TGP Episode 28: Parenting, Celebrities, Privacy in Public Places?

What’s a Dipthong? It’s much more than the sum of its parts. (Dip + Thong does not equal Dipthong.)

We move into The Truth where Cucch typically has had a hard time fooling Sae. Today’s stories are all about celebrities and their foibles. Cucch shares stories about Jack LaLanne, Ernest Borgnine(See Video), and Joan Rivers. Try to figure it out along with Sae.

We move to Father Stories where Sae shares two stories about his own kids. In one story he emerges victorious, and the other one he tastes the agony of defeat. Isn’t this parenting gig great? (By the way, please check out Sae’s other podcast “The Parent Gig” on The Guys’ Network dot com.

We move to Valentine’s Day and all the expectations that come with that special day.

In the Ask the Guys segment we answer questions from:

Sherry: Am I addicted?

Leanora: Does the high school guy like me?

Rebecca: Am I booty call?

We finish with THE MEAT. Should we be able to expect privacy in a public place? What do you think? Cucch and Sae don’t necessarily see eye to eye.

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