My hubby loves my sweaty body (Sex Advice)

Hey Guys,

My hubby loves how I smell—everywhere on my body—after I work out.  I personally would love to take a shower and get the “stink” off of me. How can I embrace my B.O. and enjoy him enjoying me, instead of pushing him away because I don’t feel neat and tidy.


Dear Grace,

Thanks for your question.

Smell is a huge part of attraction. We can’t speak for the women out there, but for many guys, those primal, “dirty” smells are a huge turn-on. In this perfumed, plastic surgical society we’re constantly trying to cover up our natural state of being. It’s as if we don’t remember the fact, that when you strip away the amenities, we’re all just animals. Your smell triggers your husband’s animalistic tendencies and he likes how alive that makes him feel. Thus, he’s all over you when you come home from the gym.

There also could be pheromones at work, signaling to him that you’re “available” and ready for his advances. But there have been a lot of conflicting reports on the subject of pheromones and the part they play, or don’t play, in sexual attraction. Since humans have evolved so much, we’ve almost lost our need for sexual instincts because our brains tell us everything we need to understand. However, that instinct lies dormant in all of us waiting for the proper trigger. For your husband, it’s your sweaty body.

What’s going on is you don’t trust that he’s telling you the truth. He tells you—or shows you—he’s super turned on by your “stinky” body and you can’t quite believe him. So instead of feeling turned on yourself, by how turned he is, you start questioning his motives. This is a trust issue Grace. Has he given you other reasons to not trust him? Is this a pattern in your relationship? (We have to ask the questions) See if you can identify the underlying issue first.

If there isn’t one, and you’re still not comfortable, see if you can compromise. Have a discussion with him about it. If it turns him on that much then think of it as you giving your husband a gift. And maybe the two of you can come up with some sort of fun agreement, where he gets to enjoy your sweaty body, and you get something of your choice. We’re not talking about a business arrangement. We’re talking about a sexual agreement. He gets something of his choice, and you get something of yours. It’s all about compromise, and turning a possible conflict into something positive and enjoyable for both of you.

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