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Dear Guys,

I know men tend to say they prefer no makeup over too much makeup, but I’ve noticed that when a girl really knows what she’s doing with her makeup, she can be strikingly gorgeous and turn heads. This makes me believe that the problem is not so much about too much makeup as it is about applying it correctly. What I want to know is, what do men think about women who put a lot of time and care into her makeup routine? Would a guy take a woman less seriously if he’s aware she wears quite a bit of makeup? Even if she looks beautiful with her makeup on, will he reconsider his perception of her and her datability if he knows she’ll look different without it? Does this change if he’s gotten to know her and is fond of her personality? I don’t see why a man would view a woman who wears flawless and not overly-done makeup every day to look beautiful is less attractive than the girl who doesn’t.

Is there even a difference to guys?



Dear Kim,

Interesting question, which, depending on the guy, might be answered in a variety of different ways. We also need to qualify our answer by saying that, while physical beautify is very important to guys, it’s only part of the equation. What kind of person the woman is factors into the equation as well. Personality can make a physically beautiful person not so attractive, and a person of average looks, beautiful. (Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the scoop.)

What we’ve been told by experts, women who apply makeup for a living, is that a good makeup job should look as if the woman is not wearing makeup. Makeup applied properly is intended to highlight a woman’s strong features and soften her less flattering ones.

This is not really a question of natural beauty vs. made up beauty. Guys love women with or without makeup. What guy wouldn’t love their woman to be stunning first thing in the morning, after a late-night, with no makeup on? That’s a no-brainer. But many guys also love it when their woman gets made up for a night on the town or for a cozy night at home. It’s all good!

The key is, guys don’t like being fooled.

What do we mean?

If make up creates a transformation rather than an accentuation that’s when issues arise. Like the experts say, makeup should serve to emphasize and highlight, not serve as some sort of metamorphosis, especially in a new relationship. No one likes the bait and switch tactic that many advertisers use to sell products, and guys especially don’t like it when it comes to the women they date.

Of course, to be fair, guys allow themselves to be fooled from time to time by women who use makeup and other body altering devices to transform themselves into something they believe the guy wants to see. This often works, but only in the short term. As soon as it’s clear that something isn’t adding up, a guy will usually lose interest.

Note: Ironically, guys can be fooled repeatedly by the same woman. That said, when this happens it’s usually about sex. Once again, short term gain only.

Your question seems straightforward but you can see that it’s complicated. For example: Some woman might apply a lot of makeup because they don’t feel they’re naturally beautiful, or they use it to hide a feature they don’t particularly like. This might imply some sort of self-esteem issue. The irony of this situation is that a woman with a strong self-esteem will always present as more attractive to a man. So in this case, if the woman, instead of applying more makeup, worked on building her self-esteem it might have the same result, except that the makeup is temporary, the strong self-esteem, long-lasting.

You didn’t say which type of woman you are, but the bottom line is that men enjoy both natural beauty and the made-up kind. Variety is fun, especially if they love the woman.

That’s about as much as we have to say on the topic for now. If you have thoughts/questions please leave in the comments’ section below. We’d love to hear what you think, or what your friends think.



ps. And speaking of friends. We hope you’ll let your friends know about us. Thanks!



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