Take a sniff

My daughter asked me today, “Why do dogs smell each other’s butts? (She pauses to ponder……) That’s weird.” (Commences to giggle)

I really didn’t have any great response to that. I mean she only just turned six. And to me it seems pretty self-explanatory. Or maybe I should say, self-exploratory. Or self-olfactory for that matter.

Either way, dogs, animals, people are into sniffing and smells. The olfactory sense may be the mightiest of all the senses; one that can transport you back in time faster than you can say…. I mean, smell, Cheese!

Growing up, my street was lined with huge maple trees that gave off a sweet aroma, especially during the hot summer nights. I didn’t realize it was actually the trees I was smelling, until I was walking in a quaint New England town a few years ago and stopped in my tracks. “What is that smell?” I said to my wife. She said, “I think it’s that tree” pointing to a huge maple tree. And sure enough, that’s exactly what it was. And at that moment, I closed my eyes and there I was, riding no-handed down my street, with a baseball card clicking in my spokes, feeling the wind and my freedom.

But smells tell us much more than that. They tell us if we’re attracted to someone; or if we’re compatible with them physically. That’s why many Guys don’t like it when a woman covers herself from head to foot with various forms of aerosol spray. This is just too confusing to most guys. And it makes any sort of “evaluation” difficult. OK, that sounded bad, but it’s true. Strange, unnatural scents are usually a sign that something is amiss. And that protective mechanism has been programmed  into us from the beginning, when we needed the ability to figure out which berries were safe to eat, the red ones or the orange ones.

So doesn’t it seem to make sense that we should adapt the ways of the dog? Doesn’t sniffing each other seem like a much easier way to figure out if you like someone? Forget first date jitters, second date apprehension and third date expectations, just take a sniff and get the answers you’re looking for. And wouldn’t it save us all from trying to make conversation, which can certainly be challenging at times.

But if you feel that sniffing before you know someone is a bit impolite, you could always ask first, although I’m not so sure how this would go over. “Excuse me, but would you mind if I just sniffed your butt? You know, just to see if we’re compatible?”

Yes, you might get a smack upside your head, but hey, that’s not the worst pick up line I’ve heard.

“One of The Guys”

What is your favorite sense? Why?

Do smells conjure up vivid memories?

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve used, or heard?

Do you think we should adapt the ways of the dog?

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  1. Smells cut right through the clutter and go directly to the brain, bypassing all filters.

    A long (long) time ago, I used to date a girl that worked at Wendys. She’d come see me after work, at the gas station I worked at. She always smelled like the french fry fryers.

    We eventually had a painful breakup, parting under less than ideal terms.

    By then I was working at a record store.

    One day I was out on the floor, and from behind me, I caught that Wendys french fry scent. In an instant, my brain was processing, “OMG, she’s here! What does she want? Does she want to yell at me some more? Does she want to get back together? Did I leave something at her house?

    My heart was totally racing by the time I turned around (a split second later) to see that it was just some other Wendys schmuck.

    “Zero” “to blind panic” in less than a second. That’s what a smell can do.

  2. Just last week when I was walking to the starting line for the race I ran, a guy was walking in front of me smoking a pipe. I started to breathe in its noxious fumes and felt so happy all at once. I DO NOT condone smoking, I mean, I’m a nurse after all, but my Grandpa smokes a pipe and I only see him every few years…so when I smell a pipe, I instantly think of him and all the times we’ve spent together, even if it is rare.

    I love scent recognition. My husband wears Bvulgari cologne and by the end of the day it’s just a faint smell, but enough that smelling it makes me feel drunk and dizzy all at the same time. Even if I’m angry with him, all I have to do is smell him and I’m instantly calmed.

    Every guy should wear Bvulgari black.

  3. If any guy ever asked to smell my butt, he’d get more than a smack upside the head – he’d get a good knee kick in a most critical area, THEN, while he is doubled over in misery and clutching said critical part, I’d issue several goods smacks upside the head.

    Yes, smells do bring back instant detailed memories. Once upon a time, when I was de-cluttering, a came across a cologne I hadn’t used in ages. When I opened that bottle to take a whiff, I was instantly transported back in time to 11th grade art class, sitting at a table with several friends, molding a penguin out of clay. Yep, I think that was probably the last time I wore that stuff.

