The greatest gift

Guys like gifts just like everyone else, but sometimes it’s a bit more complicated than meets the eye. Sure, the latest clever gadget, a slick new accessory for our wardrobe, or a gym membership are all great gifts, but only if they come completely devoid of any personal involvement by us. Meaning, we don’t want to have to sacrifice anything to get them. We’ll break it down for you.

We love getting gifts, but if we see the item on our next credit card bill, it kind of takes away from the whole experience. Knowing our present comes from the same kitty that pays the mortgage, the household bills and the kids’ college fund cancels out any enjoyment we might derive from the gift getting.

If you’re not living with your man that makes it easier. But it’s still likely he’ll feel guilty if you spend too much money on him. We may not show it all the time, but chivalry still courses through our veins. And if he doesn’t have a problem with you buying him a new car you may have bigger problems on your hands than you’re ready to deal with.

Even if we love the gift, often we don’t have time to use it or play with it. We’re usually working, or pretending we’re working. And if we’re not working we want to spend time with the kids and see you. So in theory a new toy is great, but in reality it will likely get a brief work out, only to sit idle for the next fifty one weeks of the year.

Guilt: This goes along with money. We know times are tough right now. Money is tight for everyone. Typically a guy will want the people he cares about to be happy. It’s part of his “provider” instincts. He derives enjoyment out of seeing everyone else happy. So save the money, or spend it on something sexy for yourself. Which brings us to our final point.

What we really want for the holidays is you!

Yes, that’s right. A special night or nights with you. Or even a special day. One we don’t have to BEG for.

No interruptions. No cell phones. No texting. No kids-if you have them.

This doesn’t mean you have to fulfill our every fantasy. But if you’re giving that away too, we’ll take it.

So what can you actually wrap up?

We’ll leave that up to your festive imagination. We know you are infinitely more creative than we are, so dream something up. Surprise us. We’re pretty easy!

Guys and Gals: Please share the greatest gift you’ve ever given? Or received?

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  1. My ex had talked for years about having a fishing boat, and then we could all go fishing! A boat would be lots of fun, plus he already had a motor. Why he had that motor and no boat was a mystery to me.

    One year, I got a really nice bonus, so I decided to buy him an aluminum fishing boat. I hid it at our neighbor’s house, and after he had gone to sleep, we rolled it into the driveway. It was supposed to bowl him over on Christmas morning. I thought it was his dream to have a fishing boat and he would be so excited.

    Not! On Christmas morning, we told him to look out the window, and there was the boat. I expected a big smile, but instead he looked like the rattlesnake roundup had been dumped in our driveway. Turns out, he only liked TALKING about having a boat, not actually having one. That was our last Christmas to be married.

  2. Hi Guys!!
    I was adding a new blog to my favorites and there you were and I realized that I haven’t paid you a visit in a long time!! Lots of things have caused this including getting involved with my new publishing family, MuseItUp Publishing and starting to tutor. It all takes up a lot of time.:)

    As for the best gift I ever got I had to think a lot, because I have gotten a lot of great gifts. But I will never forget this one, because it showed how much my husband loved me. Our daughters were very young and we went to a doll store to pick out a doll for the older girl. While we were at the store I spotted a sleek porcelain Betty Boop doll and I remembered how much I loved watching the cartoon and her cute voice. But the doll was way too expensive and not exactly a gift that a young mother, as I was then, needed. So I walked away from it. Much to my surprise when Hannukah rolled around I got the doll as a present. That was about 27 years ago and this gift started everyone in my family giving me Betty Boop dolls and memorabilia. I started collecting anything related to Betty Boop and it all started with that doll, which I still have. I think I love that gift because of the love that went into it.:)

  3. Hmmm….. it actually NEVER occurred to me that a significant other would really just prefer my undivided attention for an evening/day. Oh, and thanks for taking the pressure off trying desperately to find the perfect gift!

  4. Gosh I’ve missed you guys!

    I’ve never had a really extravagant gift before for Christmas, but I did get my engagement ring on my birthday, if that counts?

  5. Awesome blog, this made me feel a lot better! I started stressing about an xmas gift for my boyfriend, but I think it’s better to keep it simple/personal. He’s leaving for India in a few weeks/won’t see him till May (yikes, but we’ve always been long-distance), so I think the best thing would just be to have some fun 🙂

    On the other hand, I do want to give him something to take with him… I’m just not sure if what I’m thinking is too girly? I have this silver bracelet I hardly ever take off. I got it on a reservation and it’s not incredibly feminine, but it’s on the thin side. It bends open, so I think it could fit him (I have small wrists), but would a guy be happy to wear that or just embarrassed? Never given a guy jewelry before, much less mine haha

  6. It sounds cool to us Kelly, but it’s hard to say. If he’s the sentimental sort he might wear it, unless it’s too feminine. But even if he doesn’t, he might like to have it sitting by the bed or on a dresser.

    Of course, if he’s in India, you’ll never know if he doesn’t wear it. But no matter what, he’ll appreciate how much thought and love you put into it.

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