My husband is hanging out with Swingers

Dear Guys,

I am married and I take issue with my husband going over to do business on Fri and Sat nights with two couples that swing. He thinks I should trust him and is angry that I am uncomfortable with this schedule. I must note that he showed me a business contract but it wasn’t signed and they have been having meetings for months.


Dear Margaret,

Thanks for your question.

Honesty, we’d probably feel the same way as you do. Maybe he wants you to trust him unconditionally, but sometimes there’s reason to question. If it smells fishy, it probably is. We think you should ask him how he’d feel if the roles were reversed? Would he trust you in this type of situation?

See the thing is, trust is key to a successful relationships, but so is respect. And doing “business” with these people on a Friday and Saturday night is not showing respect. And the fact that he doesn’t care if you’re upset is a big red flag, probably as big as his unusual “business activities.”

Everything about this feels odd. You need to get more information from him besides this unsigned contract. What kind of business is he actually doing? Why on these nights? What’s really going on? And then after you get all of this information, listen, and trust to your gut. Because to us, the whole thing smells of disrespect.

Good luck,


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