    The worst pick-up line? This one, thank goodness, wasn’t personally bestowed upon me; I heard it from a comedian: Holding a pimply arm out, he says, “Does this look contagious to you?”

  4. Okay. My favorite sense is the ability to see. I don’t know that it’s my favorite, per se, but it’s the one that, if I had to choose, I’d keep. Although, I don’t really know how I would live without music, so hearing is a very close second.

    There is a particular smell that conjures a memory for me. It’s indescribable, actually. There’s something about the smell of “spring” that takes me back to the days on the playground at my elementary school, early in the morning.. the excitement of school almost being over… the whole world ahead of me. I miss those days. Now, I’m just a jaded adult.

    Worst pick up line that I used to use frequently while drunk: Do you work for UPS, because you have a really nice package. Amazingly, it worked.

    No, we should not, mainly because I like the smell of cologne and not ball sweat.

  5. Smells get me too. (Off-topic from your point, but if your daughter has more animal questions, you should send her to the wild-facts.com blog. It’s great stuff, especially for kids.)

    Funny thing, I’ve never been the object of a bad pick-up line, at least not any that I remember. I do know I’ve brushed off (and then made fun of) some very drunk guys who were trying to hit on me, but I don’t remember actual bad pick-up lines.

  6. I’m super sensitive to smells. There are certain scents that make me gag in .2 seconds. I like a good-smelling man, but too much cologne, body wash, strong deodorant is overkill.

    Anyway, I’m certainly glad I don’t have to go around sniffing butts. Can you imagine what that scene would look like in a bar?

  7. A favorite sense? I’m sort of fond of them all. Without hearing I couldn’t listen to my baby laughing. Without touch I couldn’t feel her hugs or the snuggles from my boyfriend. Without taste my life would become chocolateless and therefore not worth living! And without sight? I wouldn’t be able to hear. Uh huh. Really. Why is it that when the phone rings in the middle of the night you have to turn the light on to answer it? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HEAR IF YOU CAN’T SEE! lol

    One scent that gets me is peonies. When I was very little my grandmother lived next door to us and she had a peony hedge running down the side of her back yard. I used to play in the grass next to it, would cut off blooms to decorate the kitchen table, and run screaming from big fat bees that found them delicious. We were at the library one random day and they had a vase of peonies on a counter. I smelled them before I saw them and instantly burst into tears. (Gramma died on Mother’s Day a few years ago and my heart still hurts.)

    Another scent is the smell of Play-Doh. I hate it. There are other things (I can’t think what now) that smell the same way and they all make me nauseous.

    Worst pick up line I’ve heard. Geez. Ok, you’re old enough to hear this. I was in a bar with my then-boyfriend when his totally drunkass friend asks me “Can I lick your clit?” ((0.o))

    Maybe we should be more like dogs. Not for the butt sniffing, but because dogs are always over-the-top happy to see their loved ones, always have time to comfort you, listen to your problems and fears, and will defend you to the death. I think the world needs more of that.


  8. Hey, smelly guy! I’m back from the war and ready to tackle your questions!

    You already know how I feel about my sense of smell as it relates to pleasant memories. There are certain BAD smells that can be either dangerous or expensive, or just simply nauseating.

    When we drive to NOLA to visit our daughter, we generally take the 10 through Texas, New Mexico, etc., and I have learned that if I am behind the wheel when we approach Las Cruces, it is time to change drivers. There are several miles of stock yards along the 10, and the stench is eye-watering! The first time we went through, I was driving! It was so awful that I tried holding my breath. One should not hold one’s breath while driving on the interstate, because of the chance that one may become dizzy and PASS OUT. When I started seeing black spots before my eyes, I knew it was time to pull over and change drivers. So that’s the dangerous smell, along with leaking gas, and chlorine, methane and ammonia.

    The expensive smell was the smell of a teacher I had in a drawing class. This guy’s body odor was so strong that it made my fingers go numb while I was clutching an ebony pencil. That was the first day. The second day, I moved as far away from him as I could get and still be able to see the luscious nude body of the male model. Didn’t help! So
    I dropped out of the class–and no refunds!

