Interview with THE GUYS

We’ve had many of our readers wonder about THE GUYS. Well today we’d like to answer some of your questions. So here goes:

You: Is it just one guy or are there a bunch of guys?

Us: The site was started by Sai, aka “One of the Guys” as a dating website writing descriptions for online profiles, but it’s morphed into much more. (Yes, we still do that.) But now we have five other guys contributing to various parts of our site, including the blog, podcast and creative team.

You: So then why the singular Guy’s Perspective.

Us: Guy is a singular term. Basically we are presenting the perspective of the guy, or a guy. How does a guy think? What does he do? What motivates him? What is his next move? Since we’re all guys, we feel we have a pretty good handle on this. Also, The Guy’s Perspective just looks better than The Guys’ Perspective.

You: How old are you guys?

Us: Old enough to know that we don’t know everything. But seriously, most of us are in our thirties and forties. However, we certainly can remember our teens and twenties. Those kinds of memories don’t fade; good and bad!

You: What makes you qualified to talk about relationships?

Us: We’ve gained a lot of insight from our own dating experiences, plus marriage and fatherhood. However, we don’t necessarily have more qualifications than anyone else, just that we’re able to bounce ideas off each other and really discuss all topics thoroughly.

You: What are you guys into besides talking about relationships?

Us: We’re into everything and anything. Here are some interesting tidbits about us.

These are from various guys.

-I love Terry Gilliam movies.

-I possibly make the world’s finest apple crisp.

-I run a beverage company by day.

-I’ve played the piano at Yoshi’s Jazz Club.

-I hate every one of the 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

-I once wanted to travel around the country playing pick up basketball.

-I wore my baseball uniform every day to first grade.

-The songs most played songs on my ipod are: “Going in the right direction” by Robert Randolph. “Local Hero” by Mark Knopfler. “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

-Favorite movies of ours: “Shawshank Redemption” “Pulp Fiction” “Bourne Identity” “Forrest Gump” “Slumdog Millionaire.” Actually the list could go on and on.

-I own a mandolin.

-I am searching for a Jesus shaped spirituality.

-I owned a standard poodle as a kid. She famously jumped out of the second floor window and survived.

-I climbed El Capitan, and slept five nights gaming from a hammock on the wall. (He’s insane!)

-We have 12 kids between us. No grandchildren.

You: Thanks for clearing some things up for us. Can we keep asking you questions as we think of them?

Us: Sure. Ask away. We won’t promise that we’ll answer all of them, but we’ll do our best.

You: Last question. Are you really as nice as you try to portray here?

Us: Yikes. Do you mean, are we really that square? Or are you asking if we’re hiding something?

You: Both.

Us: Let’s put it this way, none of us have criminal records, or anything like that. Jeez! And as far as being square, no question would shock us. We’re not as shy as we seem, and we like talking about everything, even sex. Yeah, we said it. Yes, there’s a little bad boy in all of us.


Any more questions? Ask away! (We’re not promising, but we’ll do our best.)

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  1. And all of these answers go to directly the reason I love The Guys.

  2. This post reminds me of Jamie Madrox from the X-Men. Yes, I have a question, and it’s very simple. You don’t have to answer it, btw. Here’s my question: “Who or what are you before you were born?” =)

  3. WHEW! I am so glad you have a new post out! I really pissed in my chili on the last one!
    Poor Zach! I am calling the eye doctor on Monday to come in for a check-up!

    Aside from that, I really enjoy you guys sooooo much. I’ll bet I know who played piano at Yoshi’s Jazz Club, and I KNOW who wore his baseball uniform to school every day.

  4. You guys could still be super duper secretive, but I’d still love y’all.

    I think it’s so awesome that you guys can play the piano, love baseball (and for the love of God I hope it’s not the Pirates,) and all are honest squares.

    Nice guys don’t always finish last.

  5. Answers from the Five-Headed Monster!

    I bet you Guys stay anonymous so that if anything goes wrong, any of you can always say, “Hey, it was that Other Guy…”

  6. This was great! It’s wonderful when bloggers give some backround and describe what got them started blogging and what has shaped their perspective. I really enjoyed reading this.

    I knew there was more than just one of the ‘guy’s–although I think you guys have like-minded beliefs, which complement each other.

    BTW–I did contat NPR about your podcasts. They sent me back a very nice note saying they were going to check you guys out! I hope they do!


