is adored by fans across the country, many of them young females like yourself. We don’t know him, and we can’t read his mind, but it would be difficult for any guy in his shoes, who had a multitude of females interested in him, to commit to just one person, at least at this point in his life.

LG, your girlfriend, may have hard feelings towards you, but sounds like she’s telling you the truth. Now it’s up to you to decide what to do. It’s possible that he’s different, or that he’ll be different with you, but unfortunately you’re going to have to make that call. If you do decide to move forward, take it slow, real slow.

Bottom Line: Trust your gut. If you get any sort of nagging feeling that something doesn’t seem right, we strongly suggest you listen to it.

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All the best,


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