    Any parent who has ever taken kids to the state fair probably knows the nauseating smell: Thrown-up hotdogs at 2 in the morning. First you hear that frantic “Mom!” The second sound you hear is unmistakeable and sickening. It will require the complete changing of your kid’s bed, pajamas, etc., and an opening of a window in the bedroom, while you, yourself, are gagging and trying to breath through your mouth.

    I do need to mention the annoying smell that really PISSES you off: It is the smell of dog poop that your golf ball landed in because some HALF-WITTED IRRESPONSIBLE BASTARD let his GREAT DANE out on the golf course to relieve himself! I took an unplayable lie, and mentally screaming while hitting the ball, dumped (no pun intended) the ball in a waste area about 50 yards from the pin. In this waste area are clumps of ornamental grass, and in the middle of the largest clump sits my ball, adding insult to injury. Sorry, but I just can’t continue with this story. It is just too sad.

    Thank God that I had a congenial foursome, because on Tuesday, one of the players was a very unintellectual woman, who walked like a duck and was constantly shouting, “Oh, I don’t give a SHIT!” whenever she hit a bad shot.

    We did have a very good lunch afterwards, though, and my bloody mary (double vodka) smelled delightful.

    Now for the pick-up line: “You’re evey prettier than you were in high school.” It worked for me, and 25 years later, it is still working!

  9. @Bluzdude………..That is a great story. The smell of “Fast Food” brings back memories for me too….chowing on Big Macs after summer baseball games with the guys.

    @Cassie………..I guess it’s time to get that cologne!! My dad smoked a pipe for a little while and I think about him when I smell that unique scented smoke.

    @Ethelmaepotter……….That is SO FUNNY! I’m still chuckling. (And I promise, no butt sniffing!)

    @Faux Trixie………….I can see why that pick up line worked. Although I’m sure it had a lot more to do with the person delivering it. (Just to stay with the UPS theme)

  10. @Larissa………..Good to know. I’ll check it out.

    @Brooke…………That would be a scene to see!! Must see TV for sure!!

    @Elisa…………..I don’t think that’s a pick up line. I think he didn’t realize he was speaking out loud. Like someone that is farting away happily while listening to music, except they have headphones on. Dogs: Yes, dogs are loyal and lovable. I don’t even have a problem with the butt sniffing part.

    @Judie……….I like that pick up line, although he was just speaking from the heart probably. And you sensed it. No pun intended. Smells: The smell of throw up is hard to tolerate. With three kids I’ve had my share. Dog poop isn’t much better. And flowers, I hate them actually. What are those white bulb flowers that everyone buys for their house? Not only do I hate the smell, but I’m allergic to the damn things. (Probably why I hate the smell!) My throat starts to close up, and my ears get itchy. It’s brutal! Very floral deodorants do that to me too. That’s why I like the au naturale smell, with maybe a little soap for good measure.

  11. Should we adapt the ways of the dog? You ask.
    Some people are drawn to attractive scents. (It helps to be good-looking too but I digress.)

    Here’s the thing…In this country we like the scent of a good cologne, deodorant, after shave, perfume you get my drift. But in other countries, the scent of a good cologne is a turn off. (Go figure!) Anyway, I think if a man smells good then sniff away. But if he doesn’t, run away. This is just my thinking. Perhaps I should have asked Moe.

  12. You may be thinking of Hyacinthus orientalis–they have star-shaped flowers covering a thick stem. That aroma can be pretty strong in a house. Or you could be thinking of Narcisses tazetta, also known as “paperwhites.” That aroma can also be annoying to some people, but it is not as strong as the Hyacinthus.

    The cut flower that really gets to me, and one that so many people just LOVE, is Lilium speciosum, of which there are several varieties. The most popular are Uchida, Rubrum, and Album. The scent is very strong, and pungent. It makes me a little sick to my stomach after a while. When I lived in Chicago in the 80’s, I was an import broker for an international flower company, and bought cut flowers from all over the world and then sold them to wholesale florists all over the country. If there were any Rubrums that were a little too open to ship, the girls in the office would put them in a vase. I would always go home with a sick headache on the days they did that!!

    I am not at all fond of the contemporary men’s colognes, but I do like the smell of the old standards in moderation. I do like bay rum, but haven’t smelled any in a good 30 years. My husband doesn’t use cologne, and I am grateful for that. He does use a very standard men’s deodorant that has been around for years, and will not deviate toward any of the newer ones.

