Take home a guy contest!

Coming soon:

“Our annual ode to summer” and the next installment of
“The Curse of…..”

But for now, a contest.

Our podcast has finally reached the shores of itunes. We are on the “New and Noteworthy”  page of Podcasts. Hit “See All” if we don’t come up on the first page.

We need reviews and some top star ratings. That is if you’re so inclined to say something nice about us. If you don’t have time to listen all the way, that’s okay, you can still be talk about us in a generally pleasant way.
We hope!!

In return we will have a drawing. For every 20 reviews we get, however short or long they may be, we will put the names in the hat and pick one lucky person. If it’s you, you’ll get to pick whatever suits your fancy from our merchandise page. We’ll have it delivered to your door. (We have lots of cool stuff to choose from.)

So help out THE GUYS and then take one home with you. Be sure to leave your review on itunes NOT here on our site. (Of course you can comment here as well.) (The itunes link is for people who don’t have itunes already on their computer.)

Thanks so much!!!!

17 Comments on Take home a guy contest!

  1. I will head over to iTunes as soon as I finish here. Your headline was a little deceiving. I though an actual guy was traveling over to my house, I had already started my list of chores for you.

  2. I already have a shirt! I want something else… One of you can come wash my car!!!

    What do you think???? On my way fuckers!

  3. Well, how in the hell do I get there???

    No link or what??? Need some help GUYS!

  4. I’m game. But like CB, would love a link

  5. @Everyone……….Thanks! Link is up on post now. (apple.com/itunes) But you might need to download. If it’s too much of a pain, no worries.

  6. Apparently I’m a technological nincompoop. I can’t find it or you or anything. :/ I even did a search and they’ve never heard of you.
    I can’t work iTunes!
    *bangs head on desk*
    I wanted to at least leave a comment and make you look good.
    *shakes head*
    The things I go through for you.

  7. I found you…but can’t work it. I quit. I have a headache.

    So, if I don’t post there I don’t win anything? :/

    I have a new blog post up. that should entertain you and make you realize I am really not that interesting. 🙂

  8. I’ll be over right now. Have a good guy, guys!:)

  9. All I can think of is……

    I wonder how many search engines are going to pick this post up. There is a LOT of lonely ladies out there, ya know? LOL!

    I’ll be listening and critiquing as soon as I get home. 😀 Way to go Guys!!

  10. Can I just have some stuff? You know, for being awesome?

  11. I would like to give you a great review but I don’t want to sign up with Itunes, if that’s what I have to do. I hope you are presented. Good luck.

    Btw, Sai, your question set post will be on the blog next, likely Sunday. I remember you wanted me to let you know.

  12. OMH! I didn’t think I would ever get through all that crap I had to fill out just to let people know how great you are! Every nickname I picked was taken, and the one I finally succeeded with is ridiculous and unpronounceable except in some foreign country.
    But I did it, and I’m glad!!!

  13. Oh, and incidentally, “no worries” is one of my greatest pet peeves. We are not in Australia, mate! We have our very own expressions. I wonder if other countries use them?? Stop it!!!

  14. @Judie……….How could that be a pet peeve of yours? There are so many other ones to choose from. But I’ll make sure never to use it on your site. 🙂 But certainly I can’t promise we won’t use it here. We all like it!!

    @Kelly………We truly don’t want it to be a pain in the butt for you or anyone. So no worries. (Sorry Judie!)

  15. Umm, so I can’t really take home one of the guys? Not even a single (unmarried) one? What if I vote A LOT?

    Well, I’ve got a little something for you boys over on my site. Wanted to share the love with the boys 😉 http://kernut.com/2010/07/beautiful-blogger-award-for-moi/

  16. Sorry, Guys. Every time I hear that phrase, I think of Rod’s crazy sister who gave up her American citizenship when she moved to Australia almost 40 years ago. Her marriage didn’t work out because she found out her husband was gay, so she moved back to the states and never took her citizenship back because she thought being Australian was way cool.

    We’re American, guys! Happy fourth.

  17. Okay…Mr STUPID can work it, but I can’t? :/

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