The Perfect Guy?

You hear the word perfect thrown around in conversation all too much. He’s the perfect guy. She’s the perfect woman. What a perfect night! This is the most perfect meal. Look at how perfect our kids are.

It is possible? Perfection? Or is is hyperbole at its utmost? (Maybe that’s redundant.) Or is it just our way of saying that we wouldn’t change a thing?

The question we have for the women out there is: Who is your perfect guy? Or rather, what does perfection look like to you? What does that mean to you? What characteristics would, or does, your perfect guy possess? Is it perfect looks?

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Or is it other qualities? Kindness perhaps?


Or is it some other quality? Artistic? Generous? Funny? Wealth? Good father? Sensitive? Macho? Big? Small? You get the point.



If you could create the “perfect” guy what would he look like? What qualities would he possess? Or maybe you already have him? If so, please share and tell us about him. Treat this is a conversation. Please feel free to respond to anyone else leaving a comment.


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7 Comments on The Perfect Guy?

  1. Hi 🙂 I’ve discovered that I’m sapiosexual.. not meaning to sound pretentious but smarts turn me on! I like discussing common interests and getting deep. After that, as long as he’s not too hard on the eyes I’d be fine with a smart, kind, broad minded and faithful guy who’d be my best friend. I’d love his body and features coz they are his.. they needn’t be perfect.. a 6 or 7 would do 🙂 I’m an 8 to 9 depending on how fit I am at the point of consideration.

  2. Also preferably quirky with a quick mind for humor and dirty jokes.
    An empathic and humble guy who can laugh at himself.

  3. @Minu…..Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We get it. Smart, quirky, loyal, in a decent package. Might be time to scour the incubator spaces for an entrepreneurial type. 🙂 Where do you stand on puns?

  4. IDK if im asking to much but….
    Roughly 3-5 years older then me. No kids (less drama). Good job (I don’t want to support him). No criminal records (all my ex boyfriends have something on there name). Has a strong sense of humor (i’m sarcastic so they have to be able to put up with that). Be spontaneous (I love to go do random things at anytime.. last min weekened getaways, tattoos, buy a car..). Accept me for me (I come with a child which means that I have baggage).

  5. @Anonymous…….Why do you think you’re asking too much? Sounds pretty reasonable to us, except……you want him to accept the fact that you have a kid, but you don’t want a guy with kids? We get it. Since you’re describing your Perfect Guy, but what if the guy was “perfect” in every other way but had a kid or two? (And he was a good father.) What do you think then? Would you make an exception?

  6. Lol I’m like a combination of the women before! I love a man with a great mind. Good grief that’s hot, and puns are fantastic. I feel like it’s a lost art like clever banter. A good decent, respectful man, trustworthy, loyal, responsible but has a fun lively personality. Someone that has a generous heart and loves kids, wants some too. I have a child so that’s important. I wouldn’t want him to have too many children because… that’s a lot of kids lol but I’m flexible. He’s a bit of a nerd and appreciates that in me. He gets me I’m a bit of an eccentric but delightful so I’ve been told so he would accept me and all my artistic funkiness. Lol he has beautiful eyes, nice smile, nice lips and has a good height to him. Oh and has ambition, I like a man with drive and a plan and if he’s already at his dream job then goals are great too. Oh and supportive. I have goals and I need him to be on board because I’m supportive as well. This long haha sorry. I think that’s all.

  7. @Eulonda…..Yes, it is long, but sounds like you know what you want. We like that in a woman! Actually we like that in anyone. 🙂

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