    The scent of dog butt may be like doggie cologne, but the scent of dog BREATH can be pretty rank, especially when they eat their own poop.

  13. Damnit!!!!

    When I saw the title of this post I thought,

    “Oh shit, one of my GUYS got caught sniffing some panties!!!!”

    I’m thoroughly disappointed fuckers!

  14. I smelled the cheese once… and it turned out that I had farted. Personally, I feel that people should smell each other’s crotches to get to know them on a date or night club or bar but that’s just how I roll.

    I like what you said about certain aromas and how we pick up different things from everything we smell. Certain memories do come back.

    Great post, Guys

  15. @Diana……You are so right. We’re all about cover up here. Although some countries take it a bit too far. I don’t want to be able to smell the person from across the street. I don’t think Moe would like that either.

    @Ashley………….Well, I guess that could be possible. Sorry to disappoint!

    @Kelly…………I like how you roll. It’s fast, easy and thorough.

    @Judie………..I think it’s the “paperwhites.” Which makes me even more nervous to ever encounter the Hyacinthus orientalis. I won’t have them in my house ever, because my wife knows, even though she likes them. But I’ve encountered them at other people’s houses when I’m stuck there for a while and it’s brutal, like I said. Thanks for the education!

  16. Hello helloo!!

    Hmm do I have to pick one sense? I don’t really have a fave, because all sense influence each other in one way or another. Let me just ramble a bit: I love to hear, music, because sometimes I can hear ‘hidden’ musical elements that not everyone hears, unless you listen very carefully and if you do the whole composition can change and you appreciate it more. I love scents, because no scent is the same and even one scent can conjure lots of memories, the good and the bad. Seeing! to take in all your surroundings and getting inspiration from it (yes. still in a inspiration vibe hehe). Hearing and seeing, in a way immediately translates into feelings. Oh! there is this one scent from Axe deodarants that I really like, I believe it’s called Africa. yes. I would spritz that one all of my boyfriend…in moderation, don’t wanna suffocate myself…

    Worst pickup line? Ehmm I can’t recall them, but the one I told a few posts backs, comes pretty close hehe. Not sure if I every used a pick up line…I shall think about it.

    Adopting…the…way of the dog? Do we also need to walk on all fours? I mean that would be the way of the dog right. Man. that would be a strange, interesting sight to see everyone sniffing. Is it okay if I just observe and make doodles from the scene? ^_^

    Have a lovely weekend and take care!!!

  17. I’ve always envied dogs and their acute, instantaneous interest in each other. People in general are way too defensive and standoffish for my tastes. Although I don’t usually sniff the butts of new acquaintances, I do greet them with a smile and a heap of friendly blather.

  18. smell is mighty and can take you back in time faster than a vampire in a rush. i’ll never forget the first time i ever had sex with my boyfriend who i adored. i arrived back home to mom’s and was met with the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. talk about euphoria all-around and one of the best associations of all time.

    if anyone ever used that pickup line on me, i’d crack up. hard.

    ps: how come you don’t have a way to subscribe or on you on twitter? need to know when there’s a new post.

  19. Smell ……. i am fond of smell of roses . I think a rose is a most beautiful flower and even like the smoke of a cigarette , although i don’t smoke but at times i love to inhale its smoke.

  20. I know I know, this comment stinks!

    Love lilacs and Lilly of the Valley. Also green earthy smells. But I have allergies so I can’t wear perfumes etc… so yup, you can smell me!

    Honestly, smell is HUGE as far as men and women… AND people you love. I remember when my dad died … I took a sweater that smelled like him… it brought back so many memories smelling it. And if you have been away from someone you love, isn’t it wonderful to hug them again and smell them?

  21. @TJ……….Yes, please observe and doodle. Just as long as you show me the pics. I’m sure they’d be funny! Thanks for sharing!

    @Nothingprofound………I wish more people greeted others with smiles and friendly blather. Oh how nice the world would be.

    @PattyPunker……..Chocolate chip cookies and sex. Wow! Lucky you to get that association. I just think of gaining weight when I eat cookies. We’re actually not on Twitter. We’re on Facebook. In less than a week our whole site is getting overhauled and it will be wicked easy to subscribe to the blog and podcasts. (Which are coming very soon.)

