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Guys want to respect their partner

Do you have a question about men, relationships, dating or sex? Why not book your private conversation with THE GUYS by selecting the Ask a Private Question option on our site. Read the testimonials to hear what clients say about us. __________________ We get the sense that women aren’t always sure how and when to assert themselves in a relationship, especially a new relationship, mostly for fear of scaring away a guy they really like. Many “experts” advise against trying to define the relationship too early. Sure, you don’t want to be talking marriage/children/the future on the first few dates, but you also don’t want the relationship to progress towards the physical (aka sex) without any sort of conversation about his emotional investment. Being too passive early on is just as harmful as being too assertive. All relationships eventually fall into their natural order, where one person is dominant, the other not. However, if that balance of power is too one-sided, or the non-dominant person is afraid to, or unable to, assert themselves, typically the relationship will fall apart, or maybe even turn abusive. This seems to happen more often to women, since typically men are dominant. However, by giving […]

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Let your guy get a motorcycle

Midlife has hit your guy hard and he wants to get a motorcycle. You say, “What are you thinking!? You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve got kids. If you need to shake things up, buy me some new lingerie.” However, we’d like to offer a different perspective on the matter, a guy’s perspective, one that might shift your thinking and actually encourage him to get the bike of his dreams. (You can still ask for the lingerie by the way.) Motorcycling is risky for a myriad of reasons. Road conditions aren’t always great. (You hit an oil spot, or even a puddle and you could skid off the road or into oncoming traffic.) People drive crazy these days. (They’re paying more attention to their phones, or other devices than to the road or other cars, let alone a motorcycle.) There’s bad weather. (Fine for a drive in the car, but a heavy gust of wind could knock an biker right off his bike.) What about speed? (It’s one thing to go 70 mph surrounded by steel on all four sides, but it’s quite another to be completely exposed to the rushing concrete below.) And finally, the pesky woodland suicide creatures. (Yep, deer, […]

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Masturbation, Politics and Relationships

Misbehavior does not follow party lines. It’s not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. In fact, over the years, representatives from both parties have egregiously misbehaved in ways that unfortunately have given the younger generation permission to misbehave themselves. An example of that would be a former president, whose wife is currently running for office, who managed to convince a large subset of the population that oral sex wasn’t actually sex. And most recently, the remarks made by a certain presidential candidate, running against the wife of the former president, have not only offended and alarmed women AND the men that love these women, but they give the wrong message to the young men of the world who are still trying to figure out the type of man they want to be. We’re not here to defend or support either party, but we are here to defend men in a way. Or rather, to explain a man’s impulses and what he does to cope with them. Or what he should do. Think of a man as a walking, talking ball of heat, a naturally aggressive primate who is constantly out on the prowl, but doing everything he can to […]

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