A recent question came in from a high school girl wondering what constituted being creepy. She was worried that her shyness around some guy she liked might be perceived as creepy. Well we can set the record straight. That’s far from creepy. Typically teenage girls don’t fall into the creepy category.  They certainly don’t make our list. Her situation sounds more like a young person trying to figure out how to navigate the rough social waters of high school.

Okay we’ll give her that……the whole high school experience can feel kind of creepy in general.

So what or whom would be considered creepy?


Well, let’s see what Webster says first.., (flip pages….ahh here it is.)

1) Having or causing a feeling of fear or disgust.

Well that’s pretty basic, and pretty telling. We would say that teenage girls don’t fall into the fear or disgust category.

So what does?

Spiders, insects, the usual ensemble of bugs, and crawly things. In terms of bugs, we define creepy as anything we wouldn’t particularly like crawling on our skin. The list is too long.

So what else is creepy?

Clowns are often creepy as hell. And old men. And even worse, an old man dressed up in a clown costume, performing at a kid’s birthday party. That scenario gives us the shivers.

And what about Glen Close in that creepy movie. What was that called? Oh yeah, “Fatal Attraction.” Now she was creepy!

A lingering stare is kind of creepy, or being too helpful when it’s not asked for is definitely creepy.

Or how about just appearing out of nowhere? Imagine wherever you go, this same person just shows up when you turn around. Yikes, that gives us the willies.

Creepy is somewhere between uncomfortable and stalking. It’s more like “uneasy” or “unsettled.” It’s a sixth sense that says, something is not the way it should be. And this feeling is universal. Everyone knows what creepy is, it’s just different for each person.

Please leave us your list of one t0 five things, creatures, places, or people that creep you out. We’re going to make a universal list and share it on an upcoming podcast.

And for our young teenage friend we can just say, take off that hooded cloak and those skinny black jeans, and step out of the shadows and say something! We’re trying our best to keep you off our list!


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  1. I love swimming in lakes. The smells and feelings are so organic. Though when a big, black water snake swims by… that is really creepy!

  2. Some of your descriptions of creepy describe living in a small town. Does that mean the Small Town is creepy? Yea, I guess it is. And we even have the occasional mouse, which is exceptionally creepy.

  3. I used to get phone calls from someone who I have no idea of. Everytime I answered the phone, they will breathe heavy on the phone. This went on for a week and then one day it stop. That was really creepy. For a year I was so afraid to answer phones and was so paranoid that someone was stalking me.

  4. Creepy is when a grown man eyes my 15 year-old daughter up and down, like she’s a treat he’d like to devour. That happens way too often.

  5. Ewww Raven I know exactly what you mean, bleck. Creepy is a guy who sees your wedding band and STILL keeps trying to hit on you.

  6. Here is my creepy list:

    -Grown men with names like “scooter” (not sure if that’s creepy or just plain wrong, but it feels creepy to me)
    -That non-moving face that comes with too much Botox (very creepy when you here a voice but can’t see any sign that facial muscles are moving to create the words)
    -People who drive in your blind spot (are they trying to stay hidden or just trying to tick me off?)
    -Motorcycle traffic cops- You never see them coming until their lights are flashing behind you:-(
    -grown men at Star Trek conventions (someone please send the mother ship to take these guys away)

    That’s my list, gosh it felt good to vent about that.

  7. I used to have a creepy Twitter follower. He was @-ing me all the time and sending me direct messages. I blocked him from following me but still, he managed to look at my profile and reply to my tweets.

  8. OMG! An old man dressed up in a clown costume, performing at a kid’s birthday party IS the creepiest OF ALL!

  9. Hey Sai and the Guys–poor kid! I remember feeling creepy in high school too–at least in Junior High, when nothing quite matched up and I was all legs, braces, and frizzy hair and glasses. I was certainly told I was creepy often enough. Then Voila! In high school, I discovered contact lenses, learned to tame my wild curly/kinky hair, got rid of the Mr. Magoo glasses, and all of a sudden the boys didn’t think of me as creepy anymore.

    In fact, on the first day of my Junior year, one of the most popular boys in high school gave me a doubletake as I walked into homeroom class and said, “What happpened to you?”

    He’d called me creepy more than a few times in the past. And then, he had the nerve to ask me for a date. But I said now. I thought, “Ewwwwww–he’s so creepy!” 🙂

  10. Ingmar Bergman movies are kind of creepy-all that psychological masochism.

  11. I think I know a few things about creepy.

    1) Deja vu feelings.

    2) Large bodies of water where fish and other underwater dwellers have sex, poop, and eat in. Yaaaaaaaa…let’s swim in that!

    3) Peanut butter…blech

    4) Little kids in horror movies. I like kids a lot, but what the heck happens to them when you add a moody soundtrack and make them not smile unless something effed up happens? CREEPY!

    5) Old men sitting in the kids section of the library. Nope nope nope. We now ask them to leave the area.

  12. creepy is walking to your car and your neighbor is sitting in the dark smoking a cigarette, and when you call them out on being creepy they swear up and down it wasnt them! THATS creepy! Also, i had a guy give me this pick up line before he knew me “hi beautiful i have your name tattooed on me, lets talk” thats exceptionally creepy also.

  13. @Jo….Funny. And creepy!

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