    @Shabnam……….Yes, I don’t smoke either, but something about that smell reminds me of that Rock n’ Roll attitude of “HERE I COME, GET OUT OF THE WAY!” However, these days I have a harder time with it. Makes my nose start to run. I know, not very attractive.

    @Katherine………More and more people tell me they’re allergic to perfumes. I always thought it was just me. That’s a nice way to remember your dad. Thanks for sharing that.

  22. I would have to choose sight, but it’s a really hard choice.

    Somewhere I read a long time ago that a man either smells right to a woman or not – a kind of absolute thing (and not the cologne, but his own natural smell). Phermones, I think.

    Worst pick-up line “Hey, get rid of the girlfriends; they’re only accessories.” It didn’t work!

    Also, I’m with ethelmaepotter on this!!!

  23. Have a great weekend guys!


  24. @Chris………….It is a hard choice. And I totally agree with you about smelling someone. They either smell right or they don’t. Seriously. I think it has to do with reproduction too, but that’s just my own crazy self talking. (For another time.)
    That pick up line is so LAME!

    @Diana………You too. Win big in your poker game!

  25. That’s exactly why I loved planet of the apes….and yes smells are so important my house is filled with candles and bed bath and beyond plug ins and lavender and cinnamon are my favorites.

    As for a pick up line….I’ve had a few even as a women…can’t remember them now but it’ll make me smile through the evening as I try to recall the bs….I used when I was young.. and regards to adapting like a dog…there’s plenty of humans who as I note are so low they don’t deserve to be a dog because they are loyal and mostly man’s or woman’s..best friend..loyal to the end…

    Happy weekend and birthday celebration..

    Dorothy from grammology

  26. Hmm, somethings smells fishy here. Oh, I guess this is about the aroma of the salmon I cooked for dinner, and not my SIXTH SENSE.

  27. Check The Snake Pit–I left you a message.

  28. Smell is very important to me and I remember places with smells. In fact I just wrote a poem about my old house and incorporated a lot of the smells of the garden and flowers in it.

    When I was a very little girl I had a teddy bear and a blanket and walked around with both while sucking my thumb. My mother could never get them out of my hands. I didn’t want her to wash them and change the smell. One time she washed my blanket and it lost that comforting smell.

    I do think that we are attracted to people whose smell we like. You might not want to get as funky as smelling someone’s backside, but you can tell with a kiss. If it’s right it’s as intoxicating as great food or wine. 🙂

  29. Smell is very powerful. A scent can bring us many memories; a person who played an important part in our life, a place we used to go etc. And yet that powerful sense can be very dangerous when put in bad use.

  30. @Dorothy…………..”Planet of the Apes!!” I love that movie. And yes, there was a ton of sniffing. So funny! Thanks for the well wishes. Enjoy yours too.

    @Judie……….Ahh…the mysterious sixth sense…..I’ll be over soon.

    @Barbara……….I enjoyed your poem and left you a comment. I’ll be back to check again. Yes, the all telling kiss. You are so right. That’s actually a proven scientific fact. Of course I can’t remember where I’ve read that, but several places.

    @BK…………What do you mean? Just curious.

  31. I can’t take too much of anything. Smell included. I hate too much of cologne on people. Though, smell is an important sense.
    Looking from the Dog’s perspective, maybe that’s how they say – “Hello!”

    Have a great Sunday guys…:)

  32. Dude people really do not like it when you sniff their butts-unless you are two. My daughter sniffed her friend’s butt the other day cause I said someone smells stinky- I meant her but she was trying to throw us off the trail. Now that is funny- but strangely once you are a grown up you cannot do that- really I’ve tried.

  33. I’m not sure what my favorite sense is. I’d hate to part with any of them.

    There’s this one perfume that every time I smell it I’m back in high school cruising for guys with my best gf. Smell is a very powerful trigger for memory. The most powerful.

    The worst (fake) pick up line (but hilarious) is: “Excuse me, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

    I really don’t think we should adopt the ways of the dog. I just don’t care to have a nose up my ass every time I turn around.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  34. @Mr. Stupid………I agree. Anything too strong is hard to deal with.

    @Mountainmomma 18………That is funny. My kids used to do that. What a funny memory! Thanks. And thanks for the advice. I’ll keep my distance.