  7. *giggling*

    That would be me “the other guy.” Will have to think about these things in regard to myself. How to answer? Am I at all interesting? Hmmm…

    I think not.

  8. @Askcherlock………….Ah, we’re blushing.

    @Ryhen……..We’ll reserve that for THE ORACLE.

    @Judie………..Us too! Yes, we hope they can work something out. Thanks so much!

    @Cassie……..Sometimes a little bit of mystery is a good thing.

    @Bluzdude…………Damn, you caught us!

    @Melinda…………Thanks a ton for doing that. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. We’ll keep you posted. And yes, we do have a lot of things in common. Otherwise we’d be at each other’s throats on a daily basis.

    @Elisa………..Don’t underestimate yourself. You seem pretty interesting to us!

  9. Well, now you “Guys” are a bigger mystery than ever, which is always the way it should be.

  10. Well there’s one mystery solved. Now I know who’s a’callin when One of the Guys stops by. I always say it, but I really do enjoy the blog, the comments, and the podcasts. Very entertaining, well written, and well thought out. It’s appreciated.

  11. What a great INTERVIEW with The Guy’s!

  12. Real people, loving site, grt “Guys” thanks for sharing this background … look forward to your next post(s)…. πŸ™‚

  13. Great answers. I have always wanted to play the Piano. Though, I have ended up into an argument with three Piano instructors. Your poodle jumped from the second floor and survived? Wow. Maybe, he had superpowers.

  14. That certainly answered some of the questions I had about The Guy’s Perspective initially. At first I was thinking there was only one guy then I realized later that there are actually a few of you. I particularly like the point, “Old enough to know that we don’t know everything,” and please allow me to add, ‘and brave enough to admit it.’

  15. I am really glad it’s more than one guy, because otherwise it’d be like you were talking about yourself in a third person plural kind of way and, well……that would be a little strange! LOL.

    Nice to meet you *all*. Even yous on the backside. πŸ™‚

  16. Great interview. While I knew that there was more than one “guy” I didn’t really just how many guys there were contributing at this point. I think that “guy” sums y’all up very well, because most women have an immediate picture in their head of the type of man that would be categorized as a guy. By the way, if any of the guys want to share relationship advice on video, we’re always looking for guest vloggers for our Advice Panel series.

  17. Oh, and my friend Sue’s humongous dog jumped out the 2nd floor window and survived.

  18. You forgot to answer the biggest question. When was the last time you guys had intercourse with the purple unicorn?? The test results came back and one of you fellas is the baby’s daddy. Yep, it’s all here in the report. Somebody better stand up and confess!

    You answered a lot of questions I was wondering about. Some of those facts, like sleeping on the side of a mountain in a hammock, is pretty darn crazy, but cool, nevertheless.

    Take care.

  19. @Nothingprofound…………..It certainly seems to work that way doesn’t it?

    @Lovy………..Thanks so much. We love having you come visit.


    @Fatima……….We appreciate it. Thanks!

    @Mr. Stupid…………..Wish we had superpowers.

    @BK……….We will allow you. Thanks for that.

    @Tina……..That sounds fun. We’ll take a hard look in the mirror and see if we’re presentable enough. Radio seems to suit us. πŸ™‚

    @Elisa……….What’s up with dogs and second floor windows?

    @Angelia…………Well we do that too!

    @Kelly……….So that’s what happens when we sleepwalk?? Damn!

  20. What the FUCK???? I DIDN’T get to ask anything!!! I should have been the first bitch contacted to ask the questions!!!!!

    I’m shocked and appalled!!!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over this!

    I remember the baseball uniform story!!!!! HAHAHAHA! ‘STINKY’

  21. now that’s a damn good mix of personality and character. loves it.

    can we get more of this bad boy sex talk? ; )

  22. Love the answers to all the questions, Guys. You always know how to keep things interesting!

  23. Don’t know…but my friend Carl’s kitty jumped out his highrise window…and…uh…that didn’t turn out so well. πŸ™

  24. El Capitan? I am impressed (and motivated)!

  25. Don’t give away too much info about yourselves. Remember, mystery is the allure.
    That said, I did notice no one listed ‘poker player’ as an activity but listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn makes up for that.

    See ya later.

  26. Who comments on my blog? Is it all of you, or just one of you? Either way you rock! Oh, and I want to try this apple crisp of yours. πŸ™‚

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