Charles Shaughnessy: “I’ve come home.”


Charles Shaughnessy:  “I’ve come home”
This past summer, the Guy’s had the chance to speak with actor, producer, director Charles Shaughnessy.  Most recognized for his roll in television’s “The Nanny” opposite actress Fran Drescher, at the time he was appearing in a production of “My Fair Lady” at The North Shore Music Theatre.  Presently you can find him starring in “Game Show” at the New Theatre in Kansas City and in the Hallmark Channel’s original movie “Loves Christmas Journey

For the full interview click the audio link on this page or check out The Guy’s Perspective Ep.38.  The following is an excerpt of that discussion.

Cucch:  You come from a theater background.  Your father was a writer and wrote for the BBC series “Upstairs, Downstairs” and your mother was an actress as well.  Now, your brother David and you have both pursued careers in acting and production.  Was that something your parents pushed you towards?

Charles:  My parents would have different friends over all the time, but every year they would have their theater friends, because the showbiz friends kind of couldn’t really mingle with a lot of other people.  They were different sort of folk.  So every year they would have this one big blowout party and it was the most exciting night of the year.  David and I would be allowed to stay up and take the coats and kind of serve drinks and after a while people got too drunk to notice us.  So we just stayed up all night and sometimes there would be people that we had seen on tv or in the movies and they would be there in our living room singing around the piano.  So we grew up in that kind of excitement.  But at the same time we knew the other side of the coin.  We knew that it was a hard business and there was a lot of unemployment in it.  But they were a great people and I loved that atmosphere and those people.  I went into acting in school and acted my little head off all the way through school.  But at that point where I was about to leave high school and go into acting, my brother who was two years younger suddenly decided that he wanted to be an actor and he had never shown any interest in it.  So he kind of jumped the line and when he did that I thought, “Well someone has got to be sensible.”.  I mean my dad at the time was an out of work writer and my mom was a retired actress and now my brother was going into this very unstable profession.  I thought someone has got to be smart and save the family.  So I thought I will go to university and read law for some godforsaken reason and got a law degree.  Then I came out of it with this law degree and realized that I didn’t want to be a lawyer.  I didn’t want to be around these people, I wanted to be around my kind of clan.

Cucch:  So those experiences early on really set the theater hook in both you and your brother?

Charles:  They did and I finally found my way back to it and I remember just feeling like “I’ve come home.”

Great thanks to Charles Shaughnessy for taking the time to chat with us and to you our dear listeners and readers for checking the interview out.


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