    @Raven…………I don’t get that pick up line, but it does seem hysterical in a random way. I think most people agree with your sentiment. Bummer! (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  35. Ah, smells have always been important to me. In fact, to my whole family. We always laugh at my brother who smells anything and everything before he picks it up. He’s an engineer, and before he takes any sort of electronic board apart, each piece is smelled carefully.
    I smell everything too. One of the reasons I so enjoy riding on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle is because I’m upfront and personal with every smell.
    And goodness what a role it plays in my relationships. I have began relationships because of smell, and I’ve also ended them before they even get started. When I haven’t liked a man’s smell, it’s never been anything to do with bad grooming habits, or anything like that. It’s something inexplicable that sends me running. As if I smell genes that wouldn’t mix well with mine if we bred.
    The word bred reminded me of bread. And what on god’s earth smells better than a loaf of that stuff baking in the oven. Wowser.
    Thanks as always for the post.

  36. So instead of “speeding dating” we could have “Blind sniff dating”….humm….
    My young son likes to sniff my butt….I always thought he was just kidding around with me, but I think you GUYS may be on to something….interesting! You men….you’re all DOGS!!!

  37. Night-blooming jasmine is my maple tree. It takes me home again. When I was growing up, there was a planter filled with jasmine right outside my window and I’d wake up to my room filled with the scent. I’m pretty sure the sense of smell is the most potent to jogging my memory. I may not always recognize someone/thing right away, but I will never forget the smell it had. My favorite sense is sight though. If I smell something comforting, I can inhale forever, but it’s what I see that can take my breath away.

    On a somewhat related note…I wish bad people smelled like sulfur or something extremely unpleasant. That’d make things so much easier.

  38. 1. What is your favorite sense? Why?
    Touch. I am big on texture.

    2. Do smells conjure up vivid memories?
    Yes! to this day whenever I smell petrulli oil I am taken back to all the ‘Dead Concerts’ I’ve attended

    3. What’s the worst pick up line you’ve used, or heard?
    Heard: “Did you clean your pants with Windex? I can practically see myself in them.”

    4. Do you think we should adapt the ways of the dog?
    I think we should LOVE unconditionally like dogs – but I’m not smelling anyone’s bottom!

  39. @Cathy………Smells are hard to explain, especially when it comes to people. You’re right, it’s usually not about grooming, but something more personal that’s either a huge turn on or a big turn off. Chemistry is for real!!

    @Gogo…………I like that idea. That would be hysterical. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Your son sniffs your butt? When?

    @Lovy………….That’s a sweet story. Smells are so powerful….an your related note: Are you having a tough time deciphering people these days? I like this idea a lot!

    @Meleah……..Whenever I smell that perfume I start to choke. It’s too strong for me…..Pick up line: I have never heard anyone ever use that. OMG. Did it work?

  40. I cant stand that smell either – but it does remind me of seeing the Grateful Dead. And HELL NO! That pick up line did NOT work! I think my immediate reaction was to laugh but then I walked away! 🙂

  41. Funny that you should talk about this. I was at a party last week and three people told me i smell amazing. I must be emitting a pheromone cloud or something.

    And trees–when I first moved to New England, I was walking through town, and I smelled….semen. And sure enough, one of the trees here smells like semen when it is in bloom. I’ve never seen anyone standing under it with glazed eyes, but I do giggle every time I walk by them.

  42. @Meleah……I’m glad that didn’t work. I didn’t think so, but I’m surprised often enough that I had to ask. 🙂

    @Sugar Snow…….What does semen smell like? ……just kidding…..but I didn’t know there was a tree that smelled like bleach. Which tree?

  43. I typically know if someone sucks right away…it’s a gift. I’d just like for there to be consequences for stinky behavior. I think people would be more inclined to be kind to each other if there was no way to hide the rotten stuff.

  44. Bleach? Not the way I would describe it. And I don’t know what tree it is, I just know it when I smell it.

  45. @Lovy……like someone peeing in the pool. There was always a rumor that pee would turn purple so the culprit could be identified. As kids that always made us nervous. Maybe guys should be told a similar thing as boys. “If you treat people crappy you’ll smell like sulfur.” Good post material.

    @Sugar Snow……Interesting? Mysterious? Let me know if you ever discover its